Interested In Our Affiliate Program for NLP Coach Practitioner Certification?

Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of my Affiliate Program for the NLP Coach Practitioner Certification. I’m going to keep it very simple.  Here’s how it will work.

Becoming an Affiliate means you agree to support my efforts to fill this program with EITHER your own plan, OR by adhering to the following proven strategy for success:

  1. Send out a minimum of 3 emails to your mailing list – first to be sent 2 weeks beforeagree-1728448_1920 the program closes,  2nd to be sent one week before the program closes, and 3rd one day before the program closes.
  2. Make at least two posts to your Facebook following.
  3. Make at least 3 Tweets if you use Twitter.

Becoming an Affiliate means I agree to support your efforts in these ways:

  1. I will send you 3 already prepared emails which you can use as is, or tweak to make them more your own style. And of course, you don’t have to use these at all. Feel free to write your own email just like you always do for your own programs.
  2. I will send you 2 prepared Facebook posts and 3 prepared Tweets to be sent out within one week of the course opening. Again, adjust and edit to your satisfaction.
  3. apple-589640_1920For your generous support and kind, gracious investment of time and effort, I will pay you $500 commission for any student who enrolls from your mailing list.  In order to know who is from your list and where to send your commission, you must include YOUR PERSONAL AFFILIATE LINK in everything you send out to your mailing list.

The Last Step After Enrolling In The Program

After deciding to become my affiliate and enrolling below, you’ll be sent to a page where you can easily pick up this affiliate link dedicated solely to YOU.

Now – On To Signing Up To Be My Affiliate

All you need to do now is fill out the form below so I know where to send you the prepared emails, tweets, and Facebook posts, as well as your commission when anyone from your following decides to enroll.

17433789 - 3d a pencil and text thank you

YES! I Want To Be An Affiliate For This NLP Coach Certification Training