How To Use Controlled Opposition To Inspire Action In Yourself And Others

Do you know how to use controlled opposition to inspire action in yourself and others?  The top leadership skill is the ability to inspire others to buy into your vision of what's possible.  Inspiration is [...]

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Practical Wisdom For Leaders – 3 Essential Pieces

What are the 3 essential pieces of practical wisdom for leaders? Before I answer that question, let me say that today, everyone is potentially a leader. Don't count yourself out if you haven't claimed this [...]

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Unconscious Judgement Taking Over? Invite Understanding to Your Mind

Are you experiencing any of the following unpleasant symptoms of being human? Being convinced you're right and the other person is wrong? Discovering there is no more room inside you for discussion or dialogue and [...]

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Want to Simplify the Complexity of Your Life? There is a Proven Way

Our human experience is complex. To handle that complexity, you'll often find yourself striving to just make it simple; to end the uncomfortableness of the frustration, the uncertainty, the ambiguity, and the fear. You probably [...]

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