Consider these words of our Mystic:

“Teach this triple truth to all: A generous heart, kind speech, and a life of service and compassion . . . These are the things which renew humanity.”


Old Door KnockerMost of us will hear these words and immediately start striving for these specific kinds of actions. Our Mystic is indeed guiding us to do just that.

However, a truly generous heart, kind speech, dedicated service, and the deepest compassion emerge from a mystical understanding of who we are in our depths. And with this understanding comes the wisdom of how to navigate the dualistic and daily challenge of being both human and divine.

When we attempt to achieve these goals by avoiding, ignoring, denying, or being against greed, mean thoughts, angry feelings, and selfish actions, we have once again set up what we like against what we dislike. This causes our human experience of suffering to dramatically increase and our sense of self-esteem and worth to plummet.

Why does this happen? In a dualistic universe, experiencing generosity, kindness, service to others and compassion without their opposites is not a reachable goal. This misunderstanding creates interference with our ability to access our Mystical Eyes and the open heart from which these desired actions naturally flow.

How does it occur?  As soon as one of those unwanted negatives experiences arise, we assume we have failed, and missed the spiritual mark.  But the real issue is not the arising of the negative, but how you relate to its presence. Reject it and the pain increases.  Embrace it and you are back in the arms of true compassion and a generous heart — open to your own awakening Self.

Being a Marketplace Mystic means you’re verifying for yourself that this journey here on earth is through a dualistic universe where polar pairs meet you at every turn.  You’ve begun to understand and perceive the deep partnership that exists between these seemingly opposed polar pairs — generosity vs. greed — being kind vs. being mean — being of service to others vs. being of service to yourself — compassion vs. anger. With this understanding, you can sidestep the trap of setting up one pole of each polarity as better than its opposite.  Then balance emerges, and freedom of a different dimension is just around the bend.

812641_71628580Mystical generosity is not the generosity that is the opposite of greed. It an overflow from a different state of Being that arises when you are beyond the conceptual mind — when you are perceiving life with your mystical eyes rather than through the eyes of your conditioning.

Mystical kindness, service, and compassion also live beyond the conceptual mind and are not driven by any thought or goal. They are simply reflections of that state of your Being when you step outside your mind and inside the mystery and marvel of your very existence.

I invite you to explore for yourself the validity of the notion that polar pairs permeate our world — inner and outer. Once this becomes obvious,  the ability to perceive the hidden harmony between the two is just a breath away.

May you enjoy the wonders of sharing your heart, your kindness, and your compassion with all — including yourself.

Much love,