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“I’ve always felt the pull to walk in the woods and by lakes and streams, not only because I enjoy the solitude and the opportunity to observe plant and animal life, but also because I almost always experience something far beyond mere observation. The Wildly Quiet Presence Of God: Musings Of A Modern Marketplace Mystic puts into words and images what that something is. And it does it with great beauty, simplicity, directness, and profoundness. Also, these poetic prose reflections remind me happily of the work of Emily Dickinson, which for me is high praise indeed. The book is a true treasure.”
Ben Hodge, Retired Executive Director of Arts Organizations, Chicago


Sweet Humor And Gracious Awe

“In The Wildly Quiet Presence Of God: Musings Of A Modern Marketplace Mystic, Ragini Michaels leaves behind the penetrating intellect and conceptual delight so present in her previous three books. Instead, with sweet humor and a gracious sense of awe, she leads us into the private longings of a heart and soul, both out to catch a glimpse of what hides behind the mysteries of life.”
Emily  Christensen, Educator, Counselor, & Mom


Precious Little Jewel

“Congratulations to Ragini for “coming out” and gifting us with this precious little jewel! So beloved reader, I suggest you sit down, have a cup of tea, and create the space to be embraced by the poetic musings of a fellow traveler. If you’re like me, you’ll be glad you did!”
Osho News Book Lists – Suryo Gardner, MA.


Dares To Venture Inward

“I see this book as Ragini’s coming out party, clearly positing her debut, without apology, as an emerging modern day mystic. Leaving the cloistered monasteries of the past behind, she dares to venture inward into the mysteries of Divine Love while living in the fast-paced, chaotic madness of our outer world.”
Kelly March, Senior Mechanic


What’s Inside

IMG_20150314_185757“As with all of Ragini’s work, the power of perceiving paradox and polarities is woven throughout, especially in Chapter Two, Courting Contradictions.

If you’ve ever been caught in the desire to come closer to your beloved and simultaneously, feel you want to push them away, you’ll relate to Please Come Close To Me.

And Being In The Spotlight highlights the powerful dilemma of wanting to be recognized and seen while simultaneously wanting to hide.

Chapter One opens with many of her personal Confessions. Chapter Three honors the power of perceiving life as Gestures of the Divine. And the final section, entitled Slivers of Truth, honors the beauty and power and difficulty of surrendering to ‘what is’.”
Basira, Retired Librarian


Sweet Guidance For Travelers Of The Middle Way

“The Wildly Quiet Presence of God can lift the reader up into the pureness of their own heart through its offering of that profound sweetness so often found in the poetry of Hafiz or Rumi.  Diving into these poetic musings, coming from the heart of one who knows the subtle yet powerful dance of opposites, can truly help those of us dedicated to living the ‘middle way’ with joy and totality. Whether your challenge rests in choosing courage over fear, love over hate, forgiveness over anger, or faith over doubt, the mystic’s point of view, so beautifully demonstrated here, can help us find that ‘middle way’ with greater ease and confidence.”
Sonya Carson, Head Hunter


A Masterful Guide

"It is a remarkable thing to truly realize and embrace the positive along with the negative. Ragini Elizabeth Michaels is a 20140507_201631masterful guide with her poetic writings in The Wildly Quiet Presence Of God.

I find such joy in her overlapping of ideas and concepts that reinforce this necessary balance. That being said, the energy which pervades the writings within The Wildly Quiet Presence of God run parallel and in line with my daily reflections spent on my ever-growing personal faith; learning to trust and embrace all that is experienced through God in this lifetime, to truly ready for the next chapter.

Each time I open this book to a new musing, I am stopped in my tracks with the clarity that Ragini Michaels uses with her precision of words, each group reaching straight into my heart. Truly lovely. This book is a gift to be treasured!"
Suzie Q. - Posted 7-25-2015 @ Amazon.com


In The Lineage Of Rumi and Hafiz

“These beautiful musings are lovely, intimate glimpses into the personal and insightful revelations that reflect a torrid 20140226_134448love affair with the Divine. Carrying on the lineage of Rumi and Hafiz, Ragini gracefully expresses the profundities of paradox. Poetic prose transports the reader into transcendent realms while vibrant imagery grounds the miraculous into the seemingly mundane.”

Sunny Massad, PhD., author of UnTherapy: A Positive Psychology
For Enlightened Living


From The Divine Heart To Yours

The Wildly Quiet Presence of God offer whispers from the Divine Heart to yours. The musings of this modern-day mystic open the part of you that is Beauty, Love, and Being. Each poem and image is unique but wonderfully complementary and visually exquisite. What a rare treat from a fellow traveler!”

Jay Schlechter, PhD., Author of Reminders of Love


Tenderness Combined With Sharpness Of MindIMG_20150515_193357

“. . . The musings within The Wildly Quiet Presence Of God are simple and sincere. And also deep and profound. With Ragini, one cannot get away from her love of dancing with polarities . . . In this time and age, we need the tenderness combined with the sharpness of mind which Ragini generously pours into this little book. . . .”

Christian Palocz, author of Tibet And The World:
The Tibetan-Chinese Conflict From A Non-Dual Perspective


If you are a fellow adventurer, you will resonate and harmonize with the words and images inside this beautiful book.

You'll Want This In Your Library

There are 40 musings, each paired with a lovely color photograph. These images succeed in capturing the feel of the poem while freeing the intent of the words, if you'll allow it, to reach inside and touch your heart and spirit.

If you are traveling the road of spiritual inquiry, exploring meditation, contemplation, and the multitude of spiritual and personal growth guidance currently available, you will definitely want to add this inspiring little book to your library – especially on the days you still feel a bit lost and doubtful of your capacity to stay on course.

Ragini’s musings offer us solace, comfort, and support for our attempts at mindful, conscious living - both the successes and the failures. They will help you relax into the necessary confusions and doubts that guide our discovery of the scent of Divine Love behind it all.

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