Welcome To The Overview Of Your

Paradox Management Certification Training – Part II

This is your Overview of The Paradox Management Certification Program Part II – Becoming A Specialist In Mystic Psychology.

In Part 1, you explored the Facticity 6-Step Process from the inside. In Part II, you are going to learn all the skills you need to elegantly, effectively, and efficiently utilize this tool for your clients, whether you work with individuals, couples, or teams in business or leadership development programs.

Part II is an 8-week training with links to each of the following 7 Modules below. Weeks 7 and 8 focus on review, and testing.

long spiral staircase with red carpet in a modern building

To be granted your certification, you must pass your oral exam plus give a LIVE demonstration of the Facticity 6-Step Process with a client of your own.

To access a particular Module, you will click on the link  – and watch full screen by clicking on the lower right hand corner of each video.

Each Module will go LIVE on the day it gets sent out to you.  Then it will stay LIVE for the rest of the training.  That means, you can go back at any time, at your convenience, and revisit any module that’s already been posted.

You may also download Slides Only, and Audio Only for all the Modules so that you have them permanently.

Be sure you have completed each module before you have your private call with Ragini.

Module One: The Art & Science Of Facticity

Paradox Management As A New World View
Thinking From The Next Level Up
What Is Facticity?
The Role Of Conscious Evolution & Co-Creation In The New World Viewspiral staircase from below, looking up to the light
The Dynamics Of Polarity Thinking
Beyond Polarities – Or – The Larger Creative System
The Direction Filter – The Problem & The Solution




Module Two: Embodying The New World View

Being The Most Excellent Facilitator You Can Be
  • Presuppositions Essential To Embracing This New World View
  • Respecting Your Client’s Existing World View
  • Honoring Your Client’s Personal Ecology Materially & Spiritually
  • The Value & Art Of Leading Your Client Toward The New World View
  • The Pitfalls Of Trying To Convince Your Client Of The New World View’s Value 




Module Three: The Landscape Of Your New Skills

Creating Behavioral Change
spiral stiarcase istock
  • The Unique Skills Required To Create Acceptance Of A New World View
  • The Essentials Of Behavioral Change That Will Stick
  • Journeying Through The Dirty Dozen Dilemmas Of Daily Life
  • Recap Of The Direction Filter – The Problem AND The Solution
  • Analogy & Truism-Based Metaphor – Storytelling The Changing Truths Of Our Times




Module Four: Unearthing Your Client’s Map Of Their Problem

Digging Deep For The Foundation Of The Client’s Current World View
  • Guidelines To Identify The Presuppositions At The Root Of The Problem
  • Guidelines To Identify The Polar Pairs At The Root Of The Dilemma
  • Recognizing When Unresolvable Dilemmas Are At Play
  • Guidelines For Naming The Interdependent Polar Pairs


Upside view into the spiral of a lighthouse in France


Module Five: The Challenging Blocks In The Road

Tools To Answer Objections, Concerns & Resistance
  • ‘No!’ To The Interdependence Of Polar Pairs
  • ‘No!’ To The Inevitability Of Weaknesses
  • When Polarity Blindness Becomes The Client’s Truth
  • How Collapsing & Deleting Levels Of Reality Creates Dis-empowerment




Module Six: When Paradox Management Becomes Your Essential Tool

When Is It Time For A New World View
  • The Conditions That Call For A New Way Of Perceiving Reality
  • Steps For Working With An Individual
  • Steps For Working With A Couple
  • Steps For Working In Business


looking up into a large spiral staircase.

Module Seven: Time To Find Out What You’ve Learned & Made Your Own

Practice, Practice, Practice
  • Exploring Your Conscious Learning Of The 6-Steps
  • Exploring Your Rapport Skill & Verbal Skill
  • Facilitating A Client Through The 6-Step Process