The Beggar’s Secret Series – Video Three

The 3 Brands of Happiness & The Beggar’s Secret Revealed

Now that you’ve enjoyed all 3 Beggar’s Secret videos, it’s time to explore taking the next step.

You know about Go-Get-It Happiness. And you know about Happiness For No Reason At All.

And now you know about the key to everyday happiness that rests in the Facticity® brand.

You can explore the Facticity 6-Step Process (Now called Centered 24-7) & discover a precise & proven path to happiness and peace of mind,
no matter what is unfolding in your daily life – inside or out.

I’ll tell you upfront that it’s simple, but it’s not easy.
I’m not offering a ‘silver bullet’ or ‘life-changing pill’ that can do the job for you.

It truly takes your presence and perseverance – plus a willingness to explore your own inner world even more deeply.

Expand your exploration of mystic psychology & the beggar’s secret with my

Free Video Tour Of The Psychology Of The Mystics

  • This video tour grants you access to three of the seven life-changing mystic perspectives I found when creating this model for behavioral change and the neural coding necessary to make it all real
  • If you like what you learn, you can continue on and explore my FREE Centered 24-7: Leading From The Eye Of The Storm mini-course you can access HERE.
  • Please note I am not a spiritual teacher. You bring your own spirituality to the process. Rather I am a seasoned behavioral change specialist having focused many decades on exploring how to more fully live the spiritual values of love, compassion, and faith in daily life by embracing the genius and wisdom imparted by these 7 transforming world views at the core of mystic psychology.
  • Discovering and utilizing the genius embedded in the simplicity of the Psychology of the Mystics opens the door to a whole new level of insight and understanding about mindfulness and conscious living. I am happy to share this astonishing wisdom and to support your own exploration of what lies beyond that door for you.

I guarantee, you’ll be glad you did.

Explore 3 of the 7 mystic perspectives at the root of their ability to stay calm, centered, and peaceful no matter what.


The Psychology of The Mystics
The Foundation For Creating a Mindful & Happy Everyday Life

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