Know How To Let Wisdom Take The Lead? If you’ve…

You’re definitely ready to leap forward and keep activating the construction of those new neural pathways in your brain.

The Whole Brain Wisdom School

supports you as a work-in-progress by offering wonderfully in-depth on-line trainings followed by Live Retreats.

Wisdom: a smart way to use what you know in a practical fashion

School: to educate by drawing out what is present in an undeveloped state

Whole Brain: when the capabilities of both hemispheres become available to each other

But why bother to go any further? Aren’t the ideas alone powerful enough?

They’re powerful. Yes. But ideas alone won’t catapult you to that higher level of heart-felt presence and awareness you seek at work with the boss and colleagues, at home with your family and friends, or in the privacy of your mind when you’re just with yourself.

However…there is now a way to

hook the power of your brain to your desire for a happy and mindful life – dramatically accelerating your arrival at the destination.

You’ll learn how to create these new neural pathways in your brain by activating its neuro-plasticity.  And this will make the Facticity way of seeing opposites a natural part of your daily life.

You won’t have to work so hard to be mindful, present, positive, or optimistic about the future.

Why? Your unconscious mind will have gotten the knack for remaining unflappable – no matter what!

This knack is a practical and effective way to navigate the most basic human dilemma there is:


  • Being both human (seen by us as flawed) and divine (seen by us as perfect).
  • Having this wisdom makes your daily life less difficult than you thought it had to be.

The Basic Problem

Expecting Yourself To Be Mindful, Positive, Present, & Optimistic About the Future -100% of the Time

Did you know the average unconscious mind believes you have to be perfect 100% of the time in order to be happy, centered, and peaceful, 100% of the time? Wisdom School Doorway

In your quest for personal transformation, it is this kind of unconscious conviction (regardless of what you think consciously) that generates these unpleasant feelings and thoughts:

fear, frustration, anxiety, self-hatred, self-blame, anger, shame, embarrassment, and often despair about possibly never becoming the person you aspire to be.

This is the source of any secretly held doubt that maybe you just lack the capacity for real transformation, unconditional love, and conscious living.

This notion makes you think things like:

  • I’m not worthy. Love and happiness won’t ever knock on my door.
  • Why keep trying? I’ll never get it right!
  • I might as well forget it. It’s too hard and I’m too skeptical.
  • It’s confusing – and impractical. I don’t see any real value for me.
  • I simply don’t have what it takes to be a really conscious or loving person.

But…you really do want to be more loving, conscious, kind, heart-felt, happy, centered, peaceful and compassionate– and my guess is – you want it badly!

I know this because you continue to spend time, energy, and money, exploring what might work to help you reach your unconscious mind’s goal:

Being mindful, positive, present, and optimistic about the future – 100% of the time!

The Solution The Facticity 6-Step Process

Using the Facticity 6-Step Process, the Whole Brain Wisdom School teaches you precisely how to navigate the dilemma most fundamental to your daily pain and suffering:

The predicament of being both divine and human.

  • What you learn is both practical and efficient for daily life – and –
  • You gain easy access to your natural wisdom for living with life (and yourself) as you are – even as you continue striving to make life (and you) the best it could possibly be.

Blue DoorThe result: a delicious freedom giving you permission to both relax into all the foibles of being human and to expand into all the strengths of being divine.

Tired of that haunting feeling that the only option available is to be either good or bad, either right or wrong, together or alone, a success or a failure?

The Wisdom School shows you how:

  • To always embrace both sides of every coin – no matter what.
  • To develop the knack for deeply relaxing in the presence of all your faults, problems, and limitations

When you clearly see this is the fundamental challenge of your divine expedition, your human suffering drops to practically zero, and the joy of simply being alive has room to emerge.It is truly possible – and within your reach – to be happy, centered, and peaceful in the presence of your emotional ups and downs – regardless of the situation or circumstance – whether at home, at work, or in the privacy of your mind.

The Advice Creating the Bewilderment & Confusion

You know you’re human – complete with flaws and limitations. No argument there. But perhaps you’re not quite as sure about being divine – complete with perfect love and acceptance?

When you decide you want to live consciously, this paradox sits at the center of the scene.

Being both human and divine generates paradoxical guidelines for creating a happy and mindful life. You’ve heard them all but may not realize their influence.

The Paradoxical Guidelines Your Unconscious Mind Is Trying To Decipher

√ Human Self – Keep moving & go after what you want.
☯ Divine Self – Stay still & be grateful for what is.
√ Human Self – Focus on the future & expect to get what you want.
☯ Divine Self – Focus on the present & let things be as they are.
√ Human Self – Heal your wounds from the past.
☯ Divine Self – You are perfect as you are.

How you make sense of these contradictory directions affects the way you live, make decisions, and try to resolve your inner tugs-of-war, often on a daily basis.

Until your unconscious mind has those new neural pathways I talked about earlier, it has no choice but to choose either one set of guidelines or the other. That’s the only logical solution.

When it does choose, you’re right at the heart of the problem. Why? Life requires both sets of actions – simultaneously.

The Whole Brain Wisdom School teaches you how to embrace this core paradox resulting in a more workable, and enjoyable, daily life.

Testimonials from Wisdom School Graduates

I learned how to reconnect my spiritual self to my messy, dramatic, confusing human problems—and surprisingly, I found those problems weren’t as stuck as I thought. My life reoriented from a struggle between my personality and my spirit to a new felt sense of unity—even with all my irritating quirks. I received more than I could have imagined, and gained a home in a larger and friendlier universe. It was like a great spiritual adolescence, with the reward of becoming more grown up, both spiritually and personally.” — Sondra Kornblatt, Science Writer & 4-Time Author

Absolutely awesome work! Please do not stop. Keep it up! — Robert Lifson, M.D., Beverly Hills

This training gave me everything I need to live comfortably with compassion and inner happiness in our chaotic world. It completely surpassed my expectations and changed my life. Magically, I got comfortable with my deep fear of being single and alone. I’m a whole new person now—better and happier. I like myself and enjoy my life and it’s because I signed up and made the commitment to show up. Ragini’s Wisdom School was the best 18 months ever!” —  Lisa Matzke, Artist & Mom

Understanding Paradox Management was a great relief. Knowing that both the good and the bad have to exist and having tools to manage that fact, altered how I interact with others and myself. It made a quantum shift in my life. I’m more at peace with the world and myself. I always strived to be “good”, and to eliminate the “bad”. Now I am gentler; more relaxed and forgiving of myself and others. A true gift!”— Deirdre Devlin, Marketing Director

Integration is the key word. I have done extensive work with myself over the years—mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually; Ragini’s Wisdom School took all the loose ends and weaved them into a new Mandala of my relationship to the universal force, while deepening my confidence as a human being. Beautifully designed to build a reciprocal relationship between the Personality and the Divine—and it succeeds!” — Gene Mecka, Director of New Aeon, Inc.

Wisdom Door to a New You

This training changed my life utterly, subtly, and irrevocably. My response to everything and everybody I encounter has altered along the lines of the meaning in the greeting ‘Namaste’. Articulating a new cosmology that identified a ‘friendly’ universe changed my whole world and my place in it. The Wisdom School is an amazing eye-opening experience!”—  Valerie Loebs, Physicist, Boeing Co.

The Wisdom School got me to ‘lighten up’; not only on the world in general, but on myself. I’m finding more joy and acceptance, and less pain each day. Now I can watch my emotions swim by without being caught by them. I’m much more responsive and less reactive at home and at work. My life has been enhanced in a way that I can’t quantify, except to say I’m much happier, and more peaceful in my inner world.” — Sonja Carson, High Tech Head Hunter

The Wisdom School experience literally changed my life. I was swimming in confusion and angst, deeply angry at life and God, and seeing paradox everywhere. But I couldn’t make any meaningful sense of it. Ragini gave me a solid understanding of how to relate to not only paradox and unresolvable dilemmas, but life itself. I recommend it without reservation!” — David Swan, Playwright, Scotland

I learned a powerful tool for transforming despair into joy. I know that sounds like a tall order, but it’s exactly what happened for me. — Rebecca Gunther, Organizational Development Consultant, Portland, OR

The Wisdom School work has been the only training I have ever experienced that truly changed my way of interacting with myself and my world. I have come to a place where I can deeply and honestly hold failure, loss and confusion with a profound sense of peace. The Wisdom School taught me that my very soul is the wisest and most beautiful gift. It’s amazing to love all the darkest, and brightest, parts of myself with such compassionate intensity that it actually brings me to tears.” — Lainie Conley, Efficiency Expert

I’d taken hundreds of self-help courses when I enrolled in the Wisdom School, and it turned out to be the last one I’ll probably ever take. It made me aware of so much about life that I had simply never seen before, or recognized as important or relevant. And it allowed the majority of my confusion and angst to simply settle, leaving me feeling more held, at peace, and for the first time, glimpsing the possibility that the Universe might really be a friendly place.” — Teresa Dahl, Recruiter at Microsoft

The Wisdom School completely opened my eyes to the world of opposites and duality in an incredibly practical way. This awakening sky-rocketed my ability to see things differently and to begin loving and accepting myself in whole new ways. An amazing and powerful process for the mind, heart, and soul!” — Suryo Gardner, Psychologist—Body Talk Trainer & Practitioner

Available Programs

The Whole Brain Wisdom School offers two trainings:

1Disarming The Dirty Dozen Dilemmas of Daily Life

With the Facticity Six-Step Process now in your hand, I’ll help you use it to actually navigate the 12 most annoying, irritating, tough, and persistent core dilemmas that eat up your time, energy, and patience—practically on a daily basis!

You’ll explore the 6 major areas where these dilemmas consistently show up:  Relationship, Success, Happiness, Power, Purpose, and Faith.

Simultaneously, you’ll be offering your brain the opportunity to lay down new neural pathways  that create the real possibility for you to begin knowing the delights of an unflappable life.

The program includes:

  • A 12 week on-line training,
  • 12 Live Group Calls with Ragini
  • 12 Action Guides with things for YOU TO DO when working through each Unresolvable Dilemma.

As a bonus, you’ll receive:

  • An Mp3 download of Ragini’s critically acclaimed hypnosis/meditation 4-CD series—Hypnosis For Conscious Awakening
  • And a FREE TICKET! to a 2 day Live Event with Ragini in Seattle after the on-line training is complete where you can experience once again her acclaimed gift for speaking to your unconscious mind in a way that works for you.

2The Enneagram of Paradoxical Identity — Creating Partnership Between Your Flawed Self and Your Perfect Self As One Organic, Seamless, Whole, Loving, Happy You

Doorway to a New YouIf you love the Enneagram model of personality, or are just getting interested in its usefulness, you will be truly excited by my Enneagram of Paradoxical Identity.

Applying the Facticity Six-Step Process to the Enneagram model of personality resulted in a new map for traveling deep inside the Enneagram’s subtle spiritual applications for practical wisdom in human life.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Direct your conscious and unconscious minds to craft a new sense of wholeness, as a unified identity of both human and divine
  • Deepen your understanding of exactly what being a Marketplace Mystic looks like in everyday thought, word, and deed
  • Comfortably and joyfully embrace both the roller coaster emotional life of being human and the reflective calm of being divine

This training shifts your focus from the new behaviors and strategies you learned in the previous trainings to the most intriguing and freedom offering challenge for a Marketplace Mystic—and that is…

 Claiming your identity, in your body and brain, as both human and divine.

This shift profoundly impacts the way you respond to life’s daily ups and downs—outer and inner.


  • Become calmer in the face of stress
  • Feel more alive even when you’re overwhelmed
  • Be wiser and more compassionate in the presence of your mistakes
  • Happier even when you’re feeling down.

Doorknob to the Wisdom School

You’ll find yourself solidly on the road to reaching your destination of becoming unflappable in your everyday life. What a joy and delight!!!

In this 6 month on-line course, you’ll receive all the guidance and support you need for learning how to truly integrate your psychology and your spirituality in daily life.


We’ll re-educate your unconscious mind so it’s free to embrace and support conscious living with renewed vigor, clarity, purpose, and meaning.

And we’ll continue to help you lay down those new neural pathways that guarantee you real behavior change and those crucial shifts in perception reflecting the mystic’s wisdom de-coded.

Over the course of 24 weeks,

  • You’ll receive one module every other week for a total of 12 Modules
  • 24 Live Group Calls – one a week—with Ragini
  • 12 Action Guides with things for YOU TO DO with each module.

You’ll also receive four fantastic bonuses:

  • Access to an on-line Manifestation and Meditation Course
  • A FREE TICKET! to Your Every Thought, Word & Movement Is Always, Always Beautiful – a live 3 day event with Ragini – for you & your unconscious mind after your training is complete.
  • Automatic entry into the Wisdom School Paradox Salon–an on-line gathering of wisdom school graduates for continued support and guidance from each other and from Ragini.
  • A $100 donation made in your name (unless other desired) to your choice of 1 of the 4 charities listed below:

Paradox Management Certification Donates to These Causes


  • Food Harvest
  • World Wildlife Fund
  • Smile Train



Two Things For You To Do Next

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1Make sure you’ve read Unflappable, watched the free 3-video series The Beggar’s Secret, the free video tour of the Psychology of the Mystics, and, although not required, completed my video training on the Six-Step Process—The Mystic’s Wisdom De-Coded.

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Meanwhile, thanks for visiting my site and I send you my best wishes for a happy, centered, and peaceful day.

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