Clues For When Taking Action Moves You Away From Your Heart


There are some simple actions you can take if you:

  1. Find it difficult or challenging to hold any point of view other than your own;
  2. Get upset by the actions of the political party that is not of your choice; or
  3. Are convinced, beyond a shadow of a doubt, you are right.

Fundamental to Facticity® Training is the understanding that all points of view are valid—not accurate.  AND … all points of view are incomplete—by virtue of the fact that every point of view is simply a single view perceived from a single point.

Brilliant DaisyRelating to the diversity of human perception in this way evokes the wonderful freedom from having to be disturbed by all that is around you. Contrary to popular thought, being disturbed is not the only avenue to action.

To take action and support the cause of your choice flows easily from a place of calm, centered, clarity. Most of us believe we are not truly involved unless we are disturbed. We are even disturbed by the idea of not being disturbed because we equate it with indifference and inaction.

Remaining undisturbed is not complacence or denial. It is the result of the above understanding that all viewpoints are valid AND incomplete.

A marketplace mystic understands that remaining undisturbed actually frees passionate action to arise—a paradox that stretches the modern mind to its limits.

How can both intense passion and utter calm exist simultaneously?

How can there be such a thing as passionate calm or calm passion?

Only direct experience of this amazingly powerful and potent way of perceiving and living will satisfy your inquiry. The good news is this paradoxical reality is reachable and personally verifiable by you if you feel yourself pulled to this road less traveled.

Check it out for yourself and let me know what you find.  I’d love to hear your thoughts.  You can post them in the comments box way far below.

Much love,

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Ragini MichaelsRagini Elizabeth Michaels is an Author, Therapist, and Trainer of Communication and Modeling Skills, specializing in Behavioral Change. She has gained international recognition for her work and her reputation as a superb teacher, presenter, and the pioneering originator of Facticity® and Paradox Management.View all posts by Ragini Michaels →


  1. Teresa Dahl
    Teresa Dahl06-27-2012


    This one speaks to me so much! in fact, with your help, i’m getting better at noticing when i’m ‘totally positive that i’m right’ – it’s visceral. That’s becoming a cue that i might just be polarized to my POV. So, I ‘step back’ and try to remember – every opinion is valid, and incomplete.
    Sometimes, i don’t remember until i notice how ‘opinionated’ the other person is – what a clear mirror that is!

    Thanks for the reminders!!


  2. Shashi

    Thankyou Ragini, the whole universe seems to be revealing this message to me these days, in a way I can practically understand it. What a gift! Thankyou, Shashi

    • Ragini Michaels
      Ragini Michaels07-01-2012

      Hello Shashi, Thank you for your comment. I really appreciate it and am so glad to learn it was helpful to you. Feel free to connect any time. It doesn’t look like you’ve received my gift of the 3 Video Series called The Beggar’s Secret? Since you’re already on my mailing list, just let me know if you’d like to receive it, and I’ll start the sequence for you. It’s available right on the site but you have to watch the welcome video on the front page to get to the opt-in box to pick it up. Much love to you, Ragini

  3. Sunny Massad
    Sunny Massad07-01-2012

    Love it! It’s so much more interesting to observe, particularly the political dialogue, from the center! It makes me a much better listener and ensures that I keep learning. Thanks for reminding us all!

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