When do you pause to assess the rhythm of your life? Do you know when it’s time to do this? Here are a few clues to help you recognize when it’s time to engage in some reflection and ask this incredibly helpful question: “What am I doing?”

  • Colourful Buildings Reflected on WaterWhen you’re exhausted and still keep pushing yourself in the name of efficiency, productivity, or accountability
  • When you discover you’re pushing away thoughts and sensations that give you the sense you’re going in the wrong direction for your health and well-being
  • When you’re running so fast that you’re short tempered, impatient, frustrated, with tension in your belly, and annoyed with all the idiots who keep getting in your way

These are times when the simple question, “What am I doing?” can produce great results.

It’s stunning how exquisitely we strive to interrupt the harmonious flow of life by forcing things to remain beyond their time. Can you recognize in your own experience that with every contraction, there is a natural drive toward relaxation? With every tension, there is an inherent pull toward release? With every movement, there is a growing urge for stillness?

Whether you say say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to this rhythm, it is the way of things; and somewhere inside you are aware of this rhythm. So it pays to take a moment to stop, look, and listen – and find this knowing within yourself.

The evidence for this undeniable and unalterable pattern of life is all around . . . all day . . . everywhere . . . unfolding before your eyes, whispering in your ear, and tapping on your awareness through the tension in your body.

Explore the question, “What am I doing?” as often as you can.  In light of the fact that with every beginning, there comes an end — and with every closure, there comes an opening — it pays to take a moment and reflect whether your thoughts, actions, and words are in harmony with this rhythm, or pushing against it.

Give yourself permission to take a moment and do what you were taught to do as a child: Stop. Look. Listen. Your ‘doings’ in life can bring true joy and peace when juxtaposed to the wonder and the mystery that you are existing at all.

This gift of Being is a rather outrageous and stunning aspect of Reality that you can recognize and savor as much as you desire — and —  it holds the guidance for how to navigate our funny world where the Oneness and Connection we seek hides in plain sight right inside all those polar pairs you’re struggling to deal with each and every day.

Much love,