Our human experience is complex. To handle that complexity, you’ll often find yourself striving to just make it simple; to end the uncomfortableness of the frustration, the uncertainty, the ambiguity, and the fear.

You probably succumb to your first and automatic impression that things are either good or bad. You choose one or the other because it seems unreasonable that whatever is happening could be both good and bad; and to contemplate that paradox is time-consuming, confusing, and perhaps challenging to some dearly held values and beliefs. So you move on.

Someone engages in an action, and you automatically decide it is either right or wrong. Again, you will, without thinking, choose one conclusion or the other because in our minds, nothing can really be both right and wrong. Choosing one option over the other makes it simpler to deal with. And you move on.

When you speak, you automatically believe you will speak only truth or a lie. You may tell yourself it has to be one or the other because both can’t exist at the same time in the same sentence. This way of thinking makes navigating the complexity of uneasy inner feelings easier to push to the side. And you move on.

Yet, if you take a moment and honestly assess your own experience, it tells you that things can indeed be both good and bad, right and wrong, truth and a lie, simultaneously. It all depends on your point of view. And that makes life an intricate, confusing, difficult, and often very tricky ride.

But there’s another way to simplify the complexity of life.

Instead of choosing one option and striving to get rid of its opposite, you can learn to embrace them both. Since opposites are the ‘stuff’ of which our lives are made, this is not only effective, it is efficient.

For sorrow to arise, there had to be the experience of joy somewhere in your life. For war to arise, there had to be peace. For hell to arise, there had to be heaven. For imprisonment to arise, there had to be freedom. For greed to arise, there had to be generosity. For lies to arise, there had to be truths. Such is the fundamental nature of duality and the human experience.

As an emerging Marketplace Mystic, you can follow your automatic assessment with this mystical perception: all opposites are life’s wholeness, appearing in disguise.

This way of perceiving simplifies your path to that sense of inner peace. And not because you’ve simplified complexity by trying to remove it. But rather by expanding your understanding of complexity, thus making it a much simpler part of reality to navigate.

Peace arises when you relax into this ‘facticity of opposites’ with the awareness that the moment — whether pleasurable or painful — is  “what is.” From this place of wisdom and clarity, you can then take the paradoxical ‘right action’ required by your role, your passion, your heart, or your soul, and work to right the wrong, fight the good fight, or save your own little corner of the world.

As you move through your day, remember to take a look at your life through the eyes of your Marketplace Mystic. I guarantee it will change the entire tenor of your experience.

Much love,

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