“The Jewels of Here and Now inspires readers to examine their own reflection of this journey called life. Readers can consider it as a companion manual to their own expedition, regardless of what phase they’re experiencing or contemplations they’re weighing.”
— Kirk Vandenberg, Positive Projections, Originator of GEN


Intimate Guidance

“I hadn’t realized
The here and now was such
A personal creation.”

—from “Outer Reflections, Without Apology” from The Jewels of Here and Now

“…Highly personal and an intimate guidance that readers will appreciate and (hopefully) feel inspired by…The Jewels Of Here And Now … offers an endless spectrum of perspective. And author Ragini Michaels has compiled many of these perspectives — assembled as verses or poems — in her new book….”
–Review By Erin Legg, Complete review at, April 1, 2018 Issue


Continuing The Lineage Of Rumi and Hafiz

“Yet again, Ragini’s poetic prose and lively imagery grounds the miracles of life into the seemingly mundane”

–Sunny Massad, PhD., author of UnTherapy: A Positive  PsychologyFor Enlightened Living


A Lifesaver

“. . . This inspiring little book will be a lifesaver on the days you feel a bit lost and doubtful of your capacity to stay on course. . . .”

Suryo Linda Gardner, M.A.,
Energy Medicine Practitioner & Teacher


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