Front“…In the lineage of Rumi and Hafiz…”

Each year, from 2005 to 2015, Ragini created a calendar for her students and friends with little poems and beautiful photographs.

The Wildly Quiet Presence of God: Musings Of A Modern Marketplace Mystic offers 40 of these musings, each paired with a beautiful image that highlights the content of the poem.

These poems provoke both contemplation and inspiration, powerful bedfellows to curl up with before drifting off to sleep at night, or to awaken to in the morning.

This striking little book is lovely to look at resting quietly on the nightstand by your bed, or inviting a quick peruse as it offers up its wisdom from the coffee table.

It is beautifully designed and written and will resonate with anyone familiar with the joys and struggles of their own love affair with the Divine.

Challenging Beliefs We Meet Along The Way

As we each travel our personal, professional, and spiritual journeys, we have all cried and laughed at our frustrations, impatience, and doubts. And, if you are like Ragini, you have also suffered the throes of depression, longed for more exquisite tastes of a promised bliss, and searched, often quite desperately, for the serenity a conscious life says it offers.

Our modern marketplace mystic shares her fears and longings inherent in the search for a spiritual life beyond the personal and professional.  She honors the beauty of the expedition, and its challenges to learning, letting go, and navigating a dimension of reality that stretches the imagination far beyond its limits of comfort.

So, if you have ever fallen into the belief you’re not doing your journey right, doing it too slow, or are just not capable of ever reaching the cherished goal of Truth, Love, and Freedom, these musings are from Ragini’s heart to yours. May they bring you a laugh or a smile, or a simple reminder that this wildly quiet Presence is truly real, within your reach, and worth believing in with every fiber of your being.




“Lovely intimate glimpses into the personal and insightful revelations reflecting a torrid love affair with the Divine . . . Ragini gracefully expresses the profundities of paradox.  With poetic prose, she transports you into transcendent realms where vibrant imagery grounds the miraculous into the seemingly mundane.”

—Sunny Massad, Ph.D., author of Untherapy: A Positive Psychology For Enlightened Living

Whispers from the Divine heart to yours . . . The musings of this modern day mystic open the part of you that is beauty, love, and being . . . Each poem and image is unique but wonderfully complementary.  The Wildly Quiet Presence of God is visually exquisite.  What a rare treat!”

—Jay Schlechter, Ph.D, author of Reminders of Love, and Chasing Bliss.

“. . . These musings are simple and sincere. And also deep and profound. With Ragini, one cannot get away from her love of dancing with polarities . . . In this time and age, we need the tenderness combined with the sharpness of mind which Ragini generously pours into this little book. . . .”

—Christian Palocz, author of Tibet And The World: The Tibetan-Chinese Conflict From A Non-Dual Perspective

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What’s The Next Step?

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A Note From Ragini

If you are a fellow traveler, following your desire to meet with your deepest identity, usually called soul, I hope this little book is of some value and support. And if our travel together ends here, I thank you for your visit to this page and wish you a safe journey home.

May you enjoy your travels, and continue to trust in the possibility that each of us can truly find that wildly quiet presence of God residing deep inside our very own being.

With Love,