Ragini’s Newest Book

The Jewels Of Here And Now: Awe, Reverence, & Ever Deepening Gratitude is now available at Amazon.com. It is a beautiful complement to Ragini’s earlier book, The Wildly Quiet Presence Of God

This compilation offers an inspiring way to restore your emotional balance amidst the chaos and turbulence of our ever-changing digital age. As the stress of modern life increases, our desire for relief, sanity, and balance is growing exponentially. This little book of 48 musings paired with gorgeous photographs is sure to bring a smile. a tear, or a chuckle – complements of your own awe, reverence, or ever deepening gratitude.

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Training Programs

Centered 24-7 – Leading From The Eye Of The Storm – Complimentary Mini-Course

Complimentary Mini-Course – Available Now

Please CLICK HERE to access this four-video mini-course.  You’ll learn what Centered 24-7 is, how it works, and why it’s to your advantage to learn more about it today.  If you’re interested in conscious awareness, conscious living, or conscious leadership, you will definitely want to match this mini-course through to the end.  You’ll be glad you did.

Centered 24-7 – Leading From The Eye Of The Storm  – Complete Online Training

Full Eight Week On-Line Training – Starts September 5, 2020

Ragini will personally guide you through each step of her original 6-Step Process shared in her book Unflappable – 6 Steps To Staying Happy, Centered,  & Peaceful No Matter What!

You will get all the help you need to learn how to re-train your brain and your unconscious mind to be your most ardent supporter for expanding your conscious awareness and mindfulness. The bonus is discovering how to perceive the existence of a very friendly Universe that’s always on your side.

If you want to discover how to leverage your mindfulness and presence to a new level of understanding, this amazing training is for you.  Explore Centered 24-7 and discover the transformational perspective that can change everything.  Tall order?  You bet.  And yet, it is possible.  I invite you to check it out right now.

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Certification As Paradox Management Consultant

Four Month Online Training Held Once A Year – Starts June 2021

Fallen in love yet with Centered 24-7 – Leading From The Eye Of The Storm? If so, would you’d like to continue on and become certified to use the 6-Step Process with your clients?  This program is a 4-month in-depth training focused on developing the skill and expertise to use this model with your clients, regardless of the industry you serve. If there’s polarization, dilemmas, and conundrums afoot, you’ll want this process firmly ensconced as an integral part of your skillset.

To check out the program details, pre-requisites, and other details, CLICK HERE.

Certification As NLP Coach Facilitator Through Society Of NLP

Full 6-Month Online Training – Starts November 2020

A powerful combination of live sessions plus delivery of material via Ragini’s online educational platform.

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If you’d like to speak with Ragini to determine if she and this course is the best training for you, please CLICK HERE to schedule a 30 complimentary conversation at your convenience.

Speaking Invitations

Presentor at World ASPIRE Resolve Virtual Conference – December 3 & 4, 2020

I’ll be speaking on How To Harness & Redirect The Power Of Polarization For More Conscious Leadership. A timely topic, to be sure! I think you’ll enjoy it.  I love to share what I’ve learned about polarization as it’s so powerful and can help us all better manage the emotional turmoil it inevitably evokes.

I attended one of these events earlier this year and found it inspiring and refreshing.  The speakers, attendees, and founder Dr. Sam Collins represent the new breed of empowered women ready to speak out, take a stand, and change the world – with creative ideas and loving hearts brimming with strength and resolve.

Join women from across the world sharing ideas and discoveries. Learn new ways to make plans and turn your ideas into reality at the December 2020 Aspire Resolve Virtual Conference.

Early Bird Enrollment is available until August 14th.  So please go and check it out now.  For all the details, just CLICK HERE.

Podcast Interviews

Podcast Interviews

Guest On Mind Your Own Business Podcast with Scott Sullivan
Check out this fun conversation with Scott who is an avid fan and lover of NLP. To listen to the episode, CLICK HERE.

Guest On A Quest For Well-Being Podcast with Valeria Teles
Check out this interesting interview where host Valeria Teles asks me very interesting questions I didn’t expect. It was a sweet and deep conversation about the paradox work and Centered 24-7. I think you’ll enjoy it. CLICK HERE to listen in.

Guest On Coaches Spotlight Podcast with Oliver Momeni
Stay tuned in for the date Oliver’s interview with me will be available It was a fun and lively conversation about NLP and he is a delightful interviewer. Check back for her or his website for when it becomes available – CoachesSpotlight.com.

Free Learning Materials

Here are a few options to give you a taste of what’s been offered in the past & how it might be of help to you, now and in the future.

Moving From Fear To Love

Free Audio Series featuring Ragini & CJ Liu on the Fire It Up With CJ Radio Show
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The Beggar’s Secret

A 3-Part Video Series
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The Psychology Of The Mystics Video

An Introduction to the foundation of Ragini’s book ‘Unflappable’ & her on-line training ‘The Genius Of Mystic Psychology’
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Fun Animated Videos Introducing The Value Of Coaching

George’s Problems With Lack, Toby’s Problem With Being Super-Woman, & Lance’s Relationship Troubles
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Attitude & Attention Equal Conscious Coaching

Free E-Book Introducing The Basic Essentials For More Conscious Coaching
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