Centered 24-7 was previously known as Facticity®

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Discovering this work was a radical re-orientation for me personally.  The dark areas of my life that had once seemed so bad, have simply become ‘the way it is’ and not much of a relevant statement about me and who I am.” Kirk VandenBerghe,, Seattle, WA

“Facticity (Centerd 24-7) is an excellent synthesis of my work as a psychotherapist and my own spiritual journey. It puts the spiritual into your behavior. I received much more than I expected.“ — Karen Jackson-Forbes, Therapist, HBLU Trainer, Seattle, WA

“This tool is terrific and incredibly valuable. It’s too easy to read a book, hear a speech, or see a video, and think I have a new skill when I don’t! Having a tool that gives my clients a neuro-physiological map of handling paradox is invaluable!” — Caryl Macleod, Managing Director, Cronos Consulting, Australia

“Very clear recipe for change. It works! Easy to track and to do!” — John Stacey, Ph.D., Psychologist, Eugene, OR

“The Centered 24-7 Six Step Process is genius – 35 years of work presented in a stimulating, nourishing, & understandable way.”Jay Schlechter, Ph.D., Psychologist, Seattle

“This work you have developed in invaluable! Of all the workshops I’ve attended, this seminar has by far been the most useful!” — Lorie Dwinell, ACSW, Therapist, Seattle

“I am stunned at the insights and changes possible using this approach both on an individual, therapeutic, and organizational basis! This is one of those rare experiences that integrates cognitive, emotional, and behavioral change.” — Steve Baily, Consulting Psychiatrist, AustraliaBlue Door Set In Grey Wall

“I first met Ragini when I was desperately seeking someone to help me explain Systems Theory in easy to understand terms. She readily did that and then gave me so much more! She literally transformed how I see the world by showing me, over coffee, a ‘Big Systems’ perspective that clarified many of the dilemmas I had found ‘irresolvable’ in my life and which I had constantly seen played out in organizations.” — Greg Welch, Organizational Development Consultant, Seattle

“Centered 24-7 uses the mind to optimize the functions of the mind occurring anyway! It opened me up to a deeper understanding of what it means to just be myself.” — Joseph Vidmar, Ph.D., Psychologist/Professor, Louisiana

“Centered 24-7 is the fast track to an enlightened mind.”  Dr. Judith Swack, Healing From The Body Level Up, Needham, MA.

“Breathes life into the concept of self-acceptance at every level. Allows a blossoming of relaxation with the way things actually are – moment to moment.” — Maybel King, MA, CQSW, Edinburgh, Scotland

“Centered 24-7 is as rich and deep as any framework I know. A simple and elegant process to help people move from an either/or position to a both/and position. Ragini is both a dynamic and very grounded teacher and facilitator and able to convey theory and practice with simple grace. I recommend her and Facticity unconditionally.” — Dr. Andrew Hahn, founder of Guided Self-Healing, Lexington, MA

“Clear, precise and inspiring! Very practical wisdom that can be applied to the here and now of my daily life and professional life!” — Suryo Gardner, Psychotherapy & Energetic Healing, Seattle

The Centered 24-7 Six-Step Process is like a piece of really good art – pretty simple but timeless…I believe you have what John Nash was looking for in the movie, “A Beautiful Mind”—and that’s an original idea. So to you I say—Congratulations! Very impressive and deeply powerful!” — Erik Frye, cmc, Partner, One Accord, Seattle