Ragini Michaels


Leading From The
Eye Of The Storm

Are you gathering the wisdom
of your discontent yet?

As simple as success can make everyday life…

…success also opens the door to a deeper discontent that only wisdom and understanding can quell. The need for deeper meaning and purpose can leave you struggling with stress, anxiety, disappointment, or frustration with the world and yourself.

Whether you’re focused on building your mindfulness…

…presence or self-awareness with meditation or contemplation, or just feeling confused about how to manage this polarized and rapidly changing world, there is a way to gather up the wisdom that is being offered to you through your discontent and emotional turmoil.

And now there is a way to…

…gather the wisdom of your discontent, use it in a practical fashion, and leverage your emotional intelligence and self-awareness to make your daily life more workable, and you a happier, more peaceful, and centered human being.

Ragini is dedicated to supporting women around the globe who want to catapult their commitment to conscious living & conscious leadership. She guides you to a higher level of impact by accessing the power of a new dimension of practical wisdom. Ragini is an author, internationally acclaimed trainer of NLP, and has run a successful private practice in Seattle for over four decades. For more details, please visit her About page.

If you’re a woman who’s found success in your work, but feel something is still missing,
something you can’t quite quantify, or see clearly, that keeps slipping out of your grasp…

…please accept my invitation to explore these two gifts:

Gift One:

I invite you to enjoy my four-part free Mini-Course on Centered 24-7.

I’ll show you what Centered 24-7 is, why it’s to your benefit, and how it works.

You’ll explore how it helps you remain true to yourself by staying calm, centered, and present in the face of today’s impossible decisions, sense of emerging chaos, emotional turmoil, and unbridled change.

There is a way to remain undisturbed while still engaging, taking action in the way you desire, and staying present to the power of grace under fire.

You learn a great deal in this mini-course. It’s not filled with a lot of marketing ‘stuff’. It really is a course intended to gift you with the basics of what Centered 24-7 is all about. And…

…You’ll learn exactly what this transformational perspective is that I keep talking about.

This refreshing approach offers a new and transforming angle of vision. Centered 24-7 is a consciousness-expanding experience designed to leverage your mindfulness and presence to a whole new level of impact.

If you need course details first, CLICK HERE. But to join me right now and discover what it’s all about, please enter your name and email below, then click the purple “Receive Your FREE Mini-Course Here” button.

Zen Stacked Rocks

Thanks again for your interest … and … see you on the other side!

Much love,

Gift Two:

To schedule your complimentary 30-minute conversation with me one-on-one, please fill in your information on the right.

We’ll determine whether you meet the qualifications for participating in my full Centered 24-7 mentoring course and pinpoint how the resulting transformation will shift your world view and dramatically impact the way you live both your outer and inner life on a daily basis.

Discover the fundamental insights required for moving mindfully and calmly in this new world of pandemic considerations, confusing politics, and extreme polarization such as we have not seen before.