Feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, or uneasy? If so, here’s a practical tip that can put a smile on the face of your emerging Marketplace Mystic.

  • In the midst of the day’s chaos, take a moment right now. Explore shifting your awareness.  Conjure up an image of yourself being held on this planet by the invisible but palpable force of gravity.
  • As it holds you, imagine the Earth as it spins and moves in its orbit around the sun.
  • Then, picture the sun relaxed in its place in the larger scheme of our galaxy.
  • Continue to allow your sense of this expansiveness to spread out to that inner edge of infinity.

Purple Sand with FootprintsNotice how this sense of expansiveness puts all things of such importance to our minds, hearts, and souls in the proper perspective.

Can you feel a moment of humor at our beautiful and sweet forgetfulness at how small we truly are?

And can you feel a moment of compassion for the pain caused by our unawareness of this majesty of Being that is our existence itself?

If you can feel this humor and compassion, imagine it flowing towards you, freeing your laughter and your tears. Envision this humor and compassion surrounding you and all others playing out their roles in this mysterious journey.

Breathe into the chaotic moment as it is. Feel your heart and soul relax just a little bit more than ever before. Then savor this remembrance—no matter how cynical another part of you may be.

You are a part of a mystery far beyond even your most grand and splendid imagination.

Much love,