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I help spiritual seekers who love the Enneagram discover a new dimension of depth and possibility that more quickly
relieves the distress of today’s constant ambiguity, chaos, and extreme polarization.

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You are not alone if your success in life has opened the door to…

…a more profound discontent only wisdom and understanding can quell. Wanting deeper meaning & purpose really means you want even greater self-awareness & emotional intelligence. Lacking enough of these qualities will leave you struggling with stress, anxiety, disappointment, & frustration with the world & yourself. But if you desire to live more consciously & deepen your conscious leadership, then you can learn to be centered, no matter what.

Whether you’re focused on building your mindfulness…

… or trying to clarify your confusion about how to manage a polarized and unpredictable world, there is now a specific way to approach your discontent and emotional turmoil. Today’s stress can be a path leading you to recognize and gather the practical wisdom necessary for your next step in conscious living and leadership. Centered 24-7 means staying centered, no matter what comes your way. Explore this transformational perspective that shifts your stress and anxiety into the conscious joy of deeper meaning and more purposeful living.

One single transformational shift grants the power to …

… gather up this wisdom of your discontent, and use it in a practical fashion to make more mindful decisions. You’ll learn to leverage your emotional intelligence and self-awareness by discovering how to rewire your brain and reprogram your unconscious mind for greater presence and peace of mind in the midst of emotional distress.

Ragini is dedicated to supporting aspiring conscious leaders around the globe who want to catapult their commitment to conscious living & leadership to a higher level of impact. She helps you access the power of a new dimension of practical wisdom that shows you how to be happy, centered, and peaceful regardless of what comes your way. Ragini is an author, Transformational Leadership Coach, Behavioral Change Specialist, and Consciousness & Mindfulness Mentor. She is also an internationally acclaimed trainer of NLP and has run a successful private practice for over four decades. For more details, please visit her About page.

If you understand presence, mindfulness, empathy, and emotional intelligence but sense something is still missing that could pull it all together, something you can’t quite quantify or see clearly, that keeps slipping out of your grasp…

…please accept my invitation to explore these two gifts below that will put you on the path to rewiring your brain and reprogramming your unconscious mind to support your desire for greater conscious living and leadership.

Gift One:

I invite you to enjoy my four-part free Mini-Course on Centered 24-7.

I’ll show you what Centered 24-7 is, why it’s to your benefit, and how it works.

You’ll explore how you can remain true to yourself when faced with the task of managing today’s impossible decisions, feelings of chaos, emotional turmoil, and unbridled change so you can be happy, centered, and peaceful no matter what is happening, outside or inside.

There is a way to remain present and undisturbed when you draw on the power of grace under fire while still engaging and taking action in the way you desire.

You learn a great deal in this mini-course that’s valuable & useful. It is a course intended to gift you with the basics of what Centered 24-7 is all about. And…

…You’ll learn exactly what this transformational perspective is that I keep talking about.

This refreshing approach offers a new and transforming angle of vision. Centered 24-7 is a consciousness-expanding experience designed to leverage your mindfulness and presence to a whole new level of conscious decision-making and lasting impact.

The key to successful Conscious Leadership & Conscious Living rests in the ability to demonstrate the notion of ‘stillness in motion’. Embrace this profound skill designed to rewire your brain and reprogram your unconscious mind. This frees your success, happiness, and peace of mind to soar into the forefront of your awareness. Centered 24-7 is the training that grants you the key to being centered, no matter what comes your way.

I invite you to join me right now and discover what it’s all about. Please enter your name and email below, then click the purple “Receive Your FREE Mini-Course Here” button.

Zen Stacked Rocks

Thanks again for your interest … and … see you on the other side!

Much love,

Centered 24-7 Mini-Course

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Gift Two:

To schedule your complimentary call, please select a time and fill in your information on the right. When the confirmation email arrives, it will include a link directing you to your Conscious Living & Conscious Leadership Self-Assessment. I designed these questions to stimulate your thought and reflection. This will help us hone in on the one thing that will give you the biggest leap you can make with your intention to live and lead more consciously this year.

I want you to get the most out of our time together by enjoying an in-depth exploration of how Centered 24-7 can help you fulfill your specific goals and desires. You can expand your conscious awareness, happiness, and peace of mind further than you might have imagined possible – and uplevel your leadership skill set with this one single transformational shift in perspective.