Dear Coach/Hypnotherapist,

Do You Want Fabulous Referrals That Effortlessly Generate Greater Income While Working Less Hours & Having More Fun?

The Secret Is Knowing How To Include Your Mark Of Genius


There is a way to be the best possible coach or hypnotherapist
you could be, and I’ll show you how.


Finally, you’ll have the secret to running a successful private practice
that’s easy to learn and powerful to use.


Pay close attention if you’re interested in:

Creating repeat clients who want to help you generate more business through their fabulous referrals

Feeling completely confident about fulfilling your unspoken promise to help clients reach their goal

Embodying the 3 C’s of Excellent Coaching - Clarity, Confidence, & Competence

Getting paid what you're worth by attracting clients who value your skill

Comfortably raising your fees so you can work less and play more

Watch the video above to learn more (and to see how it’s done)


Training begins SEPTEMBER 29TH

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Or -  keep reading below to find out how I can help you access your own mark of genius….

Dear Fellow Coach/Hypnotherapist,

Are you just starting out? Have you been in business 1 to 3 years? Are you frustrated with a sense you’re not doing the best job possible; worrying there’s too much responsibility on your shoulders for your clients success; doubtful you’re really helping clients move closer to their goals; concerned about burn out or exhaustion; obsessing about clients liking you; wondering if you have enough confidence, or competence, to make your dream of successfully helping others come true?

If so, take a few moments to read this important message to find out how you can break out of these debilitating judgments and worries about yourself and your qualifications.


“When nature has work to be done, she creates a genius to do it.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson


A Definition of Genius: A person who is very good at something, having a remarkable talent or intelligence.


Earn YOUR mark of genius
by attending to the details crucial to your client's success. 

Knowing which details to attend to will build the 3 C's of great facilitation:

Clarity, Competence, and Confidence.

Whether you’re a coach, hypnotherapist, consultant, or counselor, tapping into the genius of attending to crucial details will give you those strengths. This rests in knowing which details to attend to.

Have You Ever Experienced Any Of These?

Uncertainty about your knowledge or skill

Frustration with ‘resistant’ clients you don’t know what to do with

Anxiety about getting results & doing the ‘right’ thing

Worried you won’t know what to do and/or how to do it

Afraid you’ll get lost in your client’s story, commiserating instead of staying on task

Unconsciously sliding down the slippery slope of friendship with your clients & regretting it

Working way too many hours a week for too little money

Exhaustion and burn out


There’s no need to struggle anymore.

I’ll show you how to resolve these stressful and debilitating thoughts and feelings, even if you’ve tried in the past and failed.



What Customers Are Saying About Ragini &
Her NLP/Hypnosis Courses

Immediately Useful

“Courses taught by Ragini offer immediately useful tools, are clearly taught, easily grasped, and life changing!” 

— Wendy Rawlings, HBLU Trainer, Therapist, WA

My Objections To NLP Gone!

“Now I love NLP, thanks to Ragini’s approach to teaching it. She helped me answer all my objections and integrate it into my own style of working.” 

Nirved Wilson, Therapist, Scotland

Paved The Way For My Own Successful Business

"I did my first NLP Training 25 years ago and Ragini was a brilliant and inspiring teacher,  supported my curiosity, and with humor and patience answered all my questions. Her inspiration and support laid the foundation for my own teaching institute in Hamburg, Germany." 

— Prabodhi G. Mildenberg, ISNLP Hamburg


The Secret Only Successful Long-Timers Know

Great clients don't just want their outcome. They want to feel seen and heard. They want to believe you understand them, care about them, and can help them find their way. 


AND . . .  they want practical solutions as quickly as possible. 


 Give them all of this and not only is your great referral assured,

your bank account will expand as well. 


This is easily accomplished when you have a firm grasp, a sound understanding, and a clear picture of what DETAILS you, or your client, are missing.


That’s right. You can establish your own mark of genius by simply knowing which details are important and attending to them.


Paying attention to the crucial details for success makes the difference between a fabulous referral, a tepid referral, or no referral at all. 




If You Want To Be The Best You Can Be

Start Today With 7 Details Crucial To Enlivening Your Strategies For Success  And Moving Your Clients Toward Their Desired Goals


Let Me Introduce Myself & Why Working With Me
Will Benefit You & Your Career


In 1988, after training with NLP co-founders Richard Bandler, John Grinder, and Robert Dilts, I was blessed to receive invitations to teach NLP & Ericksonian Hypnosis Certification trainings around the world. This gave me the pleasure of interacting with students of all ages, nationalities, and professions.


Most of my students seemed to have a touch of the visionary. They could easily grasp the big picture, the stimulating ideas, and exciting range of new possibilities NLP offers.


However, they often dropped the ball when it came to transforming that enthusiasm and excitement into solid success with their clients on a consistent basis.

After watching and working with an array of people over a few years, it boiled down to 3 areas where students chronically felt inadequate. Do you relate to any of these?






I call these the 3 C’s Of Conscious Coaching or successful facilitation of any kind.

Communication with other members of our species
is a large arena to explore, much less conquer.


But transforming that complexity into simple working guidelines and specific structures for you to follow requires a skill that is totally fundamental:

Paying Attention to The Details


Attending to the details crucial for success builds and solidifies your clarity.
And your clarity is what increases your competence
which increases your confidence.


More Feedback From Satisfied Customers

My Hypnotherapy Practice Soared

“The more I study NLP with Ragini, the more my hypnotherapy practice has soared.  Really impressive details presented clearly with humor and heart."  

 - Jocie Wall, Hypnotherapist

I Want More!

“Learning about NLP strategies was great!  I loved it! This is not the end!  I will be back!"

- Kelly Hayden, Mechanic, Seattle, Washington

Perfect For Home Study

“Ragini’s on-line courses are entertaining as well as easy to follow and full of powerful information. And I love I can study them at home as often as I wish. I use everything I learn in my job and my life, and it makes
what was once difficult much easier.”

 - Teresa Dahl, Microsoft Recruiter, Seattle, Washington

Benefits You'll Receive From
'Your Mark Of Genius Is In The Details'

Increased confidence and competence, two equally important elements for your long term success – one without the other will not get you where you want to go

An upsurge of trust in your ability to establish rapport and work easily and effectively with almost anyone who wants your services – a fundamental skill you can’t do without

Precise strategies to keep your clients motivated, engaged, and aimed at achieving their goal – staying in charge of your session means keeping your client on track and moving

Enhanced clarity easily generating more high praise referrals than ever before – quickly identifying problem, solution, & how to get your client there equals success in a shorter time

A stronger sense of integrity and value-added freeing you to raise your fees and work fewer hours – knowing you can add value means happier clients & more great referrals

What's Covered In My 'Hand Held' Video Course?

  • 7 LIVE Group Coaching Calls

This is what I mean by 'hand held'.  I wanted this course to be so much more than an off-the-shelf video program.  So I decided to include 7 LIVE Group Coaching Calls!

This is where you can ask all your questions and get your answers LIVE - right then and there! I've found this to be the most valuable accompaniment to any video training.

And you can not only ask questions about the material in the videos. You can ask anything you'd like about coaching or hypnotherapy or running your own private practice (just no technical questions, please!).


  • Introduction video from your personal coach (me) to you (savvy life-long learner)


  • 7 additional video presentations with narration by me


  • Immediate access to one video a week to explore at your leisure & to practice to your heart's content prior to the weekly LIVE call


  • Each video between 15-20 minutes long offering information in small bites - in honor of your busy life and the more powerful way to learn & retain knowledge


  • Because humor keeps us interested, I’ve made the videos colorful, and sprinkled with fun animations to keep you chuckling


  • Quizzes at the end of each video to help you discover how much you learned about each detail


  • Lifetime Access as long as I’m around and the internet is up and running


  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee




Video for the 1st of the 7 Crucial Details Released On SEPTEMBER 29TH.
Grab your spot below right now as I'm committed to keeping the training down to a reasonable size so everyone can receive the attention and support they deserve.

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Here's What Each Video Highlights!

Video 1: Crucial Detail #1:
The Big Power Of Little Words


  • Highlights the worst and best ways to utilize 4 everyday words that control the direction of your communication
  • Guidance for exactly when to use each of these 4 words
  • Clarity about how each word effects your clients understanding of your communication
  • Insight into the power of these words to generate more or less options and choices for your client
  • Emphasizes why using these words consciously and purposefully can accelerate your arrival at success

Video 2: Crucial Detail #2:

Six Words That Recolor Everything – Whether
You Like It Or Not


  • Clarifies how clients change the color of their experience by using the power hidden in a few more small words
  • Reveals 6 specific words that either limit or expand the client’s capacity to successfully navigate life
  • Shows you how to identify via words, when your client has colored all of life in only one shade of indisputable truth
  • Specifies language that lovingly challenges the client’s hold on their limiting viewpoint
  • Tools that unblock possibilities & allow details to re-emerge as relevant and valuable in decision making

Video 3: Crucial Detail #3:

The Fail-Proof Words That Always Validate
Your Client’s Reality


  • Grants you access to the words that never fail to make your client feel understood & accepted
  • Shows you how to use language to make the client’s unconscious mind grant you the title of trustworthy
  • Reveals the key to understanding reality as your client experiences it
  • Learn why relying on your interpretation of your client’s story is disastrous to success
  • Specific guidance for how to leave your judgments at the door

Video 4: Crucial Detail #4:

The Golden Egg That Buys Everything


  • Learn how exquisite facilitators approach the creation of rapport

  • Discover the biggest mistake people make when trying to get rapport
  • Grasp why knowing how to break rapport is as important as creating it
  • Specific guidelines for establishing rapport and ascertaining whether or not you got it
  • Fathom why losing rapport never has to be a problem

Video 5: Crucial Detail #5:

Why Don't They See What I See?


  • Clarifies the power and necessity of answering this question in detail
  • Reveals how answering this question saves you time and reduces confusion
  • Specific guidelines for how to utilize the answer to this important question
  • Discover the true key to helping your client transform their world & reach their goal
  • Find the one most powerful resource YOU have that makes everything else unfold easily

Video 6: Crucial Detail #6
Staying Out Of The Friend Zone



  • Learn to navigate the pull between helping your client vs. befriending them
  • Discern the significant difference between friendship and facilitation when you're working with a client
  • Directives for how to assess if you're in the friend zone or facilitator zone
  • Powerful strategies for what, and when, to share as a facilitator
  • Clear guidelines for sharing personal experience so it's useful to your client rather than debilitating


Video 7: Crucial Detail #7
Powerhouse Strategy To Avoid Exhaustion & Burn Out



  • Reveals how burn out encompasses more than you think
  • Isolates the core cause of burn out that you're probably completely unaware you're doing - through no fault of your own
  • Presents a powerhouse strategy to help you avoid burn out completely
  • Distinguishes everyday strategies for keeping burn out from leaping past smoke into a full blown fire
  • Emphasizes 3 core assumptions that free you to avoid exhaustion & recapture your original motivation & inspiration to help others


Ready To Discover That
Your Mark Of Genius Is In The Details?

The 1st of 7 LIVE Group Coaching Calls happens on October 4th .

Please save your spot now as I am committed to keeping the training a reasonable size so everyone can receive the attention and support they deserve.


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STILL ON THE FENCE?  Here are some extra goodies included with your purchase and come at absolutely no extra cost or obligation to you.  

Bonus #1: Seven Steps To Access Your Client’s
Inner Spiritual Guidance

  • How to direct your client to their own inner guidance
  • Gathers wisdom from each level of client’s personal reality
  • 7 clear and specific steps that tell you exactly what to do to accomplish this goal
  • Simple, helpful, and powerful for your clients
  • Perfect for when your clients want spiritual advice or guidance and you don’t want to give your personal perspective
  • Immediate access to downloadable PDF upon purchasing the course

Bonus #2: Healing Heart - Hypnosis / Meditation MP3

  • Beautiful 30 minute mp3 from my hypnosis/meditation series
    Remembrance: Hypnosis To Heal The Heart and Soul
  • Discover new analogies or metaphors to use in your sessions, even if you don’t use hypnosis
  • Stimulate your own creative wordsmith by listening to the creative use of hypnotic language offered in the hypnosis meditation
  • Soothing original music produced and created by composer musician Divyam Ambodha
  • Immediate access to downloadable mp3 upon purchasing the course

Bonus #3: Script From Healing Heart Hypnosis/Meditation

  • Complete script of the spontaneously given Healing Heart hypnosis/meditation
  • Useful tool for practicing delivery of information utilizing hypnotic pauses & spacing
  • Excellent example of utilizing analogies and metaphors toward a specific outcome
  • Discover punctuation ambiguity: end the beginning of one sentence with the beginning of a new sentence, connected by a word common to both
  • For maximum value, read out loud as if guiding an individual or a group through the experience, paying attention to the power of your voice as a way to evoke emotion
  • Immediate Access to downloadable PDF upon purchasing the course

AND . . .

Just A Reminder . . . This Is NOT An Off The Shelf Video Course.

Instead, I'm Delighted To Include LIVE Support Each Week Via Those 7 Group Coaching Calls 

  • One 45 minute LIVE Coaching Call each week for 7 weeks
  • I will personally host each call making myself available to help you help others
    even more skillfully than ever before
  • You can ask questions about the videos or about anything you wish
    in relationship to coaching or hypnosis (no technical questions, please!)
  • It is recommended you attend the call to receive the maximum benefit, but if you can't make it, a recording will be available a few days after
  • Email me with your questions PRIOR to the call. This means you will have a higher probability of your question being answered. Because calls are often filled with many people, I can't always get to everyone.  So questions received BEFORE the call receive priority.
  • Calls will be held on Zoom where we can all see one another and even share screens, if that is what needs to happen.

It's all yours when you decide to save your space today. Of course, I know it’s a tricky decision to make when you don’t know the person you’ve decided to trust with your next step in professional development & expertise.


But I want you to make your decision with the utmost confidence. That's why you can ….


Try It Risk-Free for 7 Days

Sign up for Your Mark Of Genius Is In The Details today and from the day the training begins on September 29th, you have up to 7 days to evaluate the power of putting your attention to work for you by focusing on these crucial details.

If within those 7 days you find you’ve haven’t learned anything of value, just let me know and I'll return your investment. No questions asked.

Consider it your one week trial and begin discovering how attending to crucial details unlocks the door to your very own Mark Of Genius. Try it today completely risk-free.

Here's A Recap Of What You'll Get

  • A Very Personal 'Hand Held' VIDEO COURSE:7 LIVE Group Coaching Calls - These will be personally led by Ragini and will last 45 minutes once a week for 7 weeks. You can ask questions about the videos or anything relating to coaching or hypnosis.

  • Welcome Video - From your personal very
    seasoned Coach (me) to you (whether beginner or experienced, a savvy life long learner)

  • Crucial Detail: VIDEO #1: The Big Power Of Little Words  - Will help you stay on track and learn how to use the power of 4 little words to guarantee your client is moving in the desired direction of their outcome

  • Crucial Detail: VIDEO #2: 6 Words That Re-Color Everything – Whether You Like It Or Not - Knowledge of these 6 words and what to do when you hear them increase your capacity to quickly and effectively expand your client’s world

  • Crucial Detail: VIDEO #3: Fail-Proof Words That Always Validate Your Client’s Reality - These words are right in front of every facilitator. When you recognize what they are, the entire process becomes easier and more efficient

  • Crucial Detail: VIDEO #4: The Golden Egg That Buys Everything – Once you know what this is and how to crack it open, you’ll find your clients opening up to you more easily & at deeper levels

  • Crucial Detail: VIDEO #5: Why Don’t They See What I See? – Learning how to answer this question frees you to help your client reach their goal more quickly and efficiently

  • Crucial Detail: VIDEO #6: Staying Out Of The Friend Zone – You will learn what the Friend Zone is, and how to stay out of it. This frees you to relax and relate to your client as the quintessential kind and loving facilitator that you are.

  • Crucial Detail: VIDEO #7: Powerhouse Strategy For Avoiding Exhaustion & Burn Out – Knowing this strategy will keep you energized and focused during your sessions, allowing you to be more mindful and present to your client.

  • Bonus #1: 7 Steps To Access Your Client’s Inner Spiritual Guidance -  A wonderful tool for when your client moves into the spiritual arena and you’d rather they tap into their own inner guidance instead of you

  • Bonus #2: Healing Heart – A delightfully soothing, refreshing, and relaxing hypnosis/meditation mp3 for you or your clients.  Plus, you get access to some really useful analogies and metaphors you can use in your sessions – hypnosis or not.

  • Bonus #3: Script Of Healing Heart – The precise words from the original, spontaneously given trance. An extremely helpful tool to identify and practice various hypnotic language patterns & the power of voice to evoke emotion.

  • Lifetime Access For Easy Home Study! This course will be available to you as long as I’m around and the internet is up and running.

  • 100% Satisfaction - Within 7 days from the start of the course, if you have learned nothing of value, I'll grant you a full refund, no questions asked.

Sound good to you?

In just a few moments, you can lock in your access to 7 of the most crucial details to generating those fabulous referrals and an increase in that oh-so-necessary bank account.


Start actively taking your career to the next level today, and get yourself closer to that sweet spot where you're getting those fabulous referrals and your bank account is demonstrating your reward.

As I've said before, never underestimate SKILL as a key component of true success.

Let's Get Started!


So here is the offer, my friend. I've priced this incredibly valuable course at $395. This special price may not last, so why not take advantage of my offer today.

It’s a pretty great deal when you remember your coach has over 40 successful years in the field – without spending one dollar advertising for clients.

In addition, you can tap into the kind of expertise that only comes from decades of private practice, teaching, and certifying students in NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis with consistent great reviews.

And finally - the fact that this expertise will be available to YOU for 7 weeks during your weekly LIVE Group Coaching call. So why not check me out with this introductory program?

Is There A Payment Plan?

Of course! You can take advantage of this training program and my expertise to help you help others in the best way possible.

And you can do it for only 2 payments of $210 each. The first is due on enrollment and the second due at the beginning of the 4th week


If you decide to take this course and would then like to continue in my Certification Training to be an NLP COACH, I'll deduct the cost of this training from the investment in your future Certification program.

By the way, this Certification as an NLP COACH is granted through The Society of NLP, the original founding body of the NLP world, as well as by my own organization, Facticity® Trainings, Inc.

The easiest way to find that sweet spot between fabulous referrals and steady income is great skill.  The strategies and perspectives from NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis develop that skill and grant you that sense of satisfaction - and that’s an outcome that feels absolutely fabulous!

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“Neither a lofty degree of intelligence nor imagination nor both together go to the making of genius.
Love, love, love, that is the soul of genius.


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

 Here's to creating your own personal mark of genius!

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