A 6-Part Series On The Hidden Partnership Between Making Things Happen And Letting Things Happen

Conscious manifestation is a tricky business. I’ve been trying to figure it out for over 15 years. Why do some people get what they want while others fail, again and again? Is there a secret behind the ‘Secret’ that most folks don’t know about? Just what is going on here?

I’ve had many clients lost in despair and desperation because no matter what they try to manifest, their efforts fail to produce the results they’ve old-shoe-with-cactusbeen told they’ll receive. Too often, the blame falls on the person making the effort; and the answers we make up to explain the problem can be the most hurtful aspect of this creative drama.

‘You’re not doing it right.’ ‘You’re not supposed to use manifestation for material things.’ ‘It’s not working because I’m not pure enough.’ ‘God is just mean and there is no such thing as manifestation. It’s all random and there’s no way out.’

Usually the problem rests in our lack of clarity about what we’re trying to do, and how to do it. Now I’m not an expert on manifesting, although I do fairly well in life. But is that simply my destiny, good karma or sheer luck?

This little series is not designed to help you manifest better. Rather it is designed to help you explore, inquire, poke and prod this amazing and mysterious game of creation that we are all trying to learn how to play. Who knows? It just might give up a few more of its secrets!

Over the next six months, here’s what the series is going to cover:

Part 1: What Can You Assume About Manifestation?
Part 2: The Anatomy Of Failure To Manifest Your Heart’s Desire
Part 3: Is The Outcome Guaranteed?
Part 4: Do Meditation & Mindfulness Have A Place In Manifestation?
Part 5: What Do You Do With Resistance & Discord Arising In Your Body/Mind?
Part 6: Is Karma The King In Manifestation?

So let’s begin.

Part 1:  What Can You Assume About Manifestation?

First, let’s agree on a broad definition. According to the Free Dictionary, manifestation is an indication of the existence, reality, or presence of something. That’s pretty general. So the kind of manifestation we’re going to explore focuses on taking an idea or notion existing in the mind and making it into an actual reality in real time.

This is the creative process itself with the necessary steps of incubating an idea, getting inspired by it as it comes into a full blown notion, putting in the time and energy to pull it out of the mind and into a concrete reality (the perspiration phase), then touching it up for presentation to the world, and finally integrating it back into the society or group or circumstance that called the idea into being in the first place.

These steps of the creative process parallel the steps of manifestation with a few additions which we’ll get to later. But this creative process is something we all know about, albeit often unconsciously. So we already have some personal experience and thus guidance for when we decide its time to engage in some conscious manifestation, with intention and commitment.

Say you’re planting a garden, or building a new fence, redecorating your kitchen or bathroom, deciding to write a book, or creating a fancy meal. All of these require you to follow the steps mentioned above. BUT … do you ever do it consciously as an actual act of conscious creation?

3d human with paint brush 450x428Check it out. You get an idea. You think about it for awhile, determining how hard it will be to make it happen, what you’ll need, a strategy for how to go about it. Then you start acting on all of this ‘thinking’ and gather together the materials you need, set aside the time the project will require of you, arrange your life around it making it a priority, and then you do it.

After it’s pretty much done, you spend time finishing up all the details and perfecting it as best you can. That means making it match your original inspiration as closely as possible. And then you’re ready to present it.  So you invite friends over for tea in your new garden or lunch in your new kitchen, or to read your almost perfected manuscript while digesting that gourmet meal you spent hours preparing as the entree to the sharings of your heart and soul finally having made it into words on a page.

My point is we all know how to be creative. We do it all the time – from pulling order out of chaos when you clean up your office and living room, or coaxing beauty out of ugliness when you weed out your garden and fill pots with new flowers that blossom into colors and fragrances that make you happy and feel a moment of pure

Manifestation is creativity – and we all already know how to do it. But we rarely think of ourselves as being creative; as artists filling the canvas of our lives with thoughts and emotions and highs and lows and pleasant and unpleasant experiences. When we start to realize maybe that IS what we’re doing, the realm of conscious manifestation leaps into view.

I think your own experience will cause you to agree there is already a precise mechanism in place through which we all turn our ideas into a reality. So why is it so hard to do consciously and get the same results as when we decide to cook dinner or wash the dog? It’s the same process, yet suddenly it all seems so complicated.

If you’re trying to manifest money or a mate or health or enlightenment, there seems to be so many elements you have to factor in that most of us just get overwhelmed and give up. So this is of course, the first challenge.

Just Hang In There No Matter What!

That means stand up to the encroaching idea that somehow you don’t have what it takes – the intellect, heart, or enough desire to use this manifestation process effectively; or you’re not worthy enough to receive what you’re asking for; or valuable enough to have that ‘good life’ you want.

So here’s my 2nd point: When you get into these patterns of thought and emotion, you’re still painting on the canvas of your life. You’re stillman-painting-on-canvas900x675 planting seeds in your garden. But now – they’re not the ones you want to grow there.

Everyone is always at the effect of this manifestation mechanism, or creative process, whether they are aware of it or not. Hence, the eternal emphasis on being positive and finding the best in everything – no matter how much ‘worse’ is showing its face.

Seem Pollyanna? Maybe. But not if you understand how to manage the negative in a positive way! And I don’t mean simply glossing over it, ignoring it, or saying it’s all the Divine plan. It may well be.

But my point is that we have to be responsible for what we do with our own minds and emotions. They wield creative power and it’s our job to understand that and learn how to use the mind in a way that helps us walk the razors edge in daily life – to stay in the middle way – to know how to create again and again the balance required to be happy, centered, and at peace – no matter what.

To reiterate:

  1. We are all creative artists.
  2. There is a creative process already installed in everyone and we all use it everyday.
  3. We are at the effect of this mechanism of manifestation (creation) whether we know it or not.
  4. It’s to our benefit to explore it more deeply and learn how to harness this creative prowess.
  5. Without this knowledge, we remain at the effect of our fearful mind and emotions.

Please tune in next month for Part 2 of this series, The Anatomy Of Failure To Manifest Your Heart’s Desire  And I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments.  Just drop me a line or two in the Comments box below. 

Until the next part of this series, may the creative power resting inside you begin to emerge even more consciously into your awareness.

Much love,


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