When was the last time you felt:

  • angry because someone did not acknowledge your input or contribution
  • hurt because you felt rejected by someone’s negative comments on your actions
  • entitled and better than everyone else.

Tree Growing TallThese are all signs that you are perceiving some form of rejection coming your way.  These are clues that your sense of self feels separated from the whole and feels its survival is at stake.

This is an excellent time to remember that although your feelings are real and valid, the story that is generating them is not the final reality about what is unfolding.

Your story about the situation – and not the event itself – generates the perception that somehow you’ve been personally maligned, and your ‘I’m not ok’ feelings.

Separating the story about what is happening from what is actually happening is one of the most direct and efficient ways to reclaim the sense of your deepest and most valuable self.

Once back to yourself, you can assess the rejection with an eye for any constructive criticism and then let go of the rest.

Give it a try and discover the freedom and joy of recognizing your story as a single point of view that may be creating much more pain and suffering that is worth fighting for.

Much love,