Are you aware of a subtle fear about the future hovering all around us?  No matter how positive and hopeful you may try to be, is there a part of you that’s also just a bit frightened and feeling lost?

Feeling lost and scared is quite normal when you face the unknown … especially when you don’t know exactly what to do next to secure that safe and happy life we all want.

If you find yourself perplexed and anxious about this sense of feeling misplaced, gone astray, or just uncertain about what’s ahead, shift your focus once again to the old standby of your breathing.

Old Handle on DoorThis reality, above all others, can immediately transport you back to the NOW and to the possibility of reconnecting with the center of your Being.  How so?

Once you return to the reality of your body breathing in this time frame of here and now, you can begin to investigate this sense of feeling lost, confused, or uncertain with a bit of distance from it … and …. without being so consumed by the fear or anxiety that usually surrounds it.

When you can create distance from anything in your experience, you can see more clearly that it’s not you;  it is simply something for you to deal with. Then, fear become manageable and confusion begins to reshape itself into clarity.

Part of finding your way is allowing yourself to feel lost. Lost and found do go together. They are once again partners in the dance of discovering your path through life.

Looking closely at what the experience of ‘feeling lost’ actually is frees you to successfully navigate your way through any fear.  Give it a try.

Much love,