The Coaching Homework Cookbook

14 Recipes
For Coaching Homework
With A Sprinkle Of Mindfulness
And A Pinch Of Presence

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Hi! I’m Ragini Michaels. Thanks for checking out my FREE E- book Your Coaching Homework Cookbook. 


Maybe you’ve never thought of creating homework as a skill. Maybe you just see it as a burden you’re not inspired to pay attention to. Or you might feel it’s just silly and not worth the time because no one does it anyway.  Either way, an opportunity may be passing you by.


Here’s the thing.  Homework without a clear purpose may sound good & look passable.  But even the seemingly best homework often fails to catch the interest of your specific client.


Great homework is custom designed to engage your client
so they actually Do it.


This requires skill. That’s why I’m sharing the specific ingredients that can transform so-so homework into great homework – and without a lot of time or effort. You just have to follow my specific recipe.


In addition, I’ve included 14 ‘done for you’ homework assignments. Use them as they are, or tweak to your heart’s delight.


Skill should never be underestimated as one of the top components of success.  


Skill not only generates competence and confidence,
it delivers satisfaction professionally, personally, and financially.



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Save Time Using My Easy To Follow Recipe
Custom Design Your Own Coaching Homework


Clients often want something to DO in between your meetings. If you find creating homework troublesome or even dislike the idea, The Coaching Homework Cookbook offers a practical solution. 


  • 14 ‘Done For You’ Homework Assignments You Can Use As Is – Or Tweak To Your Heart’s Content
  • The Definitive Recipe For Creating Powerful Homework Focused On Outer Investigation or Inner Reflection
  • The 4 ‘Must Have’ Ingredients To Custom Design Your Homework To Perfectly Fit Your Client
  • Guidance For How To Set A Powerful Frame Around Your Assignment & Why It’s Needed

Get Creative & Cook Up Your Signature Style


Clients Love To Feel
They’re Special (Which They Are)


Make YOUR Homework Assignments Something They’ll Love Talking About To
Friends And Family

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The skills I’m sharing in The Coaching Homework Cookbook and at have allowed me to run my private practice for over 40 years now – without spending even a dollar advertising for clients – and – amazingly enough, without taking insurance either!


My experience has proven that having more happy and satisfied clients only results in more great referrals. And to my delight, more great referrals generates more dollars to grow that very necessary bank account.


So what caused this result to emerge? More than anything else, I’d have to say it was  ‘SKILL’.  


Helping others is not about who you know or what you know. Rather it’s about how well you’ve done 3 things:


  1. Gathered the basic information essential to your profession

  2. Transformed that information into personal knowledge

  3. Sculpted your personal knowledge into exquisite personal skill


I’d love to be a part of your ongoing commitment to excellence. You can get started now. Just fill in your information below and pick up your FREE E-Book The Coaching Homework Cookbook today!


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