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1. When I Am Still
2. I Do Realize
3. When The Formless Decided
4. I Keep Catching Glimpses
5. I Didn’t Know You Were Going To Join Me
6. All Things Are Just Waiting To Be Used
7. I’m Trying To Remember
8. No Matter The Number
9. Every Day At Least Once Or Twice
10. It’s Captivating

Courting Contradictions

1. I Really Love How Darkness
2. Please Come Close To Me
3. In The Summer I Love To Seek
4. It’s Too Bad
5. It Hasn’t Escaped My Notice
6. Acceptance Keeps Dressing Up As Love
7. Being In The Spotlight
8. We Inhabit Two Worlds
9. Wayward Rocks Strewn Haphazardly
10. All My Fellow Mystics

Gestures Of The Divine

1. The Amazing Precision
2. When Joy Appears To Be Eluding Me
3. I Think It Takes Courage
4. Like The Rest Of Nature
5. These Days Clarity Emerges
6. There Is A Precise Instant When Ripeness Arises
7. There Is Something So Sweet
8. It Seems The Rain Drops Congregate
9. Letting Go Of Anything
10. It Is Beauty’s Brush Strokes

Slivers Of Truth

1. I Love Those Days I Wake Up Full
2. The Beauty Of Nature’s Patterns
3. Last Night I Was So Drenched In Longing
4. I Awoke This Morning And Remembered
5. I Love Snow’s Silence Plummeting Down
6. Make Impermanence Your Friend
7. Embrace Your Discontent
8. Life’s Theatrics Are Quite Enlivening
9. Faith Is The Rumble Of Trust & Doubt
10. Beyond The Corridors Of Mind

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Here’s A Peek From Chapter One: Confessions

When I Am Still


When I am still
And hear the snow falling
And notice moon’s shadows glistening on white,

I feel the company
Of a silent Presence
Holding my hand.

Then … I’m so glad
I listened to my
Ridiculous desire to
Believe in the unbelievable.

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A Second Glimpse From Chapter Three: Gestures Of The Divine

I Think It Takes Courage


I think it takes courage
to venture into the dark.

So I make certain
I always take a bit of light with me.

I am grateful
for each small flicker
of illumination.

When I can see through my fear,
I am awed
by what
the shadows
are willing to
tell me.

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