The Genius Of Mystic Psychology

Creating A Mindful & Happy Everyday Life

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‘The resistance to the unpleasant situation is the root of suffering.’

Ram Dass

‘You know quite well, deep within you, that there is only a single magic, a single power, a single salvation . . .  and that is called loving.  Well then, love your suffering.  Do not resist it, do not flee from it . . .
It is only your aversion to it that hurts, nothing else.’

Hermann Hesse


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Why You Should Stop Chasing Mindfulness & Happiness Forever…


Any surfer will tell you that you don’t chase after a wave. How can 9648854_sanyone tell the ocean what to do? It’s the surfing that matters. You put yourself in the right location, assume the correct posture, and find yourself balanced on the board and dialed completely into the moment …  feeling happy and free!

What if every morning, as you rolled out of bed, that feeling started for you?

Haven’t you noticed that chasing after joy or satisfaction or accomplishment, whether material or spiritual, is always fraught with an experience of their opposite – sadness, frustration, and failure? It’s annoying – and a bit of a paradox, isn’t it?

But I wonder.  Have your efforts to create only positive experience and avoid experiencing anything negative been successful? If you look closely, you can verify for yourself that’s what most of us are indeed trying to do. 

We seem to automatically race after life’s pleasures and scramble to avoid the unpleasant lows.  Most of us haven’t a clue that there’s another way to navigate these waves of pleasure and pain constantly rolling in and out of our lives.

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How The Genius Of Mystic Psychology Views This Unsavory Dilemma


Mystics see our lives unfolding within a sea of polar opposites.  They perceive these opposites as fundamental to our experience. If this is true, then how we relate to opposites in our daily lives become paramount.

The mystics offer an insight of great value – and this training is all about helping you learn how to embrace this insight and live it fully.  To paraphrase the words of Sengsten, 3rd Zen Patriarch in Verses On A Faith Mind:

‘When you set up what you like against what you dislike, you create the dis-ease of the mind….’


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With the help of my students (and both knowable and unknowable sources), I de-coded this mystical gem. Letting it guide your daily life decisions makes your body relax, your heart and soul jump for joy, and your mind say …

‘Why didn’t someone tell me this before?’

When you realize how pervasive, and inescapable, opposites and dilemmas actually are, you’ll want to learn the most efficient and effective way to navigate all the emotional and mental turmoil these tough little guys create.

With this simple ‘knack’ encoded into your brain so that it is automatic, you’ll be less harried,  more centered and accepting of the people and circumstances that meet you on your daily journey through this confusing and often frightening, and uncertain world.

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The Genius Of Mystic Psychology Shows You How To Navigate Your Mind’s Dis-ease In 6 Areas Of Life


♦ Relationship
♦ Power
♦ Success
♦ Happiness
♦ Purpose
♦ Faith



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 It Helps You Recognize & Manage
The Most Anxiety Producing Choices We Have To Make As Human Beings


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Remember the stress of being unable to make a decision?

Going back and forth between two options
again and again?

Ending up in ‘Decision Paralysis’ and feeling awful because you couldn’t choose between:



  • Filling your needs or your partners?
  • Trusting or doubting your heart?
  • Acting with courage or retreating in fear?
  • Succeeding at the expense of another or failing at your own expense?
  • Honoring your friend’s desire to be together or your own longing to be alone?
  • Observing or engaging?
  • Speaking or holding your tongue?

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All 6 Areas Of Daily Life Are Filled With Demanding & Stress Producing Decisions That Seem To End In Dissatisfaction – No Matter Which Way We Move


But There Is A Solution – A Way To Move
Beyond This Problem Before It Results In
Being Chained To Decision-Paralysis Or The Painful Imprisonment Of Second-Guessing



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The Solution?


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A Tiny Bit Of Wisdom Packed With A Powerful PUNCH!

And It Can Now Be Yours – If You Want It!


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  • This Genius De-Coded Is The Tool You Need To Resolve & Avoid The Anxiety of Those ‘Damned If You Do & Damned If You Don’t’ Conundrums So Intrinsic To Daily Living.
  • It Offers A Precise & Proven Way Out Of Feeling Trapped By What You Think Is A No-Win Situation Or Relationship – At Home, At Work, Or In The Privacy Of Your Own Mind
  • It’s A Map For How To Free Yourself From The Embarassing, Stressful, & Debiliating Effects Of The Chronic IndecisionThat Stalks Most Everyone In Our Modern Life Eating Up Your Time, Energy, & Money



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Here’s what you receive in this life changing On-Line Training …


  • 8 Modules – Delivered Complete With Downloads for Audio & Slide Presentations
  • An Incredible Video Textbook – 50+ Color, Professionally Creates Videos – 5 to 7 Per Module
  • 8 Actions Guides With Excercises For You TO DO Each Week To Keep You On Track & Make Sure You’re Learning
  • Two Powerful & Beautiful Hypnosis/Meditation Mp3 Downloads To Support These New Learnings At The Unconscious Level of Your Mind
  • A Treasure Trove Of Mystic Quotes & Guidelines Offered Through Vibrant Images, Heartfelt Poetry, & Obvious Grace In Lovely Downloadable PDF’s
  • 8 Powerful & Practical Mystical Guidelines & How To Use Them In Your Relationships – At Home & At Work


  • Unlimited Email Access To Ragini – Originator Of The Program – For 8 Weeks Giving You A Full Week To Study Each Module
  • Ragini’s Original NLP Process – 7 Simple Steps To Accessing Your Spiritual Guidance
  • Lifetime Access To The Mystic’s Wisdom: De-Coded Any Time You Wish At No Additional Charge
  • LIVE One Hour PRIVATE Session With Ragini To Be Scheduled At Your & Her Convenience
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Are You Ready To Explore These Golden Nuggets Of Wisdom?

After years of arduous effort, travel to the top of the mountain – all of the chanting and prostrating and practicing – successful graduates of traditional mystic schools come out with 2 things that they can certainly call their own:

  • They have re-wired their brain in a particular way
  • They address life’s predicaments differently.

Today, in this rather revolutionary on-line course, The Genius of Mystic Psychology has
distilled the essence12801304_s of these results into a simple 6-Step Process.

Integrating ancient wisdom and modern neuro-science, you will discover precisely how to:

  • influence the direction of your unconscious mind toward the choice of wisdom
  • harness the power of your brain’s ‘neuroplasticity’ to support this choice

The results free you to transform the genius of mystic psychology into your wisdom – and very practical wisdom it is! For her graduates, this practical wisdom represents:

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The Puzzle of Happiness:  Solved!


20852230_sTo do this you have to satisfy 2 powerful but conflicting inner drives that permate all 6 areas of daily life.  Nature gave us these drives long before we climbed down from the trees.

They are: the drive to change things vs. the drive to keep things as they are.

Both are rooted deep within you.  In fact, your survival depends on both of them.  But when you close the loop between these two opposing forces by following the process that Ragini created, BOTH drives are satisfied.  And the once disturbing conflict shifts into a beautiful harmony.

For a moment, you’re beyond the limits of your chattering mind – like the surfer balanced on his surfboard flying through the tube of a giant wave, or the young woman years ago whose encounter with a genuine mystic changed her life.

  • Imagine being more mindful, loving, and aware; feeling calm, present, and centered in the face of whatever life brings you.
  • Imagine being at peace with the world exactly as it is while paradoxically working to make it better.
  • Imagine your heart staying open, radiating love and compassion to everyone – whether you agree with them or not!

Read on and you’ll see how we’re prepared to guarantee your success in mastering this skill and the life changing benefits that come with it.[/text_block]

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Listen to these comments from several students in various walks of life.

See how The Genius Of Mystic Psychology (previously called The Mystic’s Wisdom: De-Coded)
changed their lives for the better!


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Specific, Skill-Based Training Resolves 149 Different Dilemmas


Become an expert at harmonizing and integrating the chaotic energy of life’s everyday predicaments.

By doing so you can expect to:

  • Bring more awareness and joy to your everyday life!14802329_s
  • Keep your spiritual values alive and well as you fully participate in the world.
  • Embrace life’s most troublesome challenges in a way that dissolves decision paralysis like magic.

In fact, in one of her many published books, Unflappable – 6-Steps To Staying Happy, Centered, & Peaceful No Matter What, Ragini has distinguished for you 149 different dilemmas in 6 categories.

Master a few of them by following the 6-Step Process she’s distilled and you’ll be on your way to handling life’s dilemmas in a new way, developing vigorous brain fitness, and experiencing a very special brand of happiness![/text_block]

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The Advantages Of Receiving The Genius Of Mystic Psychology In A Convenient On-Line Format


♥ Easy To Complete: The 8 Modules (delivered weekly) are composed of easy to
understand, fun, 13357754_sand professional video and audio, and very short readings – so it’s easy to complete all of the work in short sessions easily fitting the training into your busy life style.

♥ Direct Experience: You get to directly experience the powerful, heart opening effects of the course in the context of your daily life. There’s no driving off to class. Your daily life becomes your workshop.

♥ Accessible Support: Unlimited Email access to Ragini for a full 8 weeks, with a guarantee of her reply within 24-48 hours

♥ Go At Your Own Pace: Our on-line format allows you to go at your own speed, completing the sequence and getting the skill internalized in about 8 weeks – sooner if you really go for it – but there’s no need to rush.

♥ Powerful Shifts In Private: This is a ‘very’ powerful course that involves some strong emotion and various states of awareness. The on-line format lets you experience this in the privacy of your own home.


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What You Will Learn In The 8 Modules of
The Genius Of Mystic Psychology

Introduction: Cracking The Code for Relationship Happiness

• You’ll receive a clear definition of a mystic and get a good grasp of their      12175369_s
inner psychology and how it will help you find a new way to relate to yourself, others, and life’s most challenging situations and circumstances.

• Their ‘map’ is the one you want – and you’ll see why when you discover
the 7 ways of seeing the world shared by all mystics – and how it can change the way you participate in the relationships you hold dear.

• You’ll enjoy short, colorful exercises for your right brain; and a concise
written document for your left brain explaining the process that will introduce that new, 3rd choice into the everyday predicaments that are yours to fathom and navigate.

• You’ll distinguish all of the tools you’ll need to succeed.  And, not to worry.  All of the resources you’ll need, you already have with you.

• This Module contains 7 separate, professionally created videos.

Step One: Mapping Your Way Out Of Feeling Stuck And Confused – Without Effort

• Here you’ll see that your map of mystic psychology is your ticket to that special place where all those mind-boggling and heart rending dilemmas of relationship find a new way to exist within you.

• It will give you free entry and open the door to those deeper mystical understandings and insights that change the way you perceive your emotions and thoughts and those of your partner, friends, and co-workers.

• This Module will give you separation from any ‘inner tug-of-war’ by showing you a dynamic way to map out any dilemma on paper and begin to work with it following mystical guidelines.

• You’ll distinguish what you like and don’t like about each of the pair of options a dilemma presents to you.

• One small understanding will bring you massive relief – especially for the types of things you privately feel you ‘should have figured out’ by now.

• Through this exploration, you’ll find the bridge to that amazing space of quiet and calm waiting for you via this tiny bit of mystical wisdom becoming your own.

• And you’ll see that certain types of dilemmas and problems can’t be figured out and why this is very good news!

• This Module contains 8 separate, professionally created videos

Step Two: Going With ‘The Flow’ As It Unfolds

• This Module starts to open your own ‘Mystic Eye’ and help you begin to see
a pattern that’s been hiding out inside the flow of change always present in any relationship.9631604_s

• You’ll explore one of the key elements of the mystic model and learn why
they consider ‘movement’ as the highest value.

• You’ll grasp the vital role opposites play in maintaining the flow of your relationship life – changing your perception of how to better navigate relationships forever.

• You’ll get clear on what you have to be willing to do to truly ‘go with the flow’ as it unfolds within you, within your partner, and within the flow between you.

• This Module contains 6 separate, professionally created videos.

Step Three: Exactly What The Genius Of Mystic Psychology Has For You

• Here you’re going to see that what looks like conflict is really something else in disguise –
and you’ll see and feel exactly what that is!

• You’ll learn that what you were used to calling ‘discontent’ has an incredible gift, and this module shows you how to unwrap it.

• You’ll explore purpose and meaning from an angle that’s slightly different than what you’re used to.

• And, from this point forward, you’re going to know something about suffering that few people ever learn.

• This Module contains 7 separate, professionally created videos.

Step Four: Comfort And Ease

• Now you’re ready to get huge value from what you put on your map       8164702_s
in the earlier exercises.

• You’ll learn how to easily and quickly identify what’s stopping you from staying centered and peaceful – and discover that it’s not what you thought it was!

• What you once thought of as obstacles, blocks, and resistances are going to take on a very special new meaning.

• You’ll get to feel the amazing shift that comes with recognizing where you’ve been reflexively saying ‘no’ to seeing thing differently.

• This Module contains 5 separate, professionally created videos.

Step Five: Three Simple Perspectives From Mystic Psychology

• Get ready to dramatically and immediately remove the remaining obstacles from your path.

• Like an experienced surfer, you’ll gain the freedom to feel the rhythm of life, move with it, and stay balanced while ‘going with the flow’.

• With your new approach you’ll dissolve any sense of being stuck in your past or fearful about your future.

• You’ll fully appreciate the strengths and weaknesses of both sides of your dilemma and enjoy your ability to now relax into whatever experiences each polar opposite brings your way.

• And, you’ll gain an incredible clarity about that ‘Divine You’ you’ve been seeking.

• This Module contains 8 separate, professionally created videos.

Step Six: Now! Into Your Brain For Lasting Change!

• Here’s where you learn a specific, practical technique to make the 6-Step Process automatic and a part of your neurophysiological reality as a brain/body. 15428755_s

• You’ll learn a simple series of movements to put your new learnings into your body and your brain, taking advantage of your brain’s ‘neuroplasticity’.

• This new neural pathway will give your unconscious mind faster access to this new way of relating to life’s polarizing situations.

• And, your experience of your ‘Divine You’ will become bigger, brighter, and more real than it’s ever been before.

• This Module contains 5 separate, professionally created videos.

Conclusion: Keeping The Genius Of Your Journey Into Mystic Psychology Alive & Well From 9 to 5

• Here you’re going to learn how to keep your 6-Steps alive, vibrant, and automatic throughout your day.

• You’ll get specific, easy action steps to help you recognize and reinforce the new choices your unconscious mind presents to you.

• In short, your garden is bearing fruit now, and this Module will how you how to collect the harvest and keep it abundant!

• This Module contains 7 separate, professionally created videos.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Is This Training Easy To Complete? 

The 8 Modules are composed of easy to understand, fun, and professional video and audio, and very short readings – so it’s easy to complete all of the work in short sessions easily fitting the training into your busy life style.

Will I Be Able To Go At My Own Pace?

Our on-line format allows you to go at your own speed, completing the sequence and getting the skill internalized in about 8 weeks – sooner if you really go for it – but there’s no need to rush. You’ve got unlimited email access to Ragini for 8 weeks from when you start the training.

Will The Program Give Me Direct Experience And Not Just More Information?

You get to directly experience the powerful, heart opening effects of the course in the context of your daily life. There’s no driving off to class. Your daily life becomes your workshop.

Will This Program Help Me Resolve My Emotional Issues Around Relationship?

Absolutely!  The complete 6-Step Process will give you all you need to manage the emotional issues specific to not only relationship, but the other 5 life categories as well.  All you’ll have to do is use the process as you’re taught, and the results will arise.

Is There A Pre-Requisite To Being Accepted Into This Training?

Yes. You will have to truly want to accelerate your mindfulness and awareness in managing the dilemmas of daily life – at home, at work, and in the privacy of your own mind. If you have that, you will not only enjoy the training, you will benefit from it greatly – and see the benefits unfolding pretty quickly right before your eyes.[/text_block]

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What Is My Investment For This 2 Month On-Line Training Plus Unlimited Email Access To Ragini Throughout The 8 Weeks?

Your total financial investment is $297 – an incredible price for a full training, complete with 8 Modules offering 50+ color, professionally crafted videos, unlimited email access to Ragini for 8 weeks from the time you enroll, plus a LIVE one hour PRIVATE session scheduled at your and Ragini’s convenience. This is quite a deal to get such mentoring from the originator who charges up to $175 for her services.

How Do I Send Ragini My Investment?

When you purchase the training below, you’ll be sent to PayPal where you can use your own Paypal account or a credit card. After that is processed, you’ll receive an email with directions for how to gain instant access to your training.

Can I Really Email Ragini Throughout The 8 Weeks Without A Limit From The Time I Start The Training?

Absolutely! And Ragini will do her level best to reply to you within 24 / 48 hours at the latest.

Is This Training Guaranteed To Change My Relationships With Everyone and Everything, Including Myself?

If you complete all the Modules, do all the exercises in the Action Guides, and actually use the 6-Step Process in your daily life, you will definitely experience a shift in the way you start to understand, participate in, and perceive all of your relationships, especially with yourself. It’s a great day when your unconscious mind agrees to embracing The Genius Of Mystic Psychology, and your brain has laid down a new neural pathway to support your use of this wisdom in navigating the challenges of daily life.



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Here Are The Life-Changing Materials For This Course

A Video Textbook
  • These 8 Modules offer a gorgeous, full color video text book.14308778_s
  • 50+ professional videos of no more than 18 minutes each.
  • You’ll want to plan about an hour each week to complete the videos in each Module.
Action Guides
  • Each Module comes with brief, easy exercises that you’ll use to make the concepts your own.
  • 16931002_sSome will engage the verbal/analytic part of your brain.  Others will stimulate the creative side so that you can get a feel for the shape and color and texture of these experiences.
  • The Action Guides are things for YOU TO DO to make sure you understand each step.
  • You’ll want to plan 30 to 60 minutes a week to complete these guides.

Mystic Quotes & Guidelines

  • You’ll receive a treasure trove of wonderful quotes and guidelines often17273137_s spoken by the mystics through vibrant images, heartfelt poetry, and obvious grace.
  • Included will be the 8 mystical guidelines at the foundation of the ‘mystic psychology’ you’ll be exploring.
  • Ragini has taken great care to offer up the right quote or verse at just the right time to allow all of this new learning to take root deep within you.
  • These are delivered to you in beautiful PDF formats so you can make your own little book of inspirational reminders.

Foundational CD’s

  • Ragini brought her 30+ years as a hypnotherapist and meditator to bear on your behalf in creating these 2 amazing hypnosis/meditation recordings.
  • Meant to be listened to throughout the course, they support this shift in perspective at the level of your Unconscious Mind, moving you gently closer to the wonder of effortless effort.
  • 13149539_sHear Ragini’s soothing voice against the backdrop of wonderfully relaxing original music by Divyam Ambodha.
  • CD#1: Beginnings and Endings: relaxing with change; CD#2: Balancing In Motion.



Here’s What We’ve Added To Assure Your Success:

The items above will certainly bring the promised results to fruition in your life.  And, for a limited time, Ragini has agreed to include the following BONUSES to doubly ensure your path through this graduate-level wisdom school training! Personal & Private Access To Ragini

  • That’s right! You’ll be eligible for UNLIMITED EMAIL ACCESS to 15034249_s the creator of this course for 8 weeks from the date you sign up for the training.
  • You will also have the right to schedule a LIVE one hour PRIVATE CONSULT with Ragini to be scheduled at your and her convenience. This can be by phone, Skype, or Zoom. Let Ragini take you by the hand and guide you in uncovering this genius potential already within you. She currently charges upwards of $175 for her time, so you can consider this a wonderful gift from yourself to yourself.

7 Simple Steps To Accessing Your Personal Spiritual Guidance12537731_s

  • Through her years of working as a hypnotherapist, NLP Trainer, coach, and counselor, Ragini has developed a tool you can use to bring clarity, wisdom, and action into the foreground of any situation – external or internal.
  • You could, for example, use this process any time you feel stuck or limited while working through the course material. Go ahead and blow your obstacles out of the water!
  • An original NLP process designed to help you shift your confusion into clarity

Lifetime Access To The Genius Of Mystic Psychology Program

  • This course is now ‘evergreen’ which means that you can repeat it as often12008195_s as you like!
  • Whether you want to tune up your skills, or deepen your insights even further, you can continue to participate as often as you like.
  • And, at no additional cost to you, go through the course over and over again as it’s updated, changed, or improved.


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Profoundly Stimulates Your Capacity For Happiness And Inner Peace

These videos and simple exercises will cause your unconscious mind to use
the map that the mystics use to create inner peace and emotional freedom …14041983_s
for yourself and those around you.

You’ll master common inner tugs-of-war, deleting their ability to create turmoil
within you. Dilemmas like the following will soon appear differently:

Do I trust or doubt? Approve or criticize? Spend or save? Speak or be silent?
Accept or reject? Is it good or bad? Am I right or wrong?

The Genius Of Mystic Psychology introduces a THIRD CHOICE, previously unseen, leaving its potential untapped  This leads you to a different, profoundly satisfying, and relaxing place where you’re free to:

                Discern the wisdom that your discontent has been wanting to deliver to you.

Understand the essence of real inner peace.

Actualize the ‘map’ or ‘mystic model’ for yourself and those closest to you.

Know what it means to feel centered and balanced in a world of never-ending movement and change.


[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]

A Review:  What You Receive When You Decide To Make The Genius Of Mystic Psychology Your Own




  • A Comprehensive Video Textbook– 50+ separate, professionally created, fun and easy to imbibe videos comprise this gorgeous, full color video textbook.
  • Immediate Access To The 8 Module Video Training  – Guidance for embracing the powerful perspectives of mystic psychology that redirect the power of your mind and brain.
  • 8 Actions Guides – With things for YOU TO DO to make sure you understand each step and identify and answer any hidden objections or concerns along the way.
  • Mystic Quotes & Guidelines – Delivered to you in beautiful PDF formats. Totally cool to make into your own little book of inspirational reminders.
  • 2 Amazing Downloadable Hypnosis/Meditation CD’s – Supporting the unconscious mind in this shift in perspective moving you closer to the wonder of effortless effort


Your Bonuses!!

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_font=”Georgia”]

  • Unlimited Email Access With Ragini – Enjoy personally connecting with Ragini for 8 weeks from the time you begin the training, establishing support and guidance options for the future.
  • A LIVE One Hour PRIVATE Consult with Ragini to be scheduled at your and her convenience.
  • 7 Simple Steps To Accessing Your Personal Spiritual Guidance – To bring clarity, wisdom, and action into the foreground of any situation, external or internal
  • Lifetime Access To The Genius Of Mystic Psychology Training – Repeat the course as it’s updated & attend scheduled calls for any Group Course offered in the future – at no extra cost to you!


[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]

Your Total Investment?22472837_s

This life-changing, transformational course – including unlimited email access to Ragini plus a private one hour LIVE consult – is only $297.

Considering Ragini charges upwards of $175 for her time, this course is actually quite a gift. More than 55 professional videos, with all the benefits and bonuses, plus the unlimited email access and the one hour LIVE private consult!

Ragini is considered one of the few folks on the planet who truly understands the imprisoning power of dilemmas and double binds, and how to help free ourselves from their imprisoning grip.

If you want more peace and happiness in your daily life, more mindfulness and presence in the face of those difficult challenges you can’t seem to resolve, this course is definitely for you.[/text_block]

  • Incredible One Year Guarantee!


    Watch the Modules weekly and give yourself time to absorb them. Read and use the Action Guides. Do the simple exercises. And take advantage of the amazing opportunity to personally connect with Ragini by taking advantage of the opportunity for unlimited email and your one-on-one private call via phone, Skype, or Zoom.

    Then when you’ve completed the 8 Module training, take a full year from the time you joined the training to watch this new ‘knack’ find its way into your everyday life.

    We guarantee that if you are in good mental and emotional health, complete the training, and use the 6-Step Process in your daily life, you’ll learn to greet both the unpleasant and pleasant sides of experiences of life with a new acceptance, friendship, and receptivity.

    We also guarantee that this program is not a silver bullet and does require your effort and focus.  If you do this, we guarantee your experience will both delight and surprise you.

    If you aren’t satisfied, call or write for a no-hassle refund. It’s as simple as that.

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What Can You Really Expect?10280408_s


Once you’ve worked through the training:

  • You’ll have discovered the genius of mystic psychology along with Ragini, and have all
    you need to make this genius your very own.
  • You’ll have the key to unlock the freedom of stillness in the midst of incredible motion – like the surfer.
  • You’ll understand the Law of Polar Opposites from a completely different perspective that frees you to create more happiness and peace of mind on a daily basis.
  • You’ll be ready to take your rightful place as a co-creator of a more loving, conscious world infused with wisdom.
  • Your ‘unflappability’ will naturally remind others that being happy, centered, and peaceful is a real possibility.

As you review the testimonials and videos above, you can be assured their results can be yours too!



Join Me Today And Make The Genius Of Mystic Psychology Your Own!

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Dive into this fabulous training offering you the ability to upgrade your relationships with everyone and everything – including yourself!

And remember those 8 weeks of unlimited email guidance and mentoring with Ragini from the date you started the training … AND … that LIVE, private, one hour session scheduled at your and Ragini’s convenience!

If you’re willing to do the work, you can change the way you live your daily life!




Just Fill In Your Information Below And Get Started Right Now!


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