Ever feel greed, jealousy, or envy trying to jump in the driver’s seat? Here are three usually over-looked clues to let you know this is happening:

  • When you feel tense and unwilling to share what you have with others—be it information, food, money, time, or energy.
  • When you feel angry because someone else has gotten something that you want and feel you deserve.
  • When you begin to see things as unfair because people are getting things you don’t think they deserve.

At the moment you become aware of these feelings, breathe into the sensations in your body, and welcome these pesky visitors.

Colorful Water RipplesYes, that’s right: welcome them.

Welcome them with the understanding that they are an intrinsic part of the rhythm of life. If you allow and open to their message, they will naturally carry you toward generosity, sympathetic joy, and kindheartedness.

These experiences are a part of the dance between giving and receiving. When seen through the lens of paradox, it is clear that giving and receiving are, once again, an interdependent polar pair. Because they define each other, you cannot have one without the other.

Jealousy, envy, and greed are the unpleasant part of the landscape as you travel back and forth between the joys of giving, and the joys of receiving. Happily, both giving and receiving bring forth the pleasurable delights of sympathetic joy, kindheartedness, and generosity.

By relaxing into whatever arises—jealousy or sympathetic joy—greed or generosity—your journey will reflect a deeper richness. For a human divine being, the gift is the breadth of possibilities for experiencing this amazingly complex paradoxical dance of pleasure and pain.

Wisdom dictates embracing the natural human propensity toward pleasure and away from pain, for every journey you take will bring you a touch of both—again and again.

The mark of the Marketplace Mystic is awareness of, and relaxation with, “what is,” along with a sense of peacefulness and calm—regardless of the content of each moment as it arises and passes away.

Paradoxically, of course, this means your “pleasure” quota will greatly increase, no matter what. Isn’t that a hoot?

Much love,

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