Unaware You Could Be a “Marketplace Mystic?”


Welcome to my new blog! Are you more drawn to a mystical path than any traditional one? Want to be conscious and wise while living your ordinary daily life? Know what to do with those recurring judgmental thoughts and negative emotions?

If you’re really striving to be positive, present, and optimistic, and feel frustrated with your progress—but won’t quit trying—you may belong to the new breed of what I call ‘marketplace mystics’. When I discovered (with a deep sigh of relief) that this was where I finally ‘fit’, I got a lot happier, more accepting of myself and—my daily life became a lot more workable.Tea for Two

Could the same be true for you? I invite you to check it out. Here are a few defining characteristics of the ‘marketplace mystic’. See if any of them fit you, but you don’t need them all to be a member of this emerging community:

  • You want practical wisdom for living your everyday life with greater awareness infused with a deep connection to life’s mystery as daily sustenance for your soul.
  • Neither monastic living, 4 hours of meditation a day, nor surrender to a guru, is your cup of spiritual tea.
  • You desire to embody your spiritual values in daily life through conscious living, presence, and understanding from the heart.
  • You believe the external world and its challenges are equally important to the internal world and its challenges.
  • You sense there must be some path through the paradoxes of our day that can bring social, political, and spiritual potential into a seamless and creative partnership.
  • You are concerned with how to consciously live in the moment’s mystery with presence, understanding and acceptance of your role in it.
  • You want to open your heart and release its capacity for true compassion.
  • You’re curious about how to be both a human being and a divine being simultaneously – at work, at home, and in the privacy of your mind.
  • You want to shape a better world by fulfilling your purpose as a human being and a spiritual being.

If you sense there’s something here for you, please come back again. Read—comment—question. I’d love to know what’s up in your quest for living consciously, and from the heart, in a way that’s practical for daily life.

I’m going to share a lot of what I’ve learned about the easiest way to fulfill these desires effectively and efficiently—and that’s by traveling through the land of Paradox.

Yep. Paradox! It’s so prevalent in our daily lives that it’s almost required to sit down and have a cup of tea together. I can tell you Paradox has a lot of wisdom and guidance to share. But you have to stop for a minute and give her a chance to share her secrets. You know, cozy up and get some rapport so she’ll start talking!

So I invite you to come back and visit as I share some of the amazing gems of wisdom and guidance I’ve learned from hanging out with Paradox. She’s a little confusing at first, but when she finally senses that you ‘get’ her, there’s no stopping her amazing outpouring of wisdom that starts to make everything clearer—and most important—more workable in daily life.

Much love,

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Ragini MichaelsRagini Elizabeth Michaels is an Author, Therapist, and Trainer of Communication and Modeling Skills, specializing in Behavioral Change. She has gained international recognition for her work and her reputation as a superb teacher, presenter, and the pioneering originator of Facticity® and Paradox Management.View all posts by Ragini Michaels →


  1. Sandy

    The term “Marketplace Mystic” really caught my attention when I read this lovely post summarizing what conscious people are striving for. Can you briefly expand on how “Marketplace” and “Mystic” coexist together within Paradox? Thanks!

    • Ragini

      Sandy, ‘Marketplace’ generally refers to the material world focused on commerce, family life, and daily living. ‘Mystic’ usually refers to the spiritual life with a focus on meditation, contemplation, and transcendence with little if no focus on making money or doing business. My goal is to help the two worlds integrate in a seamless fashion. By that I mean heal the unconscious split we often experience between the two so we feel spiritual is better than material, or visa versa. By helping your mind to grasp paradox, then giving it a real-life workable startegy for dealing with it, personal transformation can really leap forward. The resultes are more easy access to presence, calm, centeredness, and just the joy of feeling happy and peaceful. It’s cool stuff. Thanks for your curiosity.

      • Sandy

        Thanks, Ragini! What a beautiful explanation, and useful state to embody.

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