Every one of us encounters periods of negative self assessment. How do you know when you are in this situation?

    1. When you’re criticizing yourself.
    2. When you’re feeling worthless and without value.
    3. When you compare yourself to others and feel like a failure.
    4. When you’re depressed and down.

Beautiful ButterflyWhen you find that you are beating yourself up in this way, the most powerful thing you can do is shift your perception of what is happening. Yes, there are more positive patterns of thinking.

But the remedy is focusing on the balancing that is required for happily navigating this paradoxical life.

Because you are living in a dualistic universe where opposites co-exist, contemplate the possibility that if you are that worthless, without value, and a failure, you must also be worthwhile, of great value, and a success.

Can you find the places in your life where these are already occurring, allowing this balancing to unfold?  Or is it time to focus your energies on creating value, success, and a feeling of worthiness somewhere in your daily journey?

When caught in self-criticism, you lose sight of self acknowledgement and lose touch with feeling self-esteem. However, from a paradoxical perspective, feeling both good and bad will remain present, dancing their way through your life, first one taking the lead, and then the opposite.

When you understand this deeply, you can just take a breath, step aside from your inner critic, and look at your life through the fresh eyes of your Marketplace Mystic who has the wisdom of how to move gracefully and lovingly through a dualistic world.

From here you can open to the possibility that you are more than your personality. That means discovering that, ultimately, you are neither a success nor a failure, but rather a true mysterious adventure unfolding.

I’d love to hear your thoughts if you’d like to leave them in the comments box far below. I do like hearing from you.

With love,