Do you still strive to be the best professional you can be? More effectively help your clients get unstuck in the most life-changing way? Offer them new perspectives that can also help transform our world and save the planet?

A Quantum Leap

You will make a quantum leap in reaching these outcomes when you add Paradox Management to your collection of pragmatic and transformative tools.

Why paradox? The paradox is a signature experience of our time. Though it is pervasive in our daily lives, few people recognize its presence. Most only see a frightening increase in polarization; people taking such extreme positions that dialogue and conversation become impossible.

Here’s my question to you:
Can you truly serve your client’s highest and best interest without helping them learn
 to recognize and manage the reality of paradox?

In the presence of such local/global turmoil and personal emotional distress, it’s becoming harder and harder to stay centered, balanced, and on track with your goals.

But what can a person do about paradox, even when they recognize its presence?

Not having a solution creates a great deal of stuckness, frustration, confusion, and ineffectiveness.  You watch your clients struggle with these challenges in their effort to reach the desired goal.  And the same process also challenges the larger world in its efforts to create an effective movement toward peace and away from war.

In response, the number of folks who want to weave mindfulness, awareness, and presence into daily life has increased. This has caused an emerging recognition of the value of these goals in the worlds of therapy, business, and spirituality, as well as politics – local, national, and global.

Skill in Paradox Management gives you an elegant way to navigate that slippery slope
between psychology, personal growth, and spirituality,
safely and respectfully, without what many call “The Woo-Woo Effect”.

When Other Tools Fail

When conflict resolution, negotiation, or ‘parts work’ fail to produce the desired results, Paradox Management is the next step to pull from your professional skills repertoire.

It doesn’t matter whether your clients’ problems revolve around their partner, family, job, career, health, confidence, motivation, self-esteem, faith, or sense of purpose and meaning.

Paradox Management’s unique transformational perspective can:

  • quickly release a fixed position
  • allow movement to once again burst forth in search of that growth mind-set
  • grant greater access to the experience of mindfulness, awareness, and presence – in action!

Leap to the front of your industry by learning this profoundly quick & easy tool that is both pragmatic and transformative.

Paradox Management is THE tool for meeting the most challenging material and spiritual conundrum of our time
– dealing with the reality of paradox as a fundamental part of our daily lives –
and the emotional turmoil it leaves in its wake.

The Tool of Paradox Management Can:

  • Efficiently and effectively free your clients from a fixed position enabling movement toward a growth mindset
  • Offer new, life-changing perspectives that make daily life more workable and manageable
  • Relieve a deep level of human suffering by showing your clients how to peacefully, yet actively, move in a world teeming with unresolvable predicaments, the vagueness of ambiguity, and constant uncertainty
  • Help balance & integrate your client’s body, mind, & spirit
  • Restore equanimity in the presence of emotional turmoil, not its absence


A Wise & Compassionate Pioneer

This tool is based on my NLP model of mystic psychology and how it differs from ordinary psychology. Being certified as a Paradox Management consultant places you in the category of a wise and compassionate pioneer.

When requested, you’ll be able to offer your clients much more than a simple motivation strategy or an accountability partner. You can offer a whole new perspective on how to live a happy, centered, and mindful life.

Paradox Management approaches being unhappy, unfulfilled, and stuck from a different angle. Thus it offers a different world view.  It is simple, yet complex – profound, yet mundane.  It is a paradox itself.

This tool is very well designed and practical. It offers your client a new perspective that is impactful and transformational.

And this view activates the genius behind mystic psychology that is actually available to us all.

The 6-Step Process from my Centered 24-7 training gives your client a practical understanding about which parts of life are theirs to change, and which parts can only be managed. This produces great relief and clarity.

Once you know how to tell the difference, life becomes an easier and more workable proposition.

Your Training

Lighthouse StaircaseIn this powerful & in-depth training, you learn:

  • How to identify a paradox in hiding
  • The role of paradox in the larger system
  • How to help your clients recognize and deal with paradox in healthy ways
  • Better management tools for dealing with daily dilemmas and frustrating double binds
  • How to help your client relax with the reality of impermanence and constant change


You’ll be proficient in offering this deeply practical wisdom:

  • In simple language
  • Using the easy to follow 6-Step Process from Centered 24-7
  • While continuing to honor & respect the desired outcome your client wants to achieve


Testimonials From Certified Practitioners

I first encountered Paradox Management in 1991. I can honestly say that the shifts and learnings of that time have seeped into every corner of my life. These were learnings far deeper than conscious rationality, integrating my mind, heart, and being. A deep understanding of the nature of reality took root, and has supported my personal and professional journey ever since, grounding it in trust and the acceptance of what is. Thank you, Ragini.”  — Nirved Wilson, Psychotherapist and Meditation Teacher, Edinburgh & the Scottish Borders 

Paradox Management has become like a “life companion” to me. Since I first learned it in 1990, its importance and potential has only increased. It is one of the very few tools that is still an intrinsic part of my professional and personal self-help repertoire. In my work as a coach, trainer and business professional over the past 20 some years, the Paradox Management process has proven to be very effective. It never ceases to impress, outright stun, or make people go very silent, while absorbing the precious pearls of insight the process reveals to them. Many things are bound to change, but this work will remain with me in the future—perhaps because of its integral origin, or the organic ways it works on our body mind heart system, or perhaps because it is so timeless and elegant. I am happy for anyone who, with an open mind, allows him or herself to experience it.” Arpito J. Storms, Trainer, Coach and Supervisor, Hypnosis, NLP, Systemic and Wingwave Trainer, Switzerland. 

Ragini’s Paradox Management training has been a powerful catalyst in my success as a professional, and just as importantly, in my happiness as a human being. Where I once saw conflict and gridlock, I now see emerging processes and dynamic solutions. If you are considering doing just one thing to upgrade your personal operating system and your professional clout in today’s world, do this. It is quite simply the best training in harnessing the currents of complexity out there! —   Carl Baccellieri, M.A., LPC, Program Coordinator at Living Well Transitions, Boulder, CO

I would like to have every client and candidate that I have worked with have access to this tool kit of wisdom.Sonja Carson–Head Hunter/Recruiter – WA

This work is so precise in terms of getting in touch with unconscious patterns and reworking them that the shifts occur naturally. There are no behavioral changes you have to work at. They just come about.”  —  Grace Ramsey Coolidge, Director at Energy Medicine Centers, Boston, MA

Paradox Management turned out to be enormously useful, both personally and professionally. I definitely lived an ‘either/or’ life before experiencing this training. I now live a ‘both/and’ life. So much easier and richer, for both me and my students!” —   Dr. Roshani Shay, Emeritus Faculty, Political Science, Western Oregon University.

The Paradox Management training, and the concept, were brilliant and brilliantly presented….congruent…logical… and very importantly, fun! It added a new dimension to my thinking, so the way I see the world became naturally more meditative – the natural tendency of putting what I like against what I dislike relaxed through the profound understanding of how polar opposites relate.  It shattered years of philosophical training questioning deep rooted assumptions – and dare I say, revealed a new consciousness, a new mind, a new way of relating to the world, others and ourselves!” —  Christian Palocz, Ph.D., Psychologist /International Political Science/Author, Chili 

I expected excellence and got so much more! Fun, practice, depth, and understanding of fundamental concepts needed to communicate and lead people to a new way of practical living with dilemmas.” —  Kristina Turner, Counselor, Author, Body Talk Practitioner, Seattle

This training has made me see a lot more Interdependent Polar Pairs everywhere I look – and I already feel much less polarized about some things that were pretty heavily charged! A great process!” —  Howard Hanson, Computer Programmer, Seattle

A lot of people are invested in making the world a better place. If you are not on a journey to love, truly love, every dark, damp part of yourself, you are not invested in making the world a better place. It doesn’t make much sense to adhere a bumper sticker for world peace if you don’t know self peace.  Paradox Management shows you how to find self-peace.  Self-peace changes humanity exponentially; a bumper sticker, after all, only affects the guy behind you.” —   Lainie Conley, Efficiency Expert, Telluride, CO

Program Details

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Becoming a specialist in mystic psychology offers you the know-how to help your clients breakthrough to a new level of everyday awareness. This perspective and understanding will impact their success and happiness, as well as yours.

Meanwhile, thanks for visiting my site and I send you my best wishes for an enjoyable, successful, and satisfying career as you continue to help our world become a better place.

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With love,