Heron by Narayana“I simply believe that some part of the human Self or Soul is not subject to the laws of space and time.”
Carl Gustav Jung

Assuming this is a true statement about our Soul, or Essence, or Divine Self, the key question then becomes:

What does that mean, practically, for the remaining parts of us that ARE subject to the laws of space and time?

Have you considered?

• Does connecting with our Soul mean we no longer have to deal with these laws of space and time?


• Does it somehow delete the effects of space and time (and duality) on the remaining parts?


• Does it mean all the parts of us become free of pain, discomfort, greed, hatred and delusion?


• Does it mean all the parts of us will become blissful, joyful, happy, and compassionate on a continuous basis?


Whatever your conscious response to these questions, it is your unconscious answers that will give you the most important insights.

Listening to your language will reveal words and phrases like: ‘still’, ‘even now’, ‘in spite of everything’ sprinkled throughout your conversation. These words reveal the unconscious standard you are using to measure your success – both emotionally and spiritually. For most, that standard will be the absence of what we don’t like – emotionally and spiritually – and the presence of what we do like on a permanent basis.

I invite you to become curious about what standard you are using to assess your personal and/or spiritual evolution. Is your unconscious standard for emotional and spiritual “success” a life without pain and selfishness? Is it a life filled with continual unconditional love and compassion? Or is it the confusing paradox of a life with both selfishness and selflessness?

file5641250014873Most of us perceive the iron chains that bind us as the negativity and darker aspects of life.  But we don’t yet understand that the positive and lighter aspects of life remain golden chains.

When you choose any aspect of a polar pair as better than the other, you will automatically try to hold onto it.  Simultaneously you will work to negate or eradicate its opposite. Hence, the drive to be positive and not negative, wealthy and not poor, kind and not mean.

Of course, this is a step in the right direction.  But the mystics say that we should not stop here.  There is more just beyond. Another slight shift in perspective, and another whole world begins to open.

Using the strategy of the mystics means developing your ability to embrace every set of polar opposites as one unified whole. And that is the doorway to a truly practical freedom in the here and now.

As you look within, take as much compassion and love for yourself as you can, and softly explore what is there. Is your life within space and time gently being held by the Mystery beyond space and time? Do these two levels of reality exist simultaneously for you as real and compatible?

The Mystics indicate it is possible to become big enough to hold them both and thus find inner peace. All that’s needed is taking that next step just beyond reaching the goal of being more positive than negative.  Do you think navigating this paradox is possible for you?

All you have to do is develop your ability to enter into a new relationship with duality and opposites. That means learnifile000353140187ng how to embrace both good and bad, right and wrong, happy and sad, being present and absent, feeling love and. hate, and succeeding and failing – allowing each to be an undeniable part of the whole delivering its message for you to unravel.

This is your passport into the world of soul and that realm of Now that exists within.

As you explore and inquire, may you taste the joy, happiness, and peace that emerges with this freedom from the laws of space and time even as you navigate their presence in your daily life.

Much love,