Unconscious Judgement Taking Over? Invite Understanding to Your Mind


Are you experiencing any of the following unpleasant symptoms of being human?

  • Being convinced you’re right and the other person is wrong?
  • Discovering there is no more room inside you for discussion or dialogue and the urge toward aggression begins to arise through clenched fists, tight jaws, or shallow breathing?
  • Looking down your nose at someone and deeming them to be less than you or holding yourself to be better than them?

Trees with Pink FoliageHow do you get rid of these unconscious reactions?

Well, actually, you don’t.  At least, not until you’re way, way down the spiritual path.  So in the beginning (which can be the first 15 or 20 years), it seems to work better if your goal is letting the reactions be what they are – and instead, changing the way you relate to them.

Setting up what you like against what you dislike is known to be the dis-ease of the mind. Paradoxically, this action of setting up what you like against what you dislike is an automatic and unconscious function of the mind –  and, amazingly enough, there is nothing you can do about that!

You can, however, be conscious of its arrival on the scene, usually accompanied by a strong emotion. Instead of allowing what has now become an unconscious judgment to take over and determine your behavior, your new option is to breathe, relax into the tension created by the setting up of one against the other, and just let it be there in your body.

As you breathe into the unpleasant sensations, imagine your understanding opening and expanding, and invite a felt sense of what it really means, practically, to let life be what it is in this exact moment.

Inner peace arises when you can simultaneously experience the paradox of being both human (experiencing the pleasure and pain of life), and divine (embracing all life experience with acceptance and compassion) moment to moment.

Give it a try and discover how the flowers will shower upon you, blessing your shift in perspective.

Much love,

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Ragini MichaelsRagini Elizabeth Michaels is an Author, Therapist, and Trainer of Communication and Modeling Skills, specializing in Behavioral Change. She has gained international recognition for her work and her reputation as a superb teacher, presenter, and the pioneering originator of Facticity® and Paradox Management.View all posts by Ragini Michaels →

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