When you feel worn down by the “heaviness” of your life problems and dilemmas, come back to the most basic and unavoidable fact of our lives: impermanence.

Tunnel of BricksEverything that arises, also passes away—without exception. The end of every birth is death. The end of every coming together is parting. The end of every holding on is letting go.

This reality check is not meant to bring on depression, but a sense of freedom from having to have life go your way; a sense of relief from having to control life so it happens the way you think it should.

Learning how to open to the basic facticity of change gives immediate access to your own personal taste of peace and serenity.

If you find yourself feeling depressed by this, try on the idea that the joy of life can also be found in the journey itself, step by step, and not only when you arrive at your destination.

Remembering impermanence opens the door to each moment’s joy and wonder. Give it a try and investigate the value of this little wake-up call for how to enjoy more moments of your time on this funny little ball floating in space deep in the middle of now-here.

Much love,