Part 2 of  Manifestation: Doing It Consciously?
The Hidden Partnership Between Making It Happen and Letting It Happen

As the wave of trainings for ‘how to manifest’ swept across our world, it opened the door to many new possibilities. But with all good things, there is usually a downside as well. And in a way, revealing the ‘secret’ to manifestation was akin to the opening of Pandora’s Box.

Referencing Pandora’s actions usually refers to the creation of a disastrous situation over which you have very little control. And this is the point file7811342725000that generates so much confusion in conscious manifestation.

After the ‘secret’ was released, mayhem often followed in the personal worlds of those who decided to give it a try. And when failure arose, many grabbed onto what Pandora found left in the bottom of that box – the element of hope.

It’s funny to say that hope should ever become a problem, because it is such a staple of our human capacity to always find new reservoirs of untapped courage, stamina, and faith. But in the realm of manifestation, hoping to get what you want is not useful. Sadly, failing to manifest consciously often involves an unconscious misunderstanding around hopes’ involvement.

If you think about it, you know that hope does not invite control. It actually acknowledges the very absence of the ability to make things happen the way you wish. So when consciously manifesting, expecting to get what you want is required. In this scenario, hope is a killer. But expectation has the power to sustain focus and eliminate any doubt that what you want is not already a done deal.

For example, when you get in the car to go to work, don’t you expect to get there? When you work out at the gym, don’t you expect to develop strength in your muscles? If you simply hoped you’d make it to the office or get stronger muscles, it would get extremely stressful, and difficult to sustain your motivation to get to work or the gym.

It’s obvious that in these situations, hope is not the answer. But then you may have to ask whether you do have control over what manifests in your life, or don’t you?

Or is this yet another of those paradoxical life conundrums that leave you with a headache, an ache in the belly, and holding on tight to that hope left in the bottom of Pandora’s Box? It can be, unless you’re willing to dig a little deeper into that ‘secret’.


The Five Neglected Aspects Of A Failed Manifestation Attempt

Let’s take a look. You’re probably aware of the ‘secret’ by now: 3 simple steps to manifestation that seem relatively easy to understand:

1. See what you want having already happened.
2. Feel it.
3. Know it is already so.

They seem easy enough – and they are – until you get into truly trying to follow them. Here are 5 aspects to the process that if overlooked become the foundation for failure.


1. The Effort Required Is On-Going
What is often neglected in these manifestation endeavors is how intense a process conscious manifestation actually turns out to be. This simple little set of 3 steps might have to be taken several 100 times a day! Actually, the better your awareness of thoughts and feelings, the more times you’ll realize you need to be engaging in the 3 steps.


2. Face The Reality Of Your Limiting Ideas and Beliefs
What do you do with all those negative thoughts and feelings that creep over your positive outlook so that one minute the future looks bright and hopeful and in the nextbg_bokeh_blue moment, it has shifted into fear and lack of possibility?

Most of us set out to discover the beliefs that are getting in the way: not possible, not worthy, not capable, not fair, not moral, not bright enough, not meant to be, too greedy, too selfish, too arrogant, too angry, too resentful, too vain, too defective. Once discovered, you have to decide what to do with them.

Too many of us get overwhelmed and decide to ignore them.  We keep hoping they’ll go away via some divine act of intervention! This attitude will surely create rain on your parade!  Or you can go on the attack and do everything you can to rid yourself of the imprisoning beliefs once and for all.

There is also another option. It may seem ‘ify’ at first, but in fact, it works well too. Relax into the presence of those limiting beliefs and feelings, and shift your attention to the outcome you’re after as already there. The ability to do this rests in the next two neglected aspects.


3. Release Hope & Dive Into Expectation
Expect to get what you want with as much totality as possible!

It’s said that in the field of infinite possibilities, the moment you put energy into a desire, its fulfillment simultaneously arises. That would mean the manifestation of that desire is already a done deal. It’s just not yet actualized on this plane of reality.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Let’s explore the impact of hope on your manifestation efforts. Check out something you hope for – like a raise at work, or that your friend having you over for dinner will have something you can eat. Compare that feeling in your body to something you expect – like having hot water come out of your shower, your mother-in-law criticizing your cooking, or your gourmet chef friend cooking a great meal for you. It may be positive. It may be negative.

But the feeling of hope is quite different than the feeling of expectation.

And here’s the thing you want to remember: When hope enters the scene, it brings along its cohort – fear. Don’t believe me. Check it out for yourself. Fear is one of the many killers of dreams. And it won’t go near expectation. So the better choice is kind of a no-brainer.


4. Behave As Your Future Self In The Here & Now
This is the real key to consciously releasing manifestation’s storehouse of power; and it is essential to understand if you want to release your confusions and clear the path for success.

In order to manifest what you want, you have to behave in the way that ‘future you’ behaves – the ‘you’ that already manifested what you want and is living it.  The ‘you’ that followed all those steps of the creative process I talked about in Part 1 of this series.

It has taken me a good many years to actually be able to understand this. To put my attention on my heart’s desire as already having happened, 100 or more times in a day, remains a healthy challenge. Your mind may not be as active as mine, but I assure you, at least 25 times a day you will have some thought or emotion that negates the possibility of your success. You have to be conscious of them and then move your attention away from them and step into the attitude of that ‘future you’.

For example, if buying a new house is your heart’s desire, you have to start treating your money in the way that ‘future you’ did that got them the house. So instead of continuing to spend your money on those cappuccinos or fabulous dinners out, you step into the ‘future you’ and spend your money they way they did; the way that resulted in them getting the house. In other words, this is the ‘making it happen’ part of manifesting. To make your heart’s desire come into actuality, you have to do your part by stepping into that ‘future you’ and living from there in today’s moment of time..

If you want to lose weight, you have to think like the ‘future you’ that has already conquered his/her issues with food. This means every time you feel yourself craving that additional piece of pie, or the extra helping of pasta, you consciously step into that ‘future you’ and make your decision from that place in time.

Essentially, you have to take control of time and make that ‘future you’ alive and living into the present moment. Simply put, you move the future into the present.

You already know how to do this quite exquisitely with your past. You know how to live your past into the present moment. You call up a memory. Message StonesYou see it already done. You feel it. You know it’s real because it’s already happened.  You step into it and live it again in the now. Recognize the 3 steps, perfectly executed by us all?

You can take your creative ability and use it to be the ‘future you’ that is already the recipient of your desired outcome. Then ask yourself, “How did I get here?” And let the answer come.

Or, imagine as if the ‘current you’ could interview that ‘future you’ and find out what that ‘future you’ did. Then imitate their actions in your here and now, imagining as if you were that ‘future you’ today, just like you already do so well with the past.

Whatever you want – money, a slender body, or anything else –  that ‘future you’ will tell you what they did to get it. Then – you do it in the here and now – as them! This is your part of making it happen.

But you must also know that it is impossible for us to keep at this all day. It’s like swimming against the current for hours on end. It’s exhausting, tiring, and depressing because it feels like you’re getting nowhere.

But here’s the key: It’s doesn’t matter if you succeed or fail at staying there. It only matters that you engage in the action of stepping into that ‘future you’ and making the effort to live in the moment from that point of view as many times as you can. This begins the creation of a new neural pathway in your brain and that’s what makes it more effortless over time.


5. Trust That Something Larger Than You Is Also Engaged In This Creative Act
Most of us are quite intrigued by magical element of conscious manifestation. And that magic arises when you’re able to engage in that curious act known as surrender. The obvious question is what are you surrendering, and to whom?

The what are the answers to these two questions: “When will the manifestation appear? How will it occur?” In actuality, the answers to these questions are not your business. And when I say it is not your business, I mean it is not the place to rest your attention.

Every time you have a thought or feeling about when and how, here’s what you do:

• Shift your attention away from the question & visualize what you want already present & in your life
• Focus on the thought & feeling accompanying the completed goal or desire fulfilled
• Trust that something larger than you will take care of the rest.

The who is that ‘something’ larger than you, be it God, Higher Self, The Mystery, Essence, or a hundred other names. Because this “Something Larger’ has your best interest at heart, and is your personal connection to the Whole, you trust your desire will manifest at just the right time and DSCN1436in the best way for you.

What is the easiest way to do this? Stand in that point of view where you see and feel your faith in the presence of a Divine Spark within. Know that spark reflects who you really are beyond your body and mind, whether you call it soul, Spirit, Divine Light, or the Essence of your Being.

The folks I’ve talked to who succeed in this endeavor consistently say they put out what they want and then forget about it. That doesn’t mean they drop back into their limiting way of being and doing. It means they don’t worry about the how and when; they hold the outcome as a done deal and expect it to unfold; then they simply do what needs to be done to get there, living and making decisions as that ‘future self’ who already exists after the fact.

A Recap:
Adding these aspects into your efforts will change the whole tenor of your manifestation attitude, and ameliorate these neglected aspects of manifesting your heart’s desire.

  • Practice the steps much more than once or twice a day. The more times you use the 3 steps, the better.
  • Face your limiting beliefs and go after them. Don’t be overwhelmed by the ridiculous number of them you are bound to find. Enjoy the thrill of releasing them or moving beyond them, and know this is part of you making it happen
  • Don’t hope to get what you want. Expect it because it is already done.
  • Behave as the ‘future you’ right now in this present moment doing your part to make it happen, again and again and again
  • Surrender the when and how things will occur to what is larger than you, letting the manifestation happen in its own time & its own way.

Please feel free to leave your own comments or thoughts below. I would love to hear from you. I hope you will tune in for Part 3 coming in June – Is The Outcome Of Your Manifestation Effort Guaranteed? 

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Meanwhile, may you strengthen your muscles of expectation and living as if you’re from the future in the present. The days get sweeter as you bring the brightness of what is ahead right into now, unfolding its reality as the presence of today.

Much love,

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