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Did You Know There Are Shades of Grey In Business Too?


Again and again I’ve been asked how my paradox work applies to business.  Turns out, it’s a great boon to success and confidence, especially if you want to step up and be a 21st Century Leader.

Learning how to navigate opposites enables you to navigate those business shades of grey that iStock_000018373145XSmall‘black or white‘ answers can’t resolve.

These shades of grey are the difficult and often baffling situations that demand you make a decision that will solve them!  Here they are: ambiguity, dilemmas, uncertainty, predicaments, complexity, and paradox! 

I guess we’ve all discovered that doing business today isn’t as simple as it used to be.  So I decided to finally share how being able to navigate these shades of grey is actually a pretty essential skill if you want to be a 21st Century leader.

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I’m looking forward to connecting.

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