A few days ago Dr. Pamela Moss interviewed me about the 5 major blocks that I’ve noticed people file000324510544generally run into when seeking out their inner guidance – and a way to more effectively and efficiently dissolve those obstacles.

As you might guess, I presented those blocks as sets of polar opposites.  (Seem like something you’ve begun to expect from me?  If so, you’re totally getting the point of all my work.  Yea!)

Ok.  Here are the 5 major blocks that arrive in polar pairs.  These provide the biggest challenges when we go in search of guidance.  Of course, these can also operate when we’re looking outside of ourselves, as well as inside.

  1. Confusion vs. Clarity
  2. Doubt vs. Conviction
  3. Fantasy vs. Reality
  4. Separate vs. Connected
  5. Fear vs. Courage

When you’re searching for guidance, you’re usually looking for one of two things:  specific directions, or a general guideline. We want to be sure the directions we’re getting are right, and not wrong.  This desire triggers a cascade of questions:

  1. Am I clear on this guidance, or am I confused about what’s being said?
  2. Am I convinced this is the guidance I need right now, or is it something else?
  3. Is this just a fantasy I’m making up in my mind, or the real deal from my Higher Self (God, Mystery, Whole, etc.).
  4. Am I really connected with the source of this guidance so I can trust it, or do I feel separate and desperate to just be told what to do next?
  5. Am I fearful the guidance will tell me to do what I don’t want to do?

Almost everyone believes the confusion, doubt, fantasy, sense of separation and fear are the obstacle.  In reality, they are not.  The obstacle is:

Your relationship to the experience – your innate pull away from
the unpleasantness and pain of each of the experiences.

When you realize that what is arising is not the obstacle, but rather how you relate to it, you are on the road to freedom from your own mind and emotions.   Now here’s the point.

file000142810228What you’re seeking in this scenario is clarity, conviction, connection, reality and courage – and each of these experiences is resting just on the other side of the unpleasant experience you’ve just met – face to face.  Hence, the challenge is to relax into the confusion, doubt, fantasy, separation, and fear.  By relaxing into the presence of what is, you are taking the most direct route to what you actually want.  Why?

Life presents experiences to us via sets of polar opposites, usually in the shape of dilemmas: either this choice or that choice.  When we fall into the trap of choosing without being aware of how the two options are complementary, interdependent, AND in the constant service of recreating balance, we actually increase our pain and suffering.

We still have to choose something or remain in paralysis.  But what is all-important is the state of awareness from which your choice emerges.  And when you can perceive re-balancing as life’s penultimate goal, you can finally relax –  and go with the flow – however it arises.

So where do you get this awareness and the courage to follow it?  Inside of you, of course. There is practical guidance and support available for finding this awareness and courage hidden inside the psychology of the mystics. 

To learn more about ‘how’, please check out my newest book based on this mystic psychology – Unflappable – 6-Steps To Staying Happy, Centered & Peaceful No Matter What, and my new 8-week on-line training – The Mystic’s Wisdom: De-Coded.

Much love,

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