Know How To Perceive Life’s Diversity? A Simple Shift Can Do The Trick


When you’re dumbstruck because you simply cannot understand how someone could be thinking the way they are thinking, or believing what they believe, or acting the way they are acting, shift your attention from the eyes of your mind to the eyes of your heart.

Colorful Strands of Beads and ShellsBy actually making the physical effort to shift your attention from your physical eyes and your head to the physical heart and the chest, you are engaging in a practical shift of perception.

As you make this shift, simultaneously let go of the “story” you are holding near and dear; for example, “How can they be so dumb?”

Then imagine as if your heart can see and hear the invisible and silent connection between yourself and the other as members of the same species, who are made of the same mysterious substance of what we call The Divine.

Relax into this demonstration of the diversity of life. Open yourself to actually perceiving, with your own eyes, this amazing paradox: the multiplicity of Unity in action—Oneness expressing itself through diverse and seemingly separating points of view.

I invite you to explore whether your sense of feeling connected to or separate from others is a result of your state of consciousness and the point from which you are viewing what is unfolding.

Pay close attention to how your body feels when using the eyes of your mind, and when using the eyes of your heart. Feel the difference? The magic rests in realizing you have the ability to place your attention anywhere—and that’s the difference that makes the difference!

Enjoy the exploration! And please feel free to leave a comment in the box far down below!

Much love,

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Ragini MichaelsRagini Elizabeth Michaels is an Author, Therapist, and Trainer of Communication and Modeling Skills, specializing in Behavioral Change. She has gained international recognition for her work and her reputation as a superb teacher, presenter, and the pioneering originator of Facticity® and Paradox Management.View all posts by Ragini Michaels →


  1. Mary Brauninger
    Mary Brauninger07-11-2012

    Another great tool from insightful Ragini. Thanks for helping us all move toward the goal of being “Unflappable” and happy. Ragini, your wonderful book “Unflappable” is so helpful. It’s a must-read for all as we seek ways to flourish in our difficult circumstances whatever form they may take. Thank you.

  2. David

    It seems that in moments of strong emotions, the shift is difficult. Do you have a method of how to get out of emotions? Or do you say it’s merely a question of a decision to shift attention?

  3. Ragini Michaels
    Ragini Michaels07-12-2012

    Hi David,
    Great question! Yes, the Facticity 6-Step Process includes specific tools to help you get out from under the grip of emotions. It’s incredibly important to understand this, because it’s almost impossible to shift your attention if you’re carrying a highly charged negative emotion around the issue in question. You can get introduced to these tools in my new book, Unflappable – 6-Steps To Staying Happy, Centered, and Peaceful No Matter What. You might also want to consider my new on-line training, The Mystic’s Wisdom De-Coded, starting this September 25th, where I personally lead you through these 6 Steps. Making a decision to shift your perception is the first step. Being able to live out that decision is the second step and that is what my work is all about helping you to do. You can check out the training at Thanks for your inquiry, David. Much love.

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