Dear Fellow Traveler

Whispers Of Joy

1.   Delicate Flower
2.   When A Flower’s Beauty
3.   Too Many Insights
4.   When The Sun Shines So Brightly
5.   When My Eye Catches A Bird
6.   I Used To Have A Bad Attitude
7.   Every Once In A While
8.   Once I Learned To Not Be So Afraid
9.   Winter Captures A Shimmering Image
10. There Is A Rightness In This Design
11.  We Grumble At Transition’s Annoying Presence
12. An Indiscriminate Eye Is Blind

In Plain Sight

1.   The Heron’s Magnificence
2.   Sometimes What’s In Plain Sight
3.   Elegance
4.   What Seems Messy At First Glance
5.   Every Day At Least Once Or Twice
6.   My Longing To Be Still
7.   When I Simply Refuse
8.   The Bud & The Blossom
9.   It’s Clear No Two Yellow Peppers
10. Not Paying Attention
11.  Outer Reflections, Without Apology
12.  My Eyes Love Anything

Glimpses Of Grandeur

1.   How Does Nature Do It?
2.   When Life Creates Such Intricate Beauty
3.   The Waterfall Demands
4.   When I Lose Sight Of Life’s Magic
5.   In The Outer World, Speed Is King
6.   Earnestly Contemplating A Rose
7.   Ever Notice How
8.   What Must It Be Like
9.   My Passion Doesn’t Emerge Symmetrically
10. Ever Contemplated The Notion?
11.  Sometimes When I Lose My Grounding
12.  I Cried Loud & Long

The Gifts Of Letting Go

1.   I Was Taught Life Is A Very Serious Affair
2.   When I Let Go Of Fear
3.   Sometimes I Get Focused On Why
4.  No Matter How Hard I Hold On
5.   Lust & Greed Have Always Been
6.   It’s Hard To Embrace The Idea
7.   I’ve Worked Hard
8.   I Don’t Believe An Acorn
9.   When Pain Stabs At My Heart
10. I Enjoy A Little Adventure
11.  Calendars Aside
12.  This Life Is Definitely Juicy

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Here’s A Peek From Part One: Whispers Of Joy

When My Eye Catches A Bird

When my eye catches a bird
Resting its entire body on the
Highest and skinniest limb of a tree,

I am struck with awe— 
And an odd shiver of joy.

The next time I’m out on a limb,
I’m going to remember that bird— 

And trust my capacity for equanimity
Will leap forth
And keep me balanced too.


A Second Glimpse From Part Three: Glimpses Of Grandeur

When Life Creates Such Intricate Beauty

When life creates such intricate beauty—
So tiny and hidden deep inside
The heart of a flower— 

Couldn’t it also have created the
Same magnificence within me?

If you want to know if all this
Spiritual talk is just a lot of falderal— 

It’s a question worth
Contemplating quite seriously,
Don’t you think?

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