PART ONE OF THREERagini and CJ Liu have shared many a lively conversation on the Fire It Up With CJ radio show. They dedicate their dynamic interactions to all of the emerging Marketplace Mystics determined to awaken to a more conscious, mindful, and loving way of living amidst an “ordinary life” brimming with our most challenging problems. Enjoy.

untitled-34 (small blue photo)CJ is a brilliant, heart-felt adventurer who loves to dive deep into the practical applications of just about every new age healing practice and spiritual guidance available in the spiritual marketplace – from Tarot and Angels to Joseph Goldstein and Deepak Chopra. Her inquiries demand useful guidelines for ‘how’ to live a balanced, whole, and more conscious life alive with heart and soul while maintaining a career, family, and personal time to care for yourself.
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Ragini, moved by the same passion for over 40 years, focuses her considerable expertise in surfing the psychological/spiritual interface on ‘how’ to navigate the everyday dilemmas and stressors of modern life from the mystical perspectives and the practical wisdom it offers. (Read More…)

Interweaving humor and depth, Ragini and CJ offer a delightful journey through a range of relevant day-to-day topics.  Their style is marked by concrete guidance for managing some of the most mundane yet time-consuming issues of our daily lives.

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This show was recorded as part of a world-wide webcast called The One Event held in Seattle, Washington, July 9, 2009 in memory of 9-11.  How do we make the journey from fear to love? What stops our movement away from fear? What supports our movement toward Love.  Possible answers are discussed in Part Two and Three of this series of shows: Part Two: Obstacles to Self-Love and Part Three: Invitations to Self-Love.

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CLICK HERE to listen to Part Two of Moving From Fear To Love Obstacles To Self-Love –  6 shows speaking to the issues of Anger, Perfectionism, Jealousy, Envy, & Greed, Guilt & Shame, and Fear through the lens of practical wisdom and mystic psychology.

CLICK HERE to listen to Part Three of Moving From Fear To Love Invitations To Self-Love 7 shows speaking to the experiences of Self-Love, Gratitude, Sympathetic Joy, Forgiveness, Generosity, Compassion, Faith, and Courage –  again through the lens of practical wisdom and mystic psychology.