Is it possible that you belong to the new breed of spiritual seeker determined to bring their spiritual life and material life together into one seamless Whole? If so, you may find it useful to periodically revisit what defines this emerging brand I call the Marketplace Mystic.

Being a Marketplace Mystic means at least three things:

  1. Being concerned with how to consciously live in the moment’s mystery, with understanding and acceptance of your role in it.
  2. Being concerned with how to be both a human being and a divine being simultaneously—at the office, at home, and in the privacy of your mind.
  3. Being concerned with how to practically manage the conundrum of letting life be what it is and going with the flow, while also manifesting and making your dreams come true.

Silk and Gold DecorationsIf spiritual commitment defined by dedication to monastic living, or surrender to a guru, is not of interest to you, you may well be on this pathless path.

If you desire to bring your spiritual life into your daily life through conscious living, understanding from the heart, and participation in the co-creation of a different kind of world, you may well belong to the emerging community of Marketplace Mystics.

Make no mistake—this is not an easy road to find yourself traversing. You may not have even been aware that this is indeed your way.

As you determine whether or not this pathless path is yours to explore, you will be glad to know that you are not alone, and you are not crazy. You are among many kindred souls for whom believing by itself is not enough. You need to know as much about God, the universe, and the nature of reality as you can uncover—as crazy and embarrassing as that may seem to your probably well-educated, cynical, western sophisticated mind.

If these notions speak to you, or touch you in some way, welcome to the growing community of Marketplace Mystics living and working all over the globe. You are needed and your time to emerge is now.

May you find the courage to open your heart, expand your awareness, and follow the pull and call of even your faintest ‘yes’. I’d love to hear from you, so please feel free to leave a comment in the box placed very far below.

Much love,
P.S.  You can find more about this in my new book, Unflappable – 6-Steps To Staying Happy, Centered, and Peaceful No Matter What.