Undecided? Frustrated? Know How To Step Into Clarity Lickety-Split?


This week, when you’re caught in the grip of a dilemma, notice what’s actually happening.

Can you feel the inner tug-of-war in your body between the two possible choices? Can you hear the dialogue of, “Should I do this?” or, “Should I do that?” Can you feel the stress and frustration of indecision? Are you so caught by this indecision that you feel unable to act?

Blue Sky and FlowersFor a quick remedy to this unpleasant scenario, take a breath and imagine as if you could move to the side of this inner mental and emotional dilemma.

Shift your focus from the conflict to the space around the conflict – like suddenly becoming aware of the empty sky behind the clouds, or the air that is surrounding and holding your body right now.

With your focus on this spaciousness surrounding the inner tug-of-war, contemplate for a moment how the dilemma looks and feels differently from this perspective.

The Mystics tell us again and again that what we seek is always right here and right now. Can you access this spaciousness that holds your dilemma within it? When you can, you find the Presence our Mystics say is YOU at your highest level.

See if you can set your skeptic or cynic aside and contemplate that possibility for the rest of your day. Then notice whether the indecision around your dilemma begins to shift, and whether clarity from a deeper intelligence has begun to arise.

This is one of those life mysteries to be lived rather than a puzzle to be solved. Enjoy the exploration!

Much love,


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