Stop Trying To Reconnect & Take a Walk


When you start feeling annoyed by things that aren’t happening the way you think they should – you know you’ve lost contact with your inner guidance.  In this circumstance, most folks go right up into their head and start trying to figure out how to reconnect.

Don’t!  That action will keep your energy flowing to the very source of the problem (your mind’s perception of the moment).  Instead, stop what you’re doing and start walking – even if it’s only in circles in your living room or office.

1423195_53672455Place your attention purposefully and carefully on the sensations of your body as it moves. Whether you’re moving fast or slow, notice each step. Attend to how each foot lifts up off the ground, moves through the air, and then returns to the solidity of the earth.

Pay attention to how the body shifts your weight back and forth, again and again, in order to keep your balance and allow the movement to continue smoothly.

When your mind starts to drift back to the events of the situation, shift your focus back to your movements … and feel them unfolding.  This will begin to slow down your mind, and give you distance from the mental musings about the circumstance upsetting you.

You’ll become more able to breathe. And you’ll begin to come back to yourself quite naturally.  Being present to the movement of life reconnects you with your innate capacity to relax into it;  to relax into the reality of the moment by just being in the moment regardless of whether it matches your mind’s desire or not.

Give it a try. I guarantee it will take the sting out of the upsetting scenario and help you reconnect with the accepting power that rests inside you each and every moment. And you can find that power when you perceive what is unfolding for exactly what it is . . . before your mind’s version of what’s happening comes into the play.  Enjoy the exploration!

Much love,

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