I was pretty sure manifestation was stalking me. Its possibilities both fascinated and frightened me; but eventually it got my rapt attention.

I studied with various teachers, learning the steps and attitudes for consciously manifesting financial abundance, deeper spirituality, more loving relationships, alignment with life purpose, and happiness in general.

It soon became apparent the steps were always the same: be positive, see what you want as if it has already happened, feel the experience of that in your body, release your attachment to the outcome, and focus on gratitude.

Red DoorI was fascinated. Was that all there was to it? So I gave it a try. My motivation was great but the results less than stellar. Apparently, it was a bit harder than it looked. Honestly, I wasn’t that familiar with being positive, grateful, or imagining what I wanted having already happened. And even when I succeeded, something still didn’t feel right.

I concluded, “Maybe manifestation isn’t for me. Perhaps there’s something wrong with me so I just can’t get it.” Privately, I knew one of my fatal flaws was again at work.

Then one day—to my surprise and delight—I inadvertently took the standard manifestation formula and looked at it through the lens of one single mystical guideline: ‘When you set up what you like against what you dis-like, you create dis-ease in the mind.’


I suddenly realized my understanding of manifestation required my taking a stand against what I didn’t want and clinging to what I did want. How was this in compliance with creating balance?

Suddenly, all of my manifestation teachings ran together in a colorful tornado of confusion. After a moment, I saw they had rearranged themselves into a new pattern of understanding, handing me my biggest challenge yet.

How do you accept ‘what is’ and simultaneously work to change it without setting up one thing as better or worse than its opposite? Isn’t it obvious wealth is better than poverty? Being asleep worse than being awake? Finding a soul mate better than being alone? Being useless a hideous reality and being purposeful grand?

I realized I had to unravel this paradox: choose and not choose at the same time. How do meditation and manifestation dance together? Does their rhythm serve both aspects of my life—Human and Divine—or only one?

When I discovered how to answer these questions, manifestation and meditation found a new balance. Going after what I want and being content with what I have are now loving partners.

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