Would you believe me if I told you there were 3 ‘facts’ that can help you live your life to the fullest meaning? That is if you accept them as true and learn how to live with them in harmony?  It seems our period of history is calling us, quite loudly, to become conscious of and pay attention to 3 rather neglected fundamental realities.  Can you guess what they are?

Why It’s Time To Recognize, Verify, & Embrace These 3 Facts

You will have to verify for yourself if these are real facts or just an alternate narrative or story to help you feel better.
To accomplish this, go toa drawing of a big open book with an empty chair awaiting the arrival of someone ready to grasp the fullest meaning for living life your own experience and honestly assess whether they are true or false. I call these 3 things ‘facticities’. That’s because a facticity, by definition, is unalterable and undeniable. And, thankfully, immediately verifiable by you.

We haven’t related to these fundamental facts in the past as having much relevance to our happiness.  But today, awakening to their presence and their power may be the only key to finding our much-needed equanimity.

We are being asked to learn how to create and sustain our emotional balance in the midst of emotional distress. If we don’t, the ongoing disruptions to our lives will seriously eat away our resiliency and our ability to enjoy this journey of life.

There is a way to more calmly face the unrelenting uncertainty and potential chaos life is currently throwing our way. You can’t avoid noticing it: political upheaval, extreme polarization, economic disparities, racial inequities, climate change that is now obviously disrupting life almost everywhere on the globe, and of course, the long-lasting challenges of the pandemic.

I will share these fundamental facts with you. But first, there is a paradox you’ll undoubtedly run into that will be invaluable to recognize.

 Beware The Awareness Paradox

a drawing of a translucent head and behind it are two brains facing in opposite direction showing how to life life with the fullest meaningWhen you become aware of these 3 facts, that very awareness can be your best ally or your worst enemy. Why? The unconscious mind believes that once you’re aware of something, you know it. This is usually followed by the assumption that you can call on it to show up in your behavior when you need it.

Unfortunately, this is hardly ever the case.  The first effect of expanding your awareness of anything will be a decrease in your felt need to learn more, specifically the steps for how to put the awareness into action.

This post is not about what you already know intellectually and conceptually. It’s about how to work that information. It’s about how to transform that information into not just wisdom, but practical wisdom quickly useable in daily life.  In today’s world, that means how to use what you know appropriately, easily, and creatively to surf the constant flow of change and its accompanying disruptions.  So let’s take a look.

The 3 Fundamental Facticities

So here are the 3 facts for you to verify via your own experience with living:

  1. Impermanence or the fact that change is the only thing that is permanent
  2. Opposites or the fact that our lives are unfolding in a sea of opposites that we’re attempting to navigate using an out-of-datea beautiful multi colored parrot indicating how life is more colorful and fun with the 3 facts known and used strategy for our times
  3. Paradox or the fact that the mind doesn’t know what to do with two contradictory things happening simultaneously
    and gets confused even though we know this is what is happening in our own experience.

If you agree they are real, then it only makes sense to learn how to live with these facts as the fundamental fabric of our daily lives. It’s time to make our peace with this level of our reality and how it impacts us emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

And that’s what I wish to begin sharing with you.  Knowing how to work this knowledge frees you to redesign the color and tone of your everyday life.

Intellectually understanding how to live life to its fullest meaning
is quite different from embracing and living life to its fullest meaning.

The Reality Of Impermance

Check it out.  Is there anything that does not eventually change? If it’s true that the only permanent thing in life is impermanence or change, then it’s probably wise to acknowledge that fact. It would be smart to learn what you need to do differently so you can live your days in its presence with greater mindfulness and equanimity.

The Presence Of Opposites

a cartoon image of an angel head and a devil head representing the opposites we must learn about in order to live life to the fullest meaningIt’s actually quite easy to verify the reality of polar opposites and how they seem to be in conflict with each other. They are everywhere: happy vs. sad, wealthy vs. poor, healthy vs. sick,  alone vs. together, separate vs. connected, wet vs. dry, in vs. out, safe vs. risky, accepted vs. rejected, approval vs. criticism, holding on vs. letting go, and on and on. It’s not enough to say you know about the law of polarities. Today you need to know how to work this knowledge into the shape of practical wisdom.

The Necessity Of Being At Peace With Paradox

Paradox happens when the mind perceives two opposing things that cannot be happening at the same time still happening. It creates confusion and a loss of knowing what action is the right action to take. In his book, The Age Of Paradox, Charles Handy gives us a clue on what we must learn to do.

“Living with paradox is like riding a seesaw. If you know how the process works, and if the person at the other end also knows, the ride can be exhilarating….”   

The Process Of Riding The Seesaw Successfully

I’d love to share with you the 6-Step Process that has been researched, developed, and tested over the past 35 years withA cartoon character balancing on a seesaw with the brain on one end and the heart on the other individuals and groups from around the globe.  There are many ways of talking about how to ride the seesaw. But the only thing of importance is whether or not the process shows you how to enjoy the ride.

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Let’s connect and explore how these 3 facts might impact your life.  You can schedule a time to talk HERE.  Until then,

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