Is It Possible To Be Centered 24-7?

Well, the answer is yes and no. The key to living consciously in today’s upside-down world is the ability to ground your emotional strength with mindfulness, presence, and the transformational perspective of Centered 24-7.  Yes, it’s possible to immediately return to your center in the blink of an eye.  No, you can’t set up permanent housekeeping there without putting in a lot of time and practice. So, no silver bullet here.  Just guidance for how to speed up the process and journey through each day with greater ease, calm, and happiness.

If you’re dedicated to living more consciously and expanding your impact as a conscious leader, you will want to embrace the freedom of Centered 24-7s transforming world view, for yourself, your clients, and your career.

And make no mistake about being a leader. In today’s world, everyone is a leader, like it or not. It doesn’t matter whether you’re talking to your kids, your neighbors, a client, or a board meeting. You’re leading someone somewhere with your very presence, tone of voice, and state of being.

Now everyone has to deal with life’s ups and downs. But there is a way to leverage your desire for mindfulness, calm, and presence to a new level of practicality. And that practicality evokes a heightened level of emotional resilience and grit.

What disrupts your mindfulness and presence more than anything else?
It’s that tumultuous emotional roller coaster inherent in all walks of daily life.

Would you like to free your conscious awareness to more quickly reclaim your calm, your center, and your presence when you feel it slipping away one moment at a time?

A Single Transformational Perspective Can Change Everything

This transforming world view rests in a single shift in perception that is the essence of my Centered 24-7 online training.

Centered 24-7  is a consciousness-expanding experience resulting from a unique combination of fundamental insights gleaned from mystic psychology and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

Embracing this expanded world view will automatically:

  • Expand your conscious awareness to a new dimension of practical application
  • Free you to calmly navigate uncertainty and complexity
  • Deeply impact your commitment to conscious living & conscious leadership
  • Catapult your conscious leadership to a new level of impact & clarity
  • Reveal the key for how to stay happy, centered, & peaceful no matter what

Sound like big promises? They are.  But as I shared earlier, this is not a ‘silver bullet’ for awakening.  You already know that weaving mindfulness & presence into daily life isn’t easy.  It requires determination and willingness.  And by this time, you probably also know it’s worth that effort.

A Manifesto For Paradoxical, Non-Polarized Living & Leadership

It is difficult to dismiss the highly polarized state of today’s world. The impinging notion of an ‘us’ and an opposing ‘them’ is hard to ignore.

It’s difficult if not impossible to remain untouched as divisiveness invades so many situations & circumstances.

The Centered 24-7 online training meets today’s polarization head-on.

This challenge requires a new depth to your staying power. The key question for the person dedicated to mindful living & conscious leadership is this:

Are you aware that you also, quite spontaneously & unavoidably, will find yourself polarizing as well,
responding naturally to the external polarization happening around you?

Or do you believe the polarization running rampant all around you is only being caused by other people – the ‘them’ out there?

The reality is that human beings do not have a choice about polarizing.

In the presence of an opposing point of view, your own polarization will shove past your awareness
and rush to the front of the line, demanding equal time.

Nature Demands Balance

When imbalance enters the scene, nature issues an immediate correction to restore the balance.  Science tells us the prime directive for all living systems is continual re-balancing or homeostasis. Since you are also a unique living system, it applies to you as well.

I agree it’s kind of a bummer.  But check it out for yourself.  You can easily verify that this happens. Just take a moment and watch the news station that is not your preferred view of the world.  Check out how your body responds, even though your mind is telling you what you’re hearing is not the truth.

You are at the effect of this re-balancing phenomenon – until – you learn how to live with it & manage it.  And this requires emotional strength rooted in presence, awareness, daring, and heart. 

The Centered 24-7 transformational perspective shows you how.  You become free to recognize and neutralize your own polarization!

And at that moment, you truly change the future of our world
because you’ve taken conscious charge of the perspective ruling your own point of view

Is Centered 24-7 Right For You?

Here’s a way to help you answer that question. Take a moment and read the comments from other participants who’ve experienced this training.  These are just a few of the hundreds of testimonials I’ve received from people who have experienced and embraced the 6-Step Process Centered 24-7 reveals.

These are real people – ranging from moms, artists, and teachers to small business owners, lawyers, and CEOs —who share how Centered 24-7 (previously called Facticity) transformed their lives and sense of self.


“Discovering this work was a radical re-orientation for me personally.  The dark areas of my life that had once seemed so bad, have simply become ‘the way it is’ and not much of a relevant statement about me and who I am.” — Kirk VandenBerghe,, Seattle, WA

Centered 24-7 (Facticity) is an excellent synthesis of my work as a psychotherapist and my own spiritual journey. It puts the spiritual into your behavior.  I received much more than I expected.” — Karen Jackson-Forbes, Therapist, HBLU Trainer, Seattle, WA

“This tool is terrific and incredibly valuable. It’s too easy to read a book, hear a speech, or see a video, and think I have a new skill when I don’t! Having a tool that gives my clients a neuro-physiological map of handling paradox is invaluable! — Caryl Macleod, Managing Director, Cronos Consulting, Australia

“The Centered 24-7 (Facticity) 6-Step Process is genius – 35 years of work presented in a stimulating, nourishing and understandable way.”— Jay Schlechter, Ph.D., Psychologist, Seattle, WA

“Very clear recipe for change. It works! Easy to track and to do!” — John Stacey, Ph.D., Psychologist, Eugene, OR

“This work you have developed in invaluable! Of all the workshops I’ve attended, this seminar has by far been the most useful!” — Lorie Dwinell, ACSW, Therapist, Seattle, WA

“I am stunned at the insights and changes possible using this approach both on an individual, therapeutic, and organizational basis! This is one of those rare experiences that integrates cognitive, emotional, and behavioral change. — Steve Baily, Consulting Psychiatrist, Australia

“I first met Ragini when I was desperately seeking someone to help me explain Systems Theory in easy to understand terms. She readily did that and then gave me so much more! She literally transformed how I see the world by showing me, over coffee, a ‘Big Systems’ perspective that clarified many of the dilemmas I had found ‘irresolvable’ in my life and which I had constantly seen played out in organizations.” — Greg Welch, Organizational Development Consultant, Seattle, WA

Centered 24-7 (Facticity) uses the mind to optimize the functions of the mind occurring anyway! It opened me up to a deeper understanding of what it means to just be myself.” — Joseph Vidmar, Ph.D., Psychologist/Professor, Louisiana

“Breathes life into the concept of self-acceptance at every level. Allows a blossoming of relaxation with the way things actually are – moment to moment.” — Maybel King, MA, CQSW, Edinburgh, Scotland

Centered 24-7 (Facticity) is the fast track to an enlightened mind.” — Dr. Judith Swack, Healing From The Body Level Up, Needham, MA

Centered 24-7 (Facticity) is as rich and deep as any framework I know.  A simple and elegant process to help people move from an either/or position to a both/and position. Ragini is both a dynamic and very grounded teacher and facilitator and able to convey theory and practice with simple grace. I recommend her and Centered 24-7 (Facticity) unconditionally.” — Dr. Andrew Hahn, founder of Guided Self-Healing, Lexington, MA

Clear, precise and inspiring! Very practical wisdom that can be applied to the here and now of my daily life and professional life!” — Suryo Gardner, MA, Psychotherapy & Energetic Healing, Seattle

The  6-Step Process Centered 24-7 offers is like a piece of really good art – pretty simple but timeless…I believe you have what John Nash was looking for in the movie, ‘A Beautiful Mind’—and that’s an original idea. So to you I say—Congratulations! Very impressive and deeply powerful! — Erik Frye, cmc, Partner, One Accord, Seattle, WA

Want The Transformational Perspective Centered 24-7 Offers?

Continue to be bold! Grab your pioneering chutzpa and accelerate your shift into a still higher level of consciousness.

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However …

If you’d like a better sense of what the full Centered 24-7 training is, I created a complimentary one-hour mini-course designed to give you a look at this transformational perspective.

I guarantee that if you’re ready, just this small introduction can accelerate your freedom to live and lead with increasing conscious awareness and presence every day.

This mini-course gives you a solid foundation for what Centered 24-7 is, how it works, and why it’s relevant to conscious living, and conscious leadership.

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Learn why it’s to your advantage to make Centered 24-7 a part of your journey. It will definitely grant you greater access to the power and freedom of conscious living & conscious leadership.

How You Will Be Different When You Take Action Now?

Given your commitment to conscious living and conscious leadership, I’m sure you’d rather respond mindfully, calmly, and with the guidance and power of being present to the ‘now’.

Imagine your life after you’ve put this amazing process into action.  You’ll:

  • Experience an expanded awareness when polarization is happening within you & around you
  • Understand how it’s happening
  • Know what to do to neutralize and redirect its power
  • Be free to ride life’s unavoidable emotional roller coaster with clarity, presence, and relaxation
  • Wisely accept your faults, problems, and limitations for what they are, even as you work to make them better
  • Feel more confident and at ease in your own skin
  • Enjoy having the know-how to live a happy and mindful life – regardless of where you are, what’s happening, or how bad you’re feeling!

If you feel the urge for inspired action, please follow it and say ‘yes’ to exploring the Centered 24-7 mini-course today.

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The wisdom of your very own discontent grants the Centered 24-7 transformational perspective. And that eye-opening perspective naturally evokes a new capacity for emotional strength. Combining that strength with your desire for self-awareness, mindfulness, and presence can change everything.

I look forward to being your guide on this intriguing journey revealing how to allow the fundamental insights of mystic psychology to expand your awareness and grant you access to this amazing source of practical wisdom.

With love,