Welcome To Your Paradox Management Certification Training
Part I – The Genius Of Mystic Psychology

This is your Overview of The Paradox Management Certification Program Part I – The Genius Of Mystic Psychology.

In this portion of the training, you are going to learn the tool to access this genius within yourself.  The tool is called the Facticity 6-Step Process. The best way to use a tool is to have explored its value personally – and this is what these 8 weeks will provide for you.

This is an 8-week on-line training with links to each of the following 8 Modules below.  To access a particular Module, clickspiral staircase flickr irina kostenko on the link  – and feel free to watch on full screen.

Each Module will go LIVE on the day it gets sent out to you.  Then it will stay LIVE for the rest of the training.  That means, you can go back at any time, at your convenience, and revisit any module that’s already been posted.

You may also download Slides Only and Audio Only for all the Modules so that you have them permanently.

Be sure you have completed each module before you have your private call with Ragini.


Cracking The Code Of Human Happiness:

  • Your Map Of The Psychology Of The Mystics
  • Impermanence – The Fundamental Key To Enjoying The Journey
  • Opposites – The Wisdom The Key Unlocks
  • Becoming Aware of Opposites – How They Permeate Daily Life & Decision Making
  • Recognizing Dilemmas As The Law of Polarity In Action
  • Distinguishing The Fixable Dilemma  From The Kind That Can Never Be Resolved 
  • The Value & Importance Of Embracing Opposites 
  • The Joy of Living With Paradox (Rather Than Fighting It) 

Step ONE

Mapping Your Way Out Of Being Stuck & Confused Without Effortspiral staircase descent hong kong

  • Choosing The Dilemma & The Situation Where It’s A Problem
  • Choosing The Polar Opposites At The Root Of The Trouble
  • The Power Of The Infinity Loop
  • Mapping Out Your Dilemma
  • Identifying Landmarks & Roadside Attractions 

Step Two:

Going With ‘The Flow’ As It Unfolds

  • Directionality – The 1st Defining Characteristic
  • The Paradoxical Forces That Drive The Flow – The 2nd Defining Characteristic
  • How These Drives Effect Your Decision-Making
  • The Intimate Role Of Life’s Flow With Your Dilemmas 

Step Three: 

Exactly What The Genius Of Mystic Psychology Has For You

  • Enlightening Mystical Perspectives That Reveal Why The Flow-Of-Life Works The Way It Does 
  • The Significance of your role within the flow of life
  • Purpose & meaning from the perspective of the larger whole

Step Four: 

Comfort And Ease

  • Where To Find Your Obstacles, Blocks & Resistancesspiral staircase flickr.com 3
  • How to easily and quickly identify what they are
  • Understanding why they’re there

Step Five: 

Three Simple Mystical Perspectives

  • Three Mystical Viewpoints That Free You To Move On
  • Why It Works To Change How You Feel & Perceive
  • How It Works To Shift Your Unconscious Mind’s Perception
  • Clearing Your Interference

Step Six:

Now! Into Your Brain For Lasting Change

  • Installing Your New-Found Insights & Wisdom Into Your Brain     
  • Establishing Your Base Line
  • Physically Walking Infinity
  • Testing For Your Change


Conclusion: spiral stiarcase istock

How To Keep Your Wisdom & Mindfulness Alive & Well From 9 to 5

  • Ways to keep expanding your awareness of opposites, dilemmas,
    and paradox as they appear in daily life,
  • How to support the infusion of your new wisdom into your work
    life, home life, and the privacy of your mind.