“…Continues in the lineage of Rumi and Hafiz…”

The Jewels Of Here And Now: Awe, Reverence, and Ever Deepening Gratitude is a beautiful complement to Ragini’s earlier book, The Wildly Quiet Presence Of God: Musings Of A Modern Marketplace Mystic.

The Jewels Of Here And Now offers an inspiring way to restore your emotional balance amidst the chaos and turbulence of our ever-changing digital age. As the stress of modern life increases, our desire for relief, sanity, and balance is growing exponentially.

These 48 new offerings are sure to satisfy those longing to savor once again a taste of Divine beauty or catch a glimpse of the sweet courage and faith that rests within us all.

It seems these longings are chomping at the bit these days – ready to jump into action in the only place they can – the Here and Now.  When feeling a bit lost, this book can help us find our way back to the moment once again.

Simple, profound, and humorous musings are paired with lovely color images to comprise a total of 48 insightful reflections.

A stunning color photograph accompanies each poem that often provided the inspiration for the words that ultimately arose.  Although all of the images were available without attribution or cost, Ragini includes Photo Credits to honor the unselfishness and creativity of each artist, as well as the way to contact them if the reader so desires.

A Lovely Gift

This newest offering makes an excellent gift book for a family member or friend. Or, keep it just for your own enjoyment.  Ragini’s musings are easy and quick to read, and the book itself is beautiful enough to garner that lovely resting spot on your living room coffee table.

Or, if you prefer, place it by your bed for a quick glimpse of calming inspiration before you go to sleep. Or, reach for it when you awaken in the morning to help you prepare to greet the ‘here and now’ throughout your day.

The Jewels Of Here And Now is beautifully designed and written and will resonate with anyone familiar with the joys and struggles of their own desire to leave the past and future behind and snuggle in for a bit of rest and peace in the amazing Here and Now.

How These Books Began

Twelve years ago Ragini began creating a calendar for her friends, family, and students enrolled in her Wisdom School for Paradoxical Living.  She created and ran this private training institute in Seattle, Washington from 2000 to 2010.  The calendar originally offered poems from the mystics being studied in the Wisdom School.  But eventually, at the request of others, she began to offer her own writing. These were comprised of an original musing for each month plus a lovely photograph. After accumulating over 100 of these contemplations in the form of poetic prose, she was asked to put them into a book.

The Jewels Of Here And Now is her second effort to eventually make all of the now 144 musings available in book form. Every musing surfaced from Ragini’s contemplation on the mystery and wonder of some aspect of ordinary life.  In The Jewels Of Here And Now, they are offered to the reader via four sections, each carrying a specific theme and comprised of 12 musings:

  • Whispers Of Joy
  • In Plain Sight
  • Glimpses of Grandeur
  • The Gifts Of Letting Go


“. . .  In this time and age, we need the tenderness combined with sharpness of mind which Ragini once again generously pours into her newest little book. . . .”
—Christian Palocz, Ph.D., author of Tibet And The World: The Tibetan-Chinese Conflict From A Non-Dual Perspective

“As I wind my way through the snags of personality for a taste of the Divine, Ragini reminds me (to paraphrase her poem) that just like a budding flower, I am perfectly formed before I unfurl. The Jewels Of Here And Now offer sweet gifts to remember.”
—Sondra Kornblatt—Author, Restful Insomnia, Brain Fitness For Women, and A Better Brain At Any Age


“The images are gorgeous. The poetry profound in its simplicity. And the surprises, humor and insights are superb. A joyful contemplation of Nature and its lessons for us as we explore our humanity/divinity. “
—Nadine ShantiComposer, Performer, & Music Teacher


“If you are like me, what will move you most about this work is the plain talking, fun and vulnerable tone, along with the way Ragini conveys her deep reflections so effortlessly and unselfconsciously. . . . .”
—Gideon RosenblattWriter, The Vital Edge

“Ragini’s depth of understanding of the innate polarizing tendency in the human mind has long been a source of wisdom and guidance on my path. So I am delighted to find it weaving its way through these poems, lightly and humorously, with a subtlety that opens the heart and mind without effort.”
—Nirved WilsonPsychotherapist, Edinburgh, Scotland

“When I’m in nature, I experience something beyond mere observation. In The Jewels of Here And Now, Ragini once again puts into words and images what that something is.”
—Ben Hodge—Retired Executive Director, Arts Organization, Chicago

“It’s always a privilege to wander with Ragini through delightful moments of reflection on the human/Divine condition. Her musings are sometimes piercing, sometimes warm and soft, and always surprising.”
—Basira K. Johnson—Librarian and Technology Specialist

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What’s The Next Step?

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image of Ragini Smiling half in shadow and half in lightA Note From Ragini

If you are a fellow traveler, following your desire to meet with your deepest identity, usually called soul, I hope this little book is of some value and support. And if our travel together ends here, I thank you for your visit to this page and wish you a safe outer and inner journey.

May you enjoy your travels, and continue to trust in the possibility that each of us can truly find and set up housekeeping amidst the jewels of the amazing Here and Now.

With Love,