The next time you’re listening to the news, reading the newspaper, or discussing world events, I encourage you to notice what’s happening in your body, mind, and heart.

Do you feel tense? Are you anxious? Does your heart pound? Is your mind racing?

Net and HookIf your body is contracted, you can be sure your mind is polarized to one position against another, and your heart is either defended or breaking.

But the goal of a Marketplace Mystic is to allow life to be what it is in the moment while paradoxically taking action to make it better.

The upcoming elections in America provide wonderful “grist for this mill.”  Taking sides and holding a position is necessary for engagement in the political process.

Even if you’re uninterested in politics, or know, without a doubt, the side you’re solidly on, polarization is almost impossible to avoid. Life is always re-balancing itself; and when polarization happens on one side, it automatically arises on the opposite side to recreate the balance.

Awareness is the key. When you find yourself moving to an extreme position (your cues are anger, irritation, outrage, or disbelief), it’s time to take a deep breath and relax into your contraction, polarization, and defensiveness or grief.

You have the power to:

  1. Take a conscious breath
  2. Step to side of your polarized perception
  3. Expand your viewpoint to encompass all points of view as both valid and incomplete.

Your humanity has no choice but to take a stand and be where it is. Your divinity has no choice but to accept what is unfolding – without judgment. This is the position-less position that produces a paradoxical peace. Learning how to live from the position-less position frees you to be present to what is while taking the necessary actions to make it better.

With an expanded awareness, you can allow both to exist together as one organic whole. Together, they create an inner harmony out of which compassionate action can arise – for yourself and for others.

Much love,