Most people believe action only arises when we are disturbed or upset by something.  But in reality, there is another 14801146_spathway as well.

I’m sure you’ve heard the notion of the peaceful warrior. Yet we rarely find this combination in real life.

Pacifists often abhor the warrior aspect.  And activists often seem to forget the peaceful component.

The key to combining the two into one rests in learning contentment.

It seems paradoxical to posit that contentment can breed action.  Yet, being at peace with things as they are creates the space for new viewpoints and previously unseen possibilities to come to the fore.

The power of remaining undisturbed in your heart and mind can only be understood through experience. Hence, the focus on learning how to manage thoughts and emotions.

When your mind and emotions remain unmoved by what is unfolding in front of them, it would seem you would be heartless, cold, and uncaring. Yet, the actual experience is quite different.

Remaining undisturbed in thought means clarity is free to come front and center. Instead of your mind being like the pond filled with ripples caused by the pebble someone carelessly threw in, it remains like a silent pool reflecting clearly what is there.

35456076_sRemaining undisturbed in emotion means calmness is free to remain in the foreground. Instead of your emotions coloring what is unfolding with the demands of love and hate, they remain free to stay in balance.

This balance allows what wants to arise from within you to emerge.

This is that inner guidance that can only be seen, heard, and felt when the mind and emotions are not leading the charge for change.

Together, contentment and action bring a powerful duo to the challenge of change. One enters with an open hand, ready to meet and explore what’s unfolding, now and into the future, with an open mind and an open heart.

And the other enters with a sword ready to cut through any confusion and unawareness that needs to be removed, holding no room for nonsense, blame, or the machinations of manipulation.

So if you’re upset by the world’s seeming madness, learning to calm the mind and emotions can be quite helpful.

And if you’ve checked out of the world because of its seeming madness, it would be wise to learn how true contentment includes the strange magnetic pull to give back to your fellow man/woman and your community.

Distance and engagement can find their perfect balance and in this way your peaceful warrior can be born.

To see my newest little Slide Share Presentation – 5 Tips For ContentmentCLICK HERE and enjoy.

May you discover the delightful balance of remaining undisturbed by life and yet being fully engaged in its daily dance of change and uncertainty.

Much Love,