We all have moments where we feel:

  • angry with ourselves,
  • disappointed in ourselves, or
  • unworthy and without value.

Fan of Green LeavesIn these kinds of moments, your emerging Marketplace Mystic offers another option:

  • Be present to and conscious of whatever is unfolding in the moment – even when it’s unpleasant and uncomfortable . . .
  • Then shift your focus to accepting it as your moment of life to explore right now.

You’re probably shaking your head ‘yes’ because you understand this intellectually. But the more important question is whether or not you’re able to live it, embody it, on an on-going basis each day.

Whatever your story about the cause of these feelings, it is not as important as how you greet your experience as it unfolds in your body.

  • Shift your attention from the story to the sensation of the anger or disappointment in your body.
  • Feel directly what that experience actually is.
  • With your awareness, not your intellect, explore it. Is it tight? Dense? Hard? Hot? Cold? Rigid? Burning? Icy?
  • Feel it and breathe into it as you shift your focus to simply being with it – as it is.

Whatever the content of this moment, it is the moment of your life happening right now. It is your path and your journey unfolding in this moment of NOW. It is no easy task to let it be what it is — at least for a moment or two — before jumping in to try and make it different.

Being present to the experience of this moment of your life as it moves through your body simply means consciously feeling it with acceptance. It doesn’t mean throwing it out at another, or grabbing it and turning it inward toward yourself, or, most important, changing it. 

Paradoxically, the more we try to change, the more we miss the joys of Being. On the other hand, we’re designed to push beyond ‘what is’ to manifest our dreams and desires and taste the joys of Doing.

Balancing our dual nature is much easier said than done. Yet, it is possible — and even easy — when you’ve grasped the nature of paradox and the role it plays in your daily life.

Understanding this is a direct route to the return of your heart into the foreground and the freeing of compassion for this difficult and challenging experience of being in human form.

I invite you to check it out for yourself and see what happens.

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Meanwhile, may your heart open and release the fragrance of its kindness and love through all the difficult times of your journey.

Much love,