**NEWEST**  The Jewels Of Here And Now: Awe, Reverence, And Ever Deepening Gratitude (2018) offers 48 beautiful and inspiring reflections as a companion volume to Ragini’s last book, The Wildly Quiet Presence Of God. Again, each musing is paired with a vibrant color image, offering insightful and often surprising perspectives to support your own journey toward conscious living.
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**NEW**  The Wildly Quiet Presence of God: Musings of a Modern Marketplace Mystic (2015) offers 40 heartfelt and poetic musings, each paired with a beautiful color image, offering support, laughter, and inspiration for your own exploration of conscious living in daily life.
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 Unflappable: 6 Steps to Staying Happy, Centered, and Peaceful No Matter What (2012) insightfully guides readers through a six-step process for happiness and serenity regardless of how crazy life gets.

Facticity: a door to mental health & beyond (1991) is a unique book offering a new avenue of exploration for how to relax with both the light and dark aspects of our human nature.

Lions In Wait:  a road to personal courage (1993) is a beautiful trance storybook. The pages are filled with hundreds of poetic images evoked by elegant hypnotic narrative.

Coaching For Female Entrepreneurs: How Life Coaching Can Improve Your Bottom Line (2017) offers insights, tips, and tools from 12 contributing successful life coaches. Ragini’s chapter reveals The Three R’s For Female Entrepreneurs.

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Unflappable Book Reviews

If life is one big problem for you, this book explains the right approach to it. Her main thesis is that ambiguity in life – or the dilemma of dealing with opposites – creates psychic distress; only by resolving these irresolvable conflicts and learning to live with ambiguity can one become unflappable. This book will help put the tug of war into perspective.”
4 Stars —  San Francisco/Sacramento Book Review, Nov. 2012

WOW! What a work of wisdom Unflappable is!  It weaves wisdom from many traditions for those who aspire to live a mystical and meaningful life while staying centered and grounded. A profoundly practical guide for anyone dancing with the tides of change, complexity, immensity, and the uncertainty of these times.”Joel Levey, author of Luminous Mind and The Fine Arts of Relaxation, Concentration, and Meditation, www.wisdomatwork.com


Facticity Book Reviews

Facticity is beautifully done and filled with meditations and suggestions I’m sure will be helpful to practitioners and counselors and general readers. After reading your book, I am left with great respect for your work and its deep and spiritual integration.” — Jack Kornfeld, Ph.D., Psychologist & Author of Seeking the Heart of Wisdom

Facticity seems to me to be a wonderful integration of NLP and Tantra–that going beyond the pairs of opposites to find the integration that comes in the highest states of consciousness.” — Tad James, Advanced Neuro-Dynamics Creator of Time Line Therapy & Author of Time Line Therapy & The Theory of Personality

Facticity Reader Comments

I found the trance phrases to be quite delightful as an interrupt through the left-headed process. I read the book in one sitting and felt more integrated and more ‘oneness’ at the end of the book.”  — V. Jan Marszalek, President Learning Systems Corporation

Thank you for the gift of Facticity. You have made it easy to understand how the mind and the emotions can be integrated with the spiritual sense we are all seeking . . Your book is the only NLP book I’ve read that easily and successfully blends together the notions of self (body, mind and spirit)…”  — Tim Loebs, M.A., Psychotherapist, South Carolina,

I have never read an NLP book that speaks to both my conscious and unconscious mind simultaneously, doing what it is speaking about even as I read. A most unique approach guiding us beyond paradox into a personal re-discovering of our spiritual dimension beyond the mind. Fascinating and good reading.” — Joseph Vidmar, Ph.D., Psychologist

I still use what I learned from reading Facticity – A Door To Mental Health And Beyond and share the concepts with clients and students. There is no higher compliment I could give a book. Facticity is a refreshing synthesis of NLP technology and consciousness exploration which results in the best of both.” — Steve David, Ph.D. Manitoba, Director of Training & Therapy, Canada 

Whatever can help people to not take this illusion of opposites seriously is helpful since Truth can dawn only on a quiet mind. In my opinion, your book is most useful for this. The pictures are wonderful and I’m sure many people will enjoy this book!” — Ingrid Saur, Counselor, Connecticut 

Thanks for an excellent book! The recognizing of opposites and owning their importance in our lives deserves the consideration of any serious student. The quotes, the prose and the poetry for the unconscious mind – Excellent!”  — Clinton Clay, LCSW Mid-South Institute of NLP

Facticity is very well written. Neither the concepts of NLP nor embracing opposites are new to me, but the ways in which they are integrated continually provided new insights and perspectives. This is a book I could easily recommend to clients who are ready to embrace a larger perspective.” — Sylvia Runkle, Counselor & NLP Practitioner, Illinois 

    “Excerpt – Facticity Chapter 13 – Gestalt Duality – Now You See It, Now You Don’t” 

“…In a gestalt duality, you can never see both worlds together; if you choose to see one, you have to forget about the other….” – Om Mani Padma Hum –Osho

Our Western way of thought is based on Aristotelian logic which says A can only be A and cannot be B…The Eastern way of thought says A cannot only be A, it can also be B…For the Western mind, this is generally a great stretch. However, with Facticity, we are working to install just that perception as a new choice.

What do you see in this picture?You may remember the following pictures illustrating certain elements of visual perception. As you stare at them, the Gestalt changes and the picture you see changes. In number one, you may first see an old crone or a beautiful young woman. As you continue looking, the background shifts to the foreground and the opposite image arises…(Although it may feel like it,) you cannot see both the old crone and the beautiful young woman simultaneously because they are made of the same lines in different relationship.

In number two, you may first see two faces looking at each other, or a vase. As you continue looking, the background shifts to the foreground…(or visa-versa) and the other image arises. Again, you cannot see both the two faces and the vase at the same time. Each perception gives birth to the other. Each perception rests hidden in the other even as it manifests.

This experience relfects the most basic dilemma of being human. We know that both dimensions of our nature are there (inner and outer, spiritual and material), yet we seem intrinsically unable to experience both simultaneously and somehow forced to choose one over the other. However, when the unconscious mind is operating out of a new choice that allows both to be there, with no preference for either one over the other, w can sit and watch the pictures shift and change, in their own time, in their own way, with no effort and no tension to keep only one of the images in the foreground

…And even the pendulum on an old grandfather clock…knows
as it swings way over to that one side…moving and gathering
the momentum as it swings…to use that momentum…the
moment the pendulum reaches that extreme…to let go…and
move easily to that other side…and even as the energy
dissipates…that was gathered to carry that motion back…to the
other side…a new energy is gathering…that can carry that
pendulum back yet again…allowing the swing towards
completion…to continue moving…dancing its dance…like the
tides rolling in…rolling out…a cycle…where one side depends on
the other…allowing its existence to rest poised in the womb of
what is…the opposite beginning to take shape…and although
there are many days…when it seems like night will never
come…the cycle goes on…the circle…completing itself yet again
and again….

The challenge of our day remains discovering how to bring the knowings, insights, and needs of our inner world to work side by side and in…(harmony) with the knowledge, experience, and needs of our outer world. It seems the new Humane Being will have to transcend biology and invite new levels of perception to become our guide for the future…


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Lions in Wait Reader Comments

Lions connected me to a courage I couldn’t find before. And I don’t even know how it did it! Somehow grasping duality in this new way has made a big difference in my life. Thank you!” —  Barbara Jones, Financial Consultant, Chicago

The book is genius. And very beautifully written.” —  Anglo-American Book Co., England

Exquisite! Masterful use of language with incredible depth. It only lacks the presence of Ragini’s beautiful voice reading it to me.”  — David Swan, Playwright, Scotland

“Excerpt – Lions in Wait Chapter 6 – Balance – Every Beauty Has Its Beast & Every Beast Has Its Beauty” 

It seemed I’d been struggling forever to find that place of balance – with my business, my relationships, my inner sense of self. And it seemed the more aware I became, the more unsteady everything seemed to be. With circumstances and people always shifting and changing, I felt incapable of holding that balance – with my temper, my desires, my centeredness itself. Whatever I had gained, I soon felt was lost. But I had begun to notice, just as Annie had said, the dance of duality unfolding, that pattern of movement inside the flow of change.

Lyons in Wait Pencil DrawingStill, this constant movement of life had me baffled. How to allow the movement and not get lost in the steady stream of shifting sands? How to find that place of balance and stay there? As I wavered between my doubt and trust that answers could be found, I noticed Annie enter the room. . .

Each step echoed the quiet grace of her beauty and there seemed no thing out of balance. Whether sitting or walking, Annie seemed to know how to allow the movement of life to be. When she walked toward the window and her chair, everything in the room appeared to shift accommodating her presence. A harmony and balance I hadn’t noticed those minutes before leaped out to greet her.

She lowered her body into the chair like a leaf landing gently upon the ground, and allowed her eyes to rest on mine. As I felt her gaze penetrate beyond my mind, the soothing sensations of rest began to arise. I could feel the tensions and worries melting into the harmony of the room, finding their place to rest quiet and unmoving, fading into pastel shadows of acceptance.

As she began to speak my name, something deep on the inside returned to balance once again, and I breathed a deep sigh of relief.

Nicholas, my friend, free your body to find that comfort
now…wherever you are…let your attention shift just to your
breathing for awhile…so you can tune in, can’t you?…to your own
rhythm now…and allow your body to find its balance as you rest
there… just allowing the sounds…and the sensations…to help
yourself shift inside…and allow that balance to come now….like
that time long ago when you might have stood…balancing on the
edge of a curb…standing there…beginning to experience how it
feels to balance on the edge…pretending perhaps…as children
do…the curb is a tightrope strung high above the earth…and you’re
walking on that thin line…strung tight across the sky…and a
person can feel the balancing begin…as they walk…perhaps on the
track where a train runs…balancing one foot and then the
other…holding out the arms to allow the balance to come…first
moving to the left…then to the right…and back again…moving
back and forth…to find that moment of balance that comes and
goes…for balance is a state of motion…you learned…simply
walking…on that track…the alertness needed to allow the
body…can re-establish that balance…from moment to moment as
you move…like walking on a tightrope…knowing if the
movement is too far toward oneside…a fall will be coming…a
movement too far to the other side…a fall will be coming… and the
landing is seemingly always…on another tightrope…where the
balancing begins again…

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