Hypnosis/Meditation MP3’s
The Perfect Holiday Gift

Two Beautiful Options

1)  Hypnosis for Conscious Awakening
2)  Remembrance: Hypnosis To Heal The Heart & Soul

Each Holiday Gift Set includes 4 soothing and inspiring thirty-minute hypnosis/meditation mp3’s

Sensuous and spontaneously spoken trance weaves beautiful metaphor and suggestion into a deep harmonious flow with exquisitely orchestrated music that will touch your heart, inspire your soul, and rekindle your faith in the beauty and mystery of life. 

Ragini’s voice combined with the original music of Divyam Ambodha offers that time out we all so often crave to just go inside to rest, refresh, and regain our center, awareness, and balance. 

A wonderful gift for any friend or family member who loves to listen to beautiful music and receive soothing and gentle guidance for expanding their conscious awareness or healing the heart and soul.



Hypnosis for Conscious Awakening – 4 MP3 Series

Hypnosis For Conscious Awakening meditative mp3 series supports the development of your unconscious capacity to awaken – to recognize and live peacefully with impermanence, paradox, and the unresolvable dilemmas at the root of human suffering.

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Beginnings & Endings Hypnosis CD's

Beginnings & Endings

This is the first of the four mp3’s comprising the series. It is subtitled “relaxing with change” and works to re-educate your unconscious mind to the presence of change and its hidden pattern of opposites. A powerful and soothing reminder that change is natural, and you can relax with this basic rhythm of life.

SAMPLE: Please turn up your speakers and click the “right arrow” button to listen:


Balancing in Motion Hypnosis CD

Balancing In Motion

The second mp3 in the series works to strengthen your unconscious mind’s awareness that balance is a process, rather than a position to achieve, freeing you to more easily experience balancing in motion and the positive value of imbalance.


Trusting CD Cover


The third mp3 in the series supports your unconscious mind’s awareness of the natural presence of trust and knowing, guiding you to remember all the places you already relax and utilize your ability to trust. It also explores the positive role of doubt in strengthening your ability to trust yourself and the rhythms of life.


Living the Mystery Hypnosis CD

Living In Mystery

This fourth hypnosis mp3 supports the development of your unconscious mind’s ability to recognize, remember, and drink deeply of the awe, wonder and mystery which lives and breathes us alive each and every day.


Remembrance: Hypnosis To Heal The Heart & Soul – 4 MP3 Series

Remembrance: Hypnosis To Heal The Heart & Soul supports the development of your unconscious capacity to move through and beyond the experience and conditioning of your past.  And to remember and reconnect with your deepest inner wisdom.

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Answers Rest Within CD Cover

Answers Rest Within

Answers Rest Within provides a beautiful and relaxing way to re-educate your unconscious mind to look within for the answers you seek. Provides gentle guidance for returning your awareness—again and again—back to the wisdom of your deepest self resting deep on the inside.

SAMPLE: Please turn up your speakers and click the “right arrow” button to listen:



Awareness Rising CD Cover

Awareness Arising

Awareness Arising supports the ability of your unconscious mind to heighten your awareness in daily life as a powerful and effective aid for personal change. Supports the already existing ability of your unconscious mind to heighten your awareness. A powerful invitation to come to the moment—right here and now—and be present to whatever is unfolding.


Beyond the Past CD Cover

Beyond The Past

Beyond the Past guides your unconscious mind how to let go of what is no longer needed, keeping the learnings and freeing you to move beyond those conditionings of long ago. At the same time, your unconscious process will gather the learnings that will serve your highest and best interest—and free you to move beyond those conditionings of long ago.


Healing Heart CD Cover

Healing Heart

Healing Heart supports your unconscious mind’s ability to heal the wounds of the heart and to evoke the heart’s natural capacity to forgive, to accept, and to allow your innate ability to love to heal and flow once again.


How To Purchase This  Digital Gift
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50% Holiday Discount

Both Gift Sets normally sell for $60 each.  

But with this Holiday Special of 50% off, the price is only $29.95 (+ tax) for each.


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Express your love and holiday spirit this year with these beautiful and uplifting mp3’s.  If you have any questions, please give me a call at 425 462 4369.  I’ll be happy to help.

Thank you for visiting my site. And may you have happy holidays and a lovely new year, just like you would like it to be.

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P.S. Because these are hypnosis mp3’s, we will include these directions for your giftee as follows: PLEASE DO NOT LISTEN WHILE DRIVING  as these mp3’s are designed to alter your state of consciousness to a much deeper state of relaxation than you’re normally in.

Otherwise, they can easily take you into sleep at night, and if you use them during the day, that’s fine also. You’ll just stay resting until you’re ready to move again.  Also, these are not designed as a replacement for therapy or counseling, but rather as an adjunct to your commitment to personal growth and spiritual transformation.