Trust vs. doubt. This is a dilemma we all unconsciously struggle with on a daily basis. Whether at work, at home, or in our hearts, the niggling presence of doubt tends to undermine our hopes and commitments through confusion, fear, skepticism, cynicism, and often, despair.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFrom the mystic perspective, trust and doubt are two sides of the same coin called Faith. As a potentially emerging Marketplace Mystic, you can directly experience a powerful strengthening and renewing of your Faith by expanding your awareness of the the ever present dance between trust and doubt.

When there is no doubt, trust easily solidifies into naivete, or into conviction. Naivete dances on the edge of denial, and conviction effortlessly turns its back on new insights and information.

Where there is no trust, doubt certainly solidifies into second-guessing, skepticism, or at worst, into cynicism.  Second-guessing unravels the fabric of self-esteem, and cynicism rains on everyone’s parade with sarcasm and scorn.

As long as either one rules alone, imbalance and unhappiness arises.

When you try and get rid of doubt in order to feel safe, you will only strengthen your doubts about trust. When you try and get rid of trust in order to avoid its risks, you will only strengthen your longing for trust in something other than doubt!

This is an age-old human conundrum. Your mind can only doubt. Your heart can only trust. And you are caught in that inner tug of war between the two, both competing for your energy and attention. Unfortunately, you cannot choose one over the other as a permanent choice and find inner peace as a human being.

Managing The Dilemma:

To successfully manage this dilemma, I invite you to revisit your understanding of what it means for a set of polar opposites to actually exist as an interdependent whole. Just as you cannot have a circle without a center and a circumference, you cannot have Faith without trust and doubt. Take away one of the two and you no longer have a circle, and you no longer have Faith.

1423223_87120937As an emerging Marketplace Mystic, you are learning the knack of perceiving trust and doubt as ONE organic whole. With this perception you learn to move with the flow between the two as if they were the inspiration and exhalation of Faith itself.

I invite you to be present to this quiet shape-shifting between your trust and your doubt. Can you notice when trust is beginning to wane and taking on the shape of doubt? Can you feel your trust gravitating towards questioning and inquiry? Can you be present to your doubt when it is beginning to lose its hold on you and the longing for trust begins?

Every day brings us the coming night, and every night brings us a new dawn. Trust and doubt also move together in this seamless unity that frees true Faith to arise. When you find yourself aligning with one against the other, simply follow the guidance of the 3rd Zen Patriarch and say quite emphatically, “Not Two!”

Much love,